Hi, I'm Jessica!
On this channel you will find 3 types of videos (Beauty related, Subscrpition box related, Travel related)
I've loved makeup and skincare longer than I can remember. Especially makeup as art - costume makeup, lip art, etc. I believe what you put on your skin feeds your skin and quality skincare is important to me.
I'm a researcher at heart, so I like to dig into why the products work the way they do. I look into the quality of ingredients. I use this channel to train for SeneGence/LipSense as well. So Fact Friday videos are dedicated to that company and how and why their products work.
Favorite Brands: Tarte, Two faced, Briogeo, NYX, Jeffree Star, Becca, Sigma, Colourpop, SeneGence, Luxie, Fresh, Glam Glow, Drunk Elephant, etc.
Favorite Subscriptions: FabFitFun, Breobox, Causebox

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  1. the sarah xox

    omh you used this palette so well!! you look gorgeous hehe

  2. honey-cat

    I bought a Louis Vuitton replica purse from there and it came looking exactly like the original! I love using that purse when I dress up lol *Also you get what you pay for* So if you pay more than $30-40 the quality of the purses improve compared to buying one that’s $20 something

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      honey-cat definitely depends on the price you pay and the retailer. After the carina virus stuff settles I’m going to show how the quality changes based on what research you do before you buy

  3. Mel C's Makeup & Style

    Congrats on 2k!! The palette is gorgeous and it turned out so beautifully, nicely done! 😊

  4. Beauty and Fashion By Erika

    Why wouldn’t someone just get a real Kate spade? I get them for less than $100 on a good sale or at the outlet.

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Beauty and Fashion By Erika that’s definitely a better option. I think sometimes people see $30 and that’s all they care about but obviously a real one at $80 is better

  5. Alyssa Pope

    girl I see you playing with all the colors! I loved the look, super fun and pretty! I almost picked up this palette but I wanted the extreme frost more, but of course I couldn't get it lol Great tutorial!

  6. Ashly Britton

    The packaging 😍😍 honestly I think the color story is perfect 💕


    8:55 wow! you look like so good at making up and look so interesting


    this is so lovely!! Great palette ❤️

  9. Mlle Fox

    I can't wait to try mine omg 😍😁💜

  10. Angela Boss

    Ooh...That second purple. DROOL! I'm so jealous of your huge crease!!! This palette looks badass. Congratulations on 2K!!!!!

  11. Carter Confidential

    I do gotta say the outside of the palette is kinda dope! Lol but the look looks absolutely stunning on you!

  12. The Laughing Lion

    Wow Jeffree star palette. The packaging is very cool. it looks good on you. like34

  13. Cait White

    Wow that shipping is fast!!! Girl I am still waiting on shipping 😭🤣 love this title and thumb. Yes, let’s be mermaids. Love the look. 💜

  14. JackieNaturals

    Hi Jess, I will definitely try to catch the video on Sunday b/c I sooooo want that palette. LOL. The packaging is beautiful soooo pretty and I love how extra the packaging is too. LOL. LOL at you not being the best swatcher. I love how rich that one was too. It did look wet in the inner corner and that is cute how you flipped the colors on the lower lash line. Really pretty eye look and FW.

  15. Angelina Chau

    Omg I love these colors!!! I’m always too scared to play w colors for eyeshadow haha

  16. Melly Child

    i really like the look you created ! i love the shadow you pick for your inner corner !

  17. Butterfly Art&Craft

    Nice video..............nice colour palette.........this colour is suitable for you

  18. KaClay ASMR

    Love your make up style .Absolutely nice upload , Beautiful share.

  19. Kat Turley

    Yay 2K! I love how it turned out. I'm curious about the lashes you used.

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Kat Turley lashify! They last like a week if you apply them right and look like extensions but takes me less than 15-20 minutes to apply

  20. It's Me Soraya

    I love this!! Purple is on trend and you used this palette so well 😍💕 I like that pop of green!😍

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      It's Me Soraya purple is my favorite eye shadow color

  21. Kathrin McCarty

    I’m not kidding..I’m so entering your giveaway...lol I have never owned a Jeffree Starr Palette....

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Kathrin McCarty you have to enter!!! This palette is a dream

  22. ChillSearch HowTo

    It goes very well on you!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      ChillSearch HowTo thank you so much

  23. Wow Artistic Arts


    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Wow Artistic Arts thanks

  24. Destination DeRo

    Wonderful palette and share.

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Destination DeRo thank you

  25. Kim Roemer

    Girl...PLEASE do a look with the red! I need an idea for that red so bad cuz I love it!!!❤

    1. Kim Roemer

      @EverythingProof Beauty YAY!!!!!!❤❤❤

    2. EverythingProof Beauty

      Kim Roemer will do 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  26. Kim Roemer

    I am in love with this palette!!!! I just got mine yesterday!❤

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Kim Roemer omg isn’t it the best 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  27. Lit Lampin With Genie

    Youre amazingly talented omg great channel and video sis !!!!!!!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Lit Lampin With Genie thanks so much

  28. Indriani Zu

    such a nice combination! love how it turned out 😍

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Indriani Zu I’m obsessed with it seriously

  29. Amanda Beth

    I am jealous of that fast shipping! lol I ordered something from Tati beauty February 14 and it's still no where in sight. I love the look you did!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Amanda Beth it took me a while to get my Tati stuff too. Beautylish is the fast retailer they always ship out like 2 days after you order haha. This is a first for me morphe coming this fast

  30. Mega Millions Mike

    Blood Lust?? Sounds like a Halloween make up! Congrats on 2K!! 🥳

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Mega Millions Mike lol vampires 🧛‍♀️

  31. MyLifeAsRoxy R

    The lastest jeffery star pallet❤❤ whoo 😊 i just saw it on his channel its honestly so beautiful ❤❤

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      MyLifeAsRoxy R I have been using it every day ever since

  32. Ronnie Rolling In The Kitchen

    ordered mine monday can't wait hurry up excited.

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Its a dream to work with. I have used it every day since I got it haha only 3 days but yeah It just sits on my vanity. I'm not putting it away any time soon.

  33. Teresa STOINSKI

    Love it! Want it!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      I'm obsessed with it.

  34. The GAMBLER after Dark!

    Hey hey it's the Ga Gambler 🤗💜❤🧡👍👋😎

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Hi!! thanks for commenting <3

  35. Nathan Pine

    Yasss! Omg so jealous! Haha! The packaging is really EVERYTHING! Yeah vegan colours can be really hard to make! And honestly there is enough purple shades! I wouldnt like a pallet full of purple tbh I like the incorporation of the other colours more to play with! Loved the combination of colours! Such a pretty pallet!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      I'm so obsessed with it haha. I definitely think there are enough purples and that there are so many looks you can do with it <3

  36. Leigh Murphy

    I gotta get on getting Jeffree Star

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Jeffree Star and Colourpop are my two favorite makeup brands and I think everyone needs to get some of each. haha.

  37. theglamdemarry

    Awesome video! Absolutely love this look! It’s so pretty! 😍

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you so much!

  38. Robyn's Closet

    As always you created you created another beautiful look. This palette looks beautiful and thanks for sharing your look🌵🌵

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you so much Robyn

  39. EverythingProof Beauty

    Giveaway rules will be announced in Sunday’s video xoxo 🥰 I’m so excited.

    1. Venus Kourouvacilis

      @EverythingProof Beauty ❤❤❤

    2. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you Venus! I'm so excited for this giveaway.

    3. Venus Kourouvacilis

      Awesome!! You look smashing!! Love the colors, I'd love to get this palette, it's so cool!! And the colors are so much fun & gorgeous!! Well done, Ep!!😘💋❤

  40. Diane Martin

    I think you look absolutely gorgeous! Love this palette, really hoping that I win it from your giveaway as I only had enough money to buy 1 of his gloss'! Here's to your BGsel channel as I love watching you💜

    1. Diane Martin

      @EverythingProof Beauty, thank you so very much for your reply to me! I'm so excited! I will be watching on Sunday for the giveaway! Thanks again love💜

    2. EverythingProof Beauty

      good luck in the giveaway. I will have all the details on Sunday 11am :)

  41. Dawn K.

    I didnt order it because I'm gonna win it! I'm so jealous of you kid space. I have hooded kids and it sucks. I'm also jealous of your fantastic eyebrows! Mine just go straight across lol. I do wish there was a royal purple in the royal purple palette, but whatcha gonna do?

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Good luck :) lol the royal pruple would be good I guess you are right but the ones that are in there are stunning

  42. Tina McClenahan

    Totally love it, ur look is really pretty 💜💜

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      thank you so much Tina

  43. Gina Loves to craft

    Love this pallet Oooooo!!! I love your eye makeup Your beautiful 💕💕

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you Gina <3

  44. Kamal's Kitchen

    44 like nice video. stay connected

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thanks for commenting

  45. basmala hassan

    Good evening Beautiful video

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      thank you so much

  46. 베베쭈babezhu

    I enjoyed your video. Very good, my new friend! I am looking forward to your video.🎁😊🎁

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      thanks so much for watching

  47. Muu Muu Tv

    This is so amazing😍

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      I love it

  48. Tere’s Corner

    This is an interesting box which I haven’t heard of before. Still looking for all natural deodorants as well. TFS! 😊

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      I ordered lume and its better than others I have tried but I still have that fear haha.

  49. karim Raslan


    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      thank you for commenting


    So perfect

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you

  51. Jen kkbeauty

    Hi there beautiful 💕 I really like the looks of this box! I try to stay cruelty free as much as I can.. I love how small it is but it had quite a few things inside! The body oil sounds fab! I love that it was all skincare and I love that you said you look like a pizza haha 😂 I know what you mean by that 😂 I’m the same way w natural deodorant.. I have yet to find one that works so let me know how it goes! great unboxing & review:) see you soon ❣️

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      The body oil is my favorite part I'm in love with it. I am so happy it was all skincare haha.

  52. يوميات دودو والبنات


    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      hi and welcome

  53. Christa Bello

    You’re such a genius my dear. And you are beautiful thanks for sharing with us💕🌸.

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you for watching.

  54. Christa Bello

    Great tutorial dear. Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed the video💕🌸

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      thank you so much

  55. Evilyoda26

    Nice video keep up the good work I hit the subscribe and like

    1. Evilyoda26

      @EverythingProof Beauty your very welcome

    2. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you so much


    So lovely ❤️😘

    1. EverythingProof Beauty


  57. DS. Kim

    Great upload, thank you. Brilliant video.I have really enjoyed watching it. 멋진영상 잘보고갑니다.하루하루 점점 발전되어 초대박 유투버가 되시기를 진심으로 힘껏 응원 하겠습니다.

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      thank you

  58. Claire Bailey

    You say you don't like Pink....but there it is on your eyes....pinks..purples..

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Claire Bailey true but makeup is different for me that room decor. I wear pink lipstick too. It’s more having pink things around that I don’t think it’s cute. Was more talking about repurposing the box in my craft closet. I donno I hope that makes sense.

  59. Mega Millions Mike

    You had my attention at tiny French desserts! I am happy they are cruelty free! Probably gluten free too! 😎👍

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Mega Millions Mike lol always the desserts that get you

  60. Crystal Valenzuela

    Girl your eyeshadow is always on point 👌🏽✨ i cant really stand over whelming smells either 😭 I can’t walk into bath & body works & not get a headache 😬

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Crystal Valenzuela lol thank you so much. My mom is like that really bad she gets migraines from smells

  61. Kim Pham

    this is a great supscription box, definitely worth it!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Kim Pham agreed

  62. Carter Confidential

    Absolutely love that it’s cruelty free! Awesome box!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Carter Confidential yes so important

  63. Alwaysclassytia

    This looks like a steal so many items in this small box and the price 👍

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Alwaysclassytia the price is perfect 🥰

  64. My Life Wendy

    You are just too cute!! You got a different box then me.. I did see one other person get the same box as you.. I like your box haha.I love honeysuckle!!. Have a great day

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      My Life Wendy the body oil is my favorite part. I’m living for that scent

  65. Merrily Mari

    Wow I’ve never heard of this intresting subscription box

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Merrily Mari this was the first I had heard of it as well but I loved it

  66. JackieNaturals

    Hi Jess, you look really pretty and I love your eye look. This is the first time I heard of this box and the box is super cute. I definitely see the bronzy shimmer. I haven't heard of celery juice in a mask either. That product does have great vitamins. Nice box and fw.

    1. JackieNaturals

      @EverythingProof Beauty Your welcome.

    2. EverythingProof Beauty

      JackieNaturals thank you so much. I just heard about it as well but glad I did

  67. Selinas Inspiration

    Love that you're supporting cruelty free as well! I wanna try that body oil❤ and looove that deodorant! It comes in an eco friendly packaging!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Selinas Inspiration thanks so much. The body oil is my favorite item so far


    Nice box , i want one

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      It’s a great variety. You should try it 🥰

  69. It's Me Soraya

    These are cool products girl! Essential oil!! 💕I love honeysuckle scent, too!!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      It's Me Soraya it’s one of my fav scents

  70. Cassandra Aldrete

    Great video loved it!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Cassandra Aldrete thank you

  71. Cait White

    Definitely like that this box helps you find out about cruelty free brands. That body oil sounds nice.

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Cait White yes! That was my favorite product of everything I got

  72. Kathrin McCarty

    That’s a nice box! I like the bronzer on you!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Kathrin McCarty thank you :) i thought I would be too shiny but it was normal lol

  73. Diane Martin

    I loved it! Awesome box girl!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Diane Martin thanks

  74. Living Pretty

    Thanks for the information ❤️❤️

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      your welcome

  75. Level Up Your Life

    Beautiful box my dear, I am glad you are spreading awareness of cruelty free products! Keep up the great work and I love the things you got!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Level Up Your Life thank you so much

  76. xuan-tien pho

    love that it’s cruelty free!!!🤩🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      xuan-tien pho same I’m happy I found one

  77. Estilo de VIDA/Blog /LIMPIEZA /Decoracion

    Is so beautiful boxy

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Estilo de VIDA/Blog /LIMPIEZA /Decoracion thanks

  78. Lalyn Sarlatan

    I've tried to be kind and to be bold but even if we are very kind some people don't appreciate it, but anyway I love to try this product its nice

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Lalyn Sarlatan thank you

  79. LittleMakeupChannel

    Cruelty Free is awesome. 👍🏻

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      LittleMakeupChannel it really is 🥰

  80. Keshia Noland

    Have you tried the Vegan Cuts subscription box?

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Keshia Noland I have not but I will look into it. Thank you for the recommendation

  81. Nathan Pine

    Yasss about time a company done a box like this! Speak is deodorant cream! ohhh fancy! Ohh honeysuckle! Yum! Yea organic deodorant can not work that great, which is totally annoying!! Good box!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Nathan Pine yes so many natural deodorant fails leaves me feeling suspicious of them all haha

  82. Gina Loves to craft

    Amazing share beautiful 💕💕💕

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Gina Loves to craft thank you

  83. Destination DeRo

    Like 10. great share friend.

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Destination DeRo thank you

  84. Diane Martin

    Love Fabfitfun, thank you for all of your reviews, very helpful!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you for watching. I'm happy to help.

  85. Diane Martin

    I love Fabfitfun, so this was very informative! Thank you!😊

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Do you usually shop their add on sales? I post this for every sale.

  86. Angeles Hines

    Cute, but I was hoping for yummy desserts. 🧁 🧁🧁 🧁 I love honeysuckles too!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Angeles Hines Lol maybe next time

  87. Girl's Guide to the Drugstore

    This turned out to be an awesome box! Love your eyeshadow look 🥰

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Girl's Guide to the Drugstore thank you so much practicing for at Patrick’s day

  88. Diane Martin

    I watched your unboxing of Petite Vour and I loved it! I really want to order the box now. Sorry I didn't message you on that review! But wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it... Thank you!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      well thank you for watching that video and this one too.

  89. Alfie Nicholls

    Loved this!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Alfie Nicholls thanks

  90. EverythingProof Beauty

    Is cruelty free important to you?

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      I love that too.

    2. Catherine Cantor

      Supeeer. Its nice that we promote cruelty free product.

  91. Antonius Faskal

    Cute box

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Antonius Faskal thank you

  92. Cassie Layne

    This box has some fun items sometimes I want it!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      You need it. It's my favorite box.

  93. Cassie Layne

    I like that I get the Basic box also! I like that it’s affordable and I get some good items I wouldn’t buy on my own!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Cassie Layne yeah I’m not overly impressed with the premium anyways although the all fenty one coming up sounds cool

  94. Michelle May B, Zesty Girl

    Wow I love this and you look so pretty! I love your unboxing because I can see everything! Really great!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Thank you so much.

  95. Butterfly Art&Craft

    Sounds delicious with all the ingredients...superb video

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      Its reallly a delicious subscription you are correct.

  96. Julia's B Beauty

    If you are tea drinker this subscription is amazing! I love coffee so I would be thrilled to get a coffee subscription. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the tea!💖💖

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      There is a coffee one two but its not as customized to what you like. someone should invent that.

  97. Kathrin McCarty

    Ok, time to get you into a 12 step to cure you off the 111skin😂😂😂 Alright mask queen.... Aw sweetie...sorry about your loss!

    1. EverythingProof Beauty

      I have so much 111skin I don't even know what to do with it. I have used up 3 bottles comepletely though so at least its going to use not sitting on a shelf. and thank you so much