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ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

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  1. Tyson

    Did blizzard go full on feminist?

  2. iIOwwOIi

    Could we just remember that arthas had frostmourne & bolvar has just the crown?! And by the way ofcourse she defeated him easily thats the point of the trailer. Something gave her extreme strong powers and she must have got it pretty rescently.

  3. Ailee Georsua

    This is what happens when you let a Sylvanas fanboy, Steve Danuser/Nathanos, be in charge of the lore

  4. olo lolo

    man if the gameplay would live up to the cinematics hype. :(

  5. Christian

    Viendo observaciones como pala en Draenei, mago en elfo, war en orco, caza en troll

  6. Dante Mance

    God that voice in the first part of the song is amazing. Mesmerizing good. I wanna listen to more like it, what genre would you call that?

  7. Thawdar zin

    Where is Jaina? Seriously tho. She's been missing

  8. Thimios EZ

    why so many dis? its pretty awsome

  9. radoman bozovic

    Marry Sue strike again....

  10. James Gall

    Funny how this 2004 trailer still my fav...

  11. Funky Squirrel

    Still waiting for my new player dances promised over 10years ago!

  12. anthony pizzi

    BOLVAR is still one of my favorite characters

  13. ABRA

    oof this was cringeworthy

  14. Torenn

    Props to whoever animated Sylvy's hair. Pretty hot. Too bad about the whole China's lapdog thing, though.

  15. GalloY

    Wotlk and Legion are my fave expansions, TBC not far behind them!

  16. Pleasant Whale

    1:31 Gosh, shut up lady. You're not deep. What separates us from them is that we're not psychos trying to kill everything. Now quit nagging. It wasn't deep when Illidan explained it to her at the end. Everyone watching already rolling their eyes at this lady.

  17. Spooky Ghost

    Wonder how blizzard feels knowing people would still rather play a 15 yr old game

  18. Pleasant Whale

    Jaina: Dad yer wrong don't fight orcs. Also Jaina: Yah orcs suck. Audience: What? Also 4:20 Wow Jaina you're so cool... Talk slowly more, maybe you'll sound more deep if you talk even slower.......

  19. Kelvin

    Obviously it would be a hunter to think that its a hunter item

  20. 竜昌

    Bolvar: "This power is a prison!" Sylvanas: "We live in a society"

  21. harrison ford

    So... she can defeat Arthas but not the alliance ?? Blizzard ENT... you failed on epic levels.

  22. Tato 6 :v

    cuando estará disponible el World of warcraft para celular?

  23. Black Swordsman

    so the main bad a** of this expansion and the last expansion has been Sylvanas, a character that is EASILY killed by the real lich king and made to serve him, and yet is now easily able to beat the new lich king and destroy his helmet. An archer melee fighting the lich king and kicking his a** easily... hmmm remember when the lich king was able to smack down pretty much anyone that stood in his way, including a full powered demonic illidan?

  24. Kristinn Erlingsson

    Alliance noobs

  25. Annatar Sauron

    Deine Sprache ist English! Meine Hochdeutsch!! Es gibt noch die Dritte Französisch im Notfall! ICH MICH SELBER!!! 7 Dinge die man zum Ewigen Leben braucht! MICH Arthas! ICH BIN MICH!! KÖNIG!! NICHT KING! FROSTEMIR MEIN EINZIGER FREUND VERSTEHT ALLES!

  26. Darathu

    Think I've seen this 50 times, I still laugh uncontrollably when he says '' My destiny is my own then obliterates that puny Zera ''

  27. MrLeminecraftien

    Name of the song pls? Sick cinematic like always btw!

  28. Bálint Hulman


  29. Hollow Mass

    i never got why they laughed at the end. corny af. azchara 4 ever <3

  30. anıl kotel

    The 111k likes are bliz / activision employes and their families and their unborm decendents

  31. Krzysztof Szmuc

    LK Bolvar looks dope.

  32. Randomeris1

    Of course Arthas, my son has to be playing in the background, am teary now...

  33. My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food

    So was this supposed to be good or dumb? Because it came across as dumb.

  34. TOBI Li

    Statue of Liberty National Monument in Icecrown Glacie

  35. Lord-Commander

    I remember when this was just orcs vs humans in a pixilated rts world were you could only select 4 units at a time. I don't even know what this is anymore...

  36. saint ghost

    i always hated blizzard so over rated but with this maybe i change my mind ? mkay ?

  37. Slavus Ermineus

    For the Emperor!

  38. Antek AD Gordon

    Peekaboo... The best freaking healer's in town

  39. Noah Lauridsen

    What is the sound at 2:33?

  40. Brooklyn Knight

    Now that’s just lazy writing

  41. Noah Lauridsen

    Yup guys it's him, this was the TRUE lich king I was talking about

  42. Ed C

    This all powerful “can’t touch me” Sylvanas is boring. It makes the story less compelling.

  43. Cross

    this is total garbage

    1. Cross

      @huttio srreu agreed

    2. huttio srreu

      Cool cinematic, but nothing leaves anything new to be expected. Same story, different colors.

  44. The Proud Sun Bro.

    I want to see Genn Greymane rip her apart

    1. huttio srreu

      4:30 This is when you try to do a bend test on your iPad 2 and it’s work.

  45. Hmm Doh

    Imagine blizzard give up on making wow n instead make movies instead XD

  46. Naer

    Whos the paladin drawing his sword at illidian?

  47. Tomáš Valach

    If Arthas was the Lich King she couldn't defeated him

    1. DraSly

      He had frostmourne

  48. shi nigami

    Hope, the real lich king will return

  49. el trappo

    why didn't sylvanas just solo icc in wotlk

  50. Skiba

    The real question is - Where'd the gnomes go? D:

  51. Sirius Bizniss

    Made me hop back onto Warmane..

  52. Shahram Shey

    My Queen !

  53. SandKing2012 L

    Wrath of the Lich King: You couldn't live with shadowlands where did that bring you? back to me

  54. シンジズ上

    Arthas dead ☹️😭

  55. Djedi Fdue

    I’m here to see how a king truly rules.

  56. Bruno Fernandez

    It's amazing how an expansion with such a cool premise and cinematic trailer got so much flag from players.

  57. Illidan Stormrage

    Bruh, I wasn't evil.

  58. Mustafa Yeşil Ortaokulu

    World Of Warcraft : Is it over? Players : No game rules forever without LK...

  59. SteelStyle07

    and that anduin forget who saves hims father in legion!

  60. SteelStyle07

    first Garrosh after slyvanas.. same sanario for horde.. i dont wanna kill slyvanas

  61. Sudip Bose

    Wamen of Wusscraft.

  62. Zachary Wieser

    i swear if we need to fight sylvansa in the end will that be the end or is there going to be more

  63. Nudlar

    These comments give me a headache. The scourge must be controlled thus there must always be a Lich king (the quote's right here, in this bloody video), and now they will run rampant. I am not defending Blizzard's writing, I agree it's been downhill since Wrath, but using misinformation to make a "joke" is just boring and it's not even a joke, it's basically this: i.imgur.com/6kGliTj.jpg

  64. Dr. VegaPunK

    FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!

  65. Elias Galeano

    Yeah, this is the true lich king not bolvar

  66. dancin plis

    Last great spancion

  67. Zephyrdor

    If Arthas was bisexual or transgender i bet he'd be alive and strong af like Sylvanas. Maybe even stronger.

  68. Sudip Bose

    Night King & Viserion! 🤣

  69. Luke Outcold


  70. Tasha

    Been playing a long time love this vid

  71. Hosein Kazemi

    2:10 lol

  72. Mamta sajidBudhalakoti


  73. sevgi karabacak

    warmane private server is calling all of us😂😂😂

  74. Hosein Kazemi

    3:51 Plot twist : Thrall goes back in time and uses the elements to mess with gul'dan and let him die in pure desperation

  75. Kitoy Palaboy

    Arthas: is it over? Terenas: No, as a matter of fact because of DOTA1 there is DOTA2. Thanks to icefrog

  76. Binh Hoang Ba Pham

    We are going back to the place where everything can kill ya... so true indeed...

  77. Th3ReDeeMeR

    2:51 That was Sylvanas? wut?

  78. Burhan Guclu

    I don't play the game but these cinematics are just awesome.

  79. Mi con

    Wtf ok

  80. R5N2K20

    the feminism is strong with this one...

  81. Himanshu Sahu

    Hindi lelije karo

  82. Jeka Jeka

    it is 2020 here, all WOW cinematics suck, except this one.

  83. Tuukka Kaikkonen

    Just came here to get goosebumps instead of anger.

  84. Le Nam Phuong

    So Sylvanas killed the entire Lich King's army as well as Lich King himself all on her own... But cant win over some humans (and elves and whatnot) even with the help of the horde? hello?

  85. FifinatorKlon

    Meh. Guess it's kinda cool, unlike WoW has been for years.

  86. Vikdude ,

    wow classic: This game will be your prison me: This franchise is a prison!

  87. slimani basma

    after watching this video i wanna know who in his right mind would still side with humans :v

  88. RLJswag

    shadowlands literally made the WotLK story useless..

  89. tantoxer

    I feel sorry for Bolvar and guess many of us didnt want to see the mighty lich king getting owned by her this way. This is frustrating and I'm not interested to see Sylvanas actions anymore. She shouldnt be the main character / villain of a new expansion. It just feels like Blizzard has no more good ideas left

  90. Nick Rao

    Blizzard has gone lazy. Only thing new about this video is the music. Overall it is good, but below my expectation for blizzard. A well- edited fan-made video could have almost equal quality.

  91. teo vahas

    Blizzard must seriously think that this game needs some drastic changes. Shut it down and remake it all over so us old players find something interesting in this boring game and return.

  92. owais Ibrahim india

    Look like hulk #ruffalo agree thumb button

  93. 失望 pessimistic

    Is it true that a boy sang "Arthas, my son"? I always thought it was a woman.

  94. Onur KARADEMİR

    Anduin!! Resurrestion was on cd or what??

  95. Isara

    4:30 This is when you try to do a bend test on your iPad 2 and it’s work.

  96. Kenguru Safari

    Cool cinematic, but nothing leaves anything new to be expected. Same story, different colors.

  97. Dragonking1984

    And yet i constantly hear the whine about this WOD was "the worst expansion ever" How can that be when it brings such amazing stuff like this?