Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Purple-Smart Heart

    Honest to god I don't think some of those tiny ass corsettes would fit around one of my fat ass thighs Asian girls are so smol!

  2. Marie Vilson

    what if you pre-melted the candles then scoop them and melt again and let it dry

  3. Adriana Shorkey

    I like safs better than the originals

  4. Julia Borgia

    anyone notice she is wearing a white shirt for her dressing like my zodiac sign for a week?

  5. Bethany Dee

    Anybody else gonna point out the ty did not have his shirt on and safiya had bed haircause they were playing some, uh, valentines games lol. Love you guys and your content is awesome! <3

  6. Vicky G

    Saf and Tyler are one of the few channels with videos longer than 15 minutes that I actually watch from start to finish without skipping anything

  7. Morgan Bostick

    Simply would approve of your choice in glitter

  8. Brooke Rose

    i can definitely tell you hair got way more shine looks pretty :)

  9. ZaneTheGreat

    watching this in 2020 be like:

  10. Grace Hollingsworth

    I just have one question, why is her youtube recommended ASMR?

  11. Danielle Ojo


  12. Julia Cac


  13. jessa gillette

    You should but a bunch of bar soaps and shave a peel of them and melt them together and make a franken-soap

  14. wildflower

    It's actually matching you super well!!! Your neck and your face gets the same color. You should not measure the color from your arms. Try it again without power just to see!

  15. claudia

    safiya is the perfect person to watch while im avoiding my 17 assignments 😂

  16. ꨄ Saphalio ꨄ

    On the dizzat

  17. Mika

    that is literally me in a soap cupcake form!! 💜

  18. Strife Cloudo

    why her voice sounds like rae dizzle

  19. Aquamarine Dragons

    This is very much a Korean theme park...

  20. Veronika Yerina

    3:40 You mean....SAFonification... :D

  21. Caite Poindexter

    yay i love you and dollightful, so this is like both in one

  22. Anaís Ibarra

    when and if get married imma show this to my planner

  23. Ella Hoch

    Saf: I watched Veggie Tales as a kid Me: veggie tales is just christian anime

  24. Marin Baroody

    They have the most diverse movie/ show references and I'm here for it.

  25. Haylee Rice

    How many times did you say lie?

  26. Lesley Bonilla


  27. Lesly Rivas

    My favorite is Yasmin and jade

  28. 67jpt

    The bit about the shoes is hilarious. My daughter was a photographer at a wedding and was taking pre-wedding shots. She asked the bride for her jewelry, flowers, shoes, etc. then the bride said, “Oh, I haven’t figured out which shoes I’m going to wear yet. Maybe I’ll go barefoot.” 😳😂 (The wedding was in summer in her parents yard). All in all, the bride was pretty chill. She even forgot to have her dress pressed! 🙄

  29. Izelle Doria

    I was going to say it looks like too much work. You did a great job 🥳

  30. Stephanie Steelheart

    I ate my sisters whole soap cupcake when I was a baby...Lmao-

  31. Unicorn slime channel

    Why WHY WHY is thus a thing someone could eat that

    1. Unicorn slime channel


    2. Unicorn slime channel

      I can’t spell at all so.....

  32. TheButtiestOfButtlers

    mmMmmMmMmmM them “Sexy sudds”

  33. Arden Rose

    whaat i was watching this at breakfast and i was eating blueberry pancakes 🥞😳

  34. Adelina Sibiski

    Hahaha I’m a ballerina who dances with the owners sister and one year for a Christmas dance every dancer was just buying these

  35. Evelyn Brown

    you must be rich to have gone to asia so many times in your channel

  36. Hey hey hey Want some chicken today

    Other BGselrs: makes video about moving Safyia: Briefly mentions that they moved in the middle of destroying bath bombs

  37. schpookendike

    The level of dedication saf and Tyler have to their videos is astounding.

  38. Elaina Keyser

    Tyler: Oh sh*t it looks like a fidget spinner!

  39. Haylee Rice

    Holo it's me

  40. Maggie Thompson

    how do u know it tast like a craone

  41. Anabel Shrapnel

    Christine:it's pasty I'm pasty

  42. Amanda Purello

    fun vid as always

  43. Cara Schwichtenberg

    Cut in half vertically to use :)

  44. Talia Summer

    Its literally so satisfying when she scopes the candles

  45. Ella Hoch

    Lol it's so funnu when Saf and Tyler agree with each other 🤣 It's like one of them says something and the other goes "IT DOES!" Lol you guys are cute together

  46. Charlotte W

    And she said she wasn’t gonna use that as her intro song when she bought it from that dude...

  47. It’s your boy Kloey

    9:16 hold up pride flag we see you

  48. Theron Spatz

    Christine has menchie and zyler but I feel like safiya is her third child and channels her love of holo quite well. Maybe safiya and Tyler are holosexual :)

  49. Brycin Laws

    Safiya needs to do a q & a

  50. Nakia Brown

    It's called mocha

  51. Sarah Triolo

    This is definitely the kind of content I need at this time, Safiya. Thank you

  52. Neo Summer

    When the microwave was done my microwave beeped XD

  53. John Nelson

    One shot of a serious look- looks so good!

  54. Makawaa

    Tyler's commentary just completes every video😂😂

  55. Cute Tube

    tyler: cake leafa i cant spell me: can I go inside

  56. it just sammy

    Me watching This video: My 10 year old sister: people got married in the 1800s!?

  57. Gracie Herron

    two office clips. YES.

  58. Luna Aviña

    did anyone else hear the harry potter song and get flashbacks?

  59. Thora Carpenter

    You could melt every soap at a store mix the soap together and cut the soap into bars after quarantine if that’s a cool idea I don’t know

  60. Calico Cat

    D a m n b l u e b e r r i e s

  61. Chelsey Krause

    Video idea! Safiya buys all different kinds of face masks, and tests which ones are best! Medical procedure masks, fashionable masks (vogue even did a cover in this), various types of DIY masks, Amazon masks, novelty masks (with mouths and moustaches). Could look at categories like effectiveness (filters what percentage of airborne things), comfort, fit, breathability. I dunno, it might be fun!

  62. O l i v i a

    I love how the last bit was "I pronounce you as a newly married couple" instead of Man and wife aswell as "you may kiss eachother" instead of you may kiss the bride. Equality ✨

  63. Maxine Baker

    did anyone else see the eggplant bath bombs in the back 0:28

  64. jayden liang

    I saw a soap treat ad

  65. Crawford Plays music

    I thought this would be in Wisconsin

  66. Bad Baking

    Safiya trying to make the bathbomb work (as in stick the bathbomb together) is us trying to make 2020 a good year

  67. Thao Nguyen

    My favorite couple: Tyler and Safiya

  68. Kalanii

    Safiya in ETN Season 3: 😌👌 Safiya now: Oh s*** oh s*** oh f***

  69. Brynn Gold

    What is this reference from 3:26?

  70. Emma Del Rio

    Is anyone gonna talk about when Sofia’s hair was down than said the Bella’s baby thing and her hair was in a ponytail?

  71. Claire Ivy Mullins

    You should do a video where you melt all the soaps from a certain soap store into one frankensoap

  72. Jood Gurbanar

    I think I’m addicted to your videos

  73. O l i v i a

    Lol, had to have the bat wings 😂😂

  74. Chia _seed

    when I was a baby I got to the Lye in my kitchen(it was on the ground) licked it and my mum was doing laundry and I started crying then she came then she yelled my dads name h came. mum called poison patrol and I went to the ER. same day my big brother ate a mushroom, and my older sister ate a nut from a squirrel bc she was hungry.... my twin was all little miss perfect and did nothing.... that day was pretty chaotic

  75. Arina Chernavina

    NerdEcrafter turned you into a bat!!! And she asked someone to tell you

  76. Lily Rodrigues

    It had me DYING when he broke the leg!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  77. skylar mabrey

    16:16 the moment when Saf is done scooping

  78. Vixtion

    This is what started the war

  79. Sophia Valois

    I think you would love Royalty Soaps! She has super fun designs and delicious scents.

  80. Danielle Torres

    3 months into quarentine in the uk and i can definetely say that i miss Primark hahah

  81. Jim1643

    is she wearing a GARBO shirt!? 0o0

  82. A.Christy's world

    Is it only me or safiya is just so pretty in her outfit💐💐

  83. Misaki Kuran

    She should mix a bunch of different ice cream flavors and see what they get😹😹😹

  84. Jon Evans

    Whats the point in making soap like that soap is just soap and it probly costs a hell of a lot more for something that a standard bar will do

  85. Teluna Luna

    Anyone else thinking that she should do a Frankie soap? Mix all the soap together to make a Frankie one?

  86. cneale9

    why do you never post? you live in this huge house from youtube money and never produce any content anymore.

  87. Sada Ahmed

    You do know where mica generally comes from, right? It is not your fault, but a lot of makeup companies actually do know, but ignore the issue in order to continue making profit.

  88. Elizabeth T

    Safiya is like THE VAMPIRE OF BGsel

  89. Melissa Mocnik

    There is wayyy more cursing than I expected. It's great.

  90. Heather Wolcott

    Why did you eat crayons??? I can't say anything, I did too.😂

  91. Lisa Sparks

    Annnnd the birth of ME!!! LMAO

  92. itzzztrevor

    soap lady- "I want everything to be nice and smoothhh" saf-"IT'S LIKE RIDING A WILD STALLION!!!"😂

  93. Alice Is

    i would like to eat this soap, yes, i do now want to eat soap for the first time in my life soap looks very appealing for to be consumed why did i watch this i want cupcakes and soap

  94. Nellie Spidercry

    In a way this hurt to watch, but satisfying at the same time😂❤️

  95. Kateee

    They look so good! Great job!

  96. kawaii_gal123

    Me: (See's Tyler's Mom) Also Me: HE'S ASIAN!? Me Again: (See Traditional Indians) At Last, Me Once More: WHO IS INDIAN!?

  97. Deku_uwu

    Simply nailogical be jealous by that halo glitter tho😝😳

  98. JustNikki 01 YT

    Is that a new camera lense?

  99. Keira Hillier

    dOn'T wAiSt ThE pApPeR gOlD

  100. Colbie West

    Be safe with blow torches kids States crazily into raging flame