Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. Sarah Magrath

    It looks like a dark pink rose gold so maybe ‘pink rose’?

  2. Chase Fleming

    While talking about periods makes me extremely uncomfortable, I love that Saf is so open about talking about it

  3. kathleen GAU

    If a trend setter would wear these people would be like: “Ah a trend” -Saf The thuggs Anyone 2019?

  4. Twinningfor joy

    I can't with the walking backwards

  5. PJ McJamma

    Idfk, Berry Mauve To Meet You, I guess. LMAO.

  6. Karthie99

    Nude dude

  7. Kathren Moon

    could of done Cruella and a puppy

  8. Luvi

    I'd love to see if freezing bubbles actually works! You're welcome to come to NY and try it!

  9. DeadlyFox 666

    mauve barry

  10. Holley Boots

    What does xox mean

  11. All Things Gaming


  12. Elisa Castillo

    Now I want to do soap

  13. Jane Feibelman

    Mauvie Dick

  14. Abdellah Salehi

    What the fuck am i doing here and why i reatch the end of the video

  15. elizabeth7ss

    She should have named banana Ben

  16. K.Nizzles

    Name it the Mauvester Mash!

  17. Allie’s ASMR & Art

    i love lolita style because its like melanie martinez

  18. White Fang

    I'm from Trinidad and Tobago We are know for the 2nd spiciest pepper in the world

  19. Milly Minshull

    You should mix and melt every colour of soap arms and make a frankin bar of soap.

  20. Plant Overlord

    They remind me of Hogwarts without Slytherin

  21. M S

    "...! Mom?!"

  22. Celestial Mel

    Safiya: That finger is a little (paraphrasing) scrabbly Me: Wtaf is wrong with that nail

  23. Nigel Taylor

    berry me in nail polish

  24. Starry_Knight_69

    Mauve Mountain?

  25. Starry_Knight_69

    Mauve Mountain?

  26. Andi Little

    A concept: when safiya reaches 9 mil we dye Tyler’s hair the frankenphora colour

  27. D.I.Y’s and Vlogs with Dogs

    Mauve your ass

  28. Infinitely Edgier

    Mauve over?

  29. Subscribe To No Content

    I wonder if she ever wears these out of the house? I mean they were like 1000 dollars 😂 (its not that they are ugly I actually kinda like them)

  30. Gacha Nicole

    *You look like a doll, a cute one lmao.*

  31. XEllie_BellX X

    Well now Saf needs to collab with Holo Taco and re create that nail polish 😂

  32. Lana .I

    I actually thought she was Muslim or Hindi because from the fact she is Indian

  33. Melanie Tarantino

    Wait which dumb person compared BTS to the Beatles???? The two can’t compare ones a good classic never dying pops and the other is just a copy and print self in certain racist boys.....up to you decide which group fits in where.

  34. Jonathan Arce


  35. Ainsley McGinty

    You should have named it "Spill the "TEAL" for the teal one

  36. K

    Wish is crap

  37. jambalie

    Frankenmauve seems the obvious choice

  38. texagdan

    you need to call it the dank frank, get it? dank frankenstein

  39. Whitni Romero

    Thumbnail look like a whole ass tide pod💀

  40. Mandy

    One time I was about to dish my 2nd bowl of ice cream within 5 hrs and I felt bad for eating so much junk until I remembered I was on my cycle so Im allowed to cry into a bowl of ice cream at least 3 times in one day

  41. Oscar Amaya


  42. Sierra jamison


  43. Addison Hart


  44. eliv127

    say 'it's on lock with the frock'

  45. Asinha M.


  46. Nashelle Suarez

    You should do matching nail polishes to match each of your lipsticks

  47. Ole


  48. Pineapple Queen


  49. audrey popcorn


  50. Cristel Galdamez


  51. K

    Too much spice, make you not taste anything,

  52. Santtu

    ...expensive clothes damn

  53. Cara Miles

    14:21 Oh God, she was born the year after I graduated! I'm sooooo old!!

  54. Watercolor Artist


  55. Jonathan Arce

    also u hair is very long

  56. Sofi Fuentes

    safiya talking about jyp oMG AJSKSJDISN never expected that before her kpop inspired look 😂💘

  57. K

    Just started watching and you guys made me interested and laugh at the same time. Guud stuff man.

  58. Jonathan Arce


  59. Rachel Recycles

    Have you seen the wierd stuff Cristine does? The jacket won't throw Ben 😹

  60. Whitney Stroud

    it's mau-luv the colors (pronounced like olive but with an m)

  61. Pen chan

    Mauvster, was going for Monster but now it kinda reminds me of Hipster so..Yeah. Ok Mauver? (Ok Boomer), Orly Mauve (Oh really mauve), Poouurr'n, Nailed It. :)

  62. London Gore

    *excuse me*

  63. shyanne.shana vanek


  64. Lil Missbun

    Must be expensive

  65. Hannah Steedman

    Still weirds me out that Americans go to 3 schools

  66. Deathly Angel

    Mauver berry

  67. Nutella Potter-Hermione

    Franken-mauva would be great

  68. Thalia Hernandez

    Frankin mouve child

  69. Nail Product Review Monthly

    I think it should be frankenmauve since it matches the lipstick

  70. Izza Borealis Dries

    Zwina Safiya thanks I love this video !

  71. Giavana Macias

    Sir Maineserlot

  72. Da_WolfGirl

    Safiya should DIY designer shirts and try to trick people in public! ( And maybe on insta )

  73. cillian

    It's ironic that I got a wish add on this video before I'm even 1 second into the content

  74. Jalyn Mullen

    No one: The pansexuals: FINALLYYYY

  75. AngelKayla 2021

    IDK why, but I did not know Marzia had her own palette.

  76. Natálka Banasová

    I love watching this video because well, it's hard to explain but it smells good

  77. Josephine Beaumarchais

    when you have a friend over and ur six years old

  78. Because of Karma

    Omg how is she so fabulous? I think I could listen to her talk all day! LOL

  79. umbreoncore denise

    Transylmauvevia? (Transyl-mauve-via )

  80. Jade Francis

    Enyone watching in 2019

  81. christine fitzgerald

    I think you should let us choose your clothes for the day 👍👎

  82. •Saavy Potato•

    Idk why, but I thought of the name "Shade My Name"

  83. *Ārïęš* *Zõdïāç*

    Try Vaseline with your mascara, it helps. And can be used as a clear mascara.

  84. Da_WolfGirl

    Tyler seems so innocent, hearing him say " I'm trying to get it on " just made me burst out in laughter

  85. Layla White

    have you ever said "i wish i commented that!"

  86. xcarmen

    mouve 9000

  87. Samantha MacNicol

    Like ur videos but ur voice man it's aggravating!

  88. Eleanor Lindsten

    Canada Kristine w/ secret saffiya

  89. Rainbow Unicorn 277

    Omg ahhhh you are 1 of my biggest role models I love you and I subscribed #notifacationsquad love you

  90. Charis Mathis

    I feel so bad for Tyler!!!

  91. Chris Groom

    mauve your brain cells

  92. Skywalk Wolf

    Can kids wear those dresses 👗?

  93. sarah copeland

    Yesss I'm from Ohio and I've been to cedar point like 4 times 😍

  94. Michael Horodowicz

    You look good.

  95. Jono Pedersen

    Try doing one with very little water. Like 70mls of active stuff, and 25mls of water

  96. Tierney May

    This was delightful

  97. Jono Pedersen

    “Should I snack on it a little” Girl no.

  98. Polly Lawrance

    Fellow ravenclaws? My best friend is in in Ravendoor (took the test twice),and has a Phoenix patronus!

  99. Riley Mcintosh

    Tyler says: No I promised my mom. Makes me think she eats random things around the in laws.

  100. Cutie Cake Styles

    I am late but you can name the last nail polish I like to mauve it mauve it!