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  1. Tyrese Jeffery

    That background music lowkey smack tho

  2. ooSnahtE

    Man, screw this movie. I actually wanted to see a movie about this musician

  3. Cashton Hampton

    Inside Out 2

  4. Kris H

    Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful view they have! 😊☺️

  5. Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    Aw cute! 🐱🐱

  6. titan y ani son lo mas!

    *SO CUTE* !!!!

  7. Tuck_Rex

    is everybody going to ignore the fact that girl was holding the trombone wrong?

  8. LARA Amor

    Eu não entendo

  9. Don’t look at My profile picture

    You don’t need this movie to have unrealistic stuff. You had a good thing going until the blue booger things.

  10. Stephanie Gonzalez

    I’m going to cry 😭 it’s so cute

  11. Delvy

    I hope half of this isn’t just tinted puff balls with no distinct design being goofy instead of being about expressing yourself.

  12. Diego Cruz


  13. Jam Marmalade

    I'M SCREAMING! AJR deserve this! So happy for them!!

  14. ツIaN

    1:15 so no one is going to talk about this funny cowboy dance?

  15. Alex Baxter

    This music was used in the BBC’s documentary on Pixar which was called Pixar’s 25 magic moments. You’re welcome

  16. Sarah Turner

    o my god this is life

  17. Alexis Garcia

    Wow so trash😂😂🤣

  18. Osas

    Thought it revolved around soul music, not actual souls

  19. A Sleep Paralysis Demon

    *You have my attention.*

  20. Samanta Carvalho

    Pixar finally decides to create an animated movie with a black protagonist and... turns him into a blue blob. Disappointed but not surprised.

  21. Mr Sketchr

    Everyone In the comments talking about how the black protagonist is now a blue blob 1:20

  22. Primal Darkrai

    I absolutely love this short, it’s amazing!

  23. Luis Carlos Londoño Jimenez

    As an animation student this makes me cry

  24. SMS

    Jeez give the movie a chance guys

  25. Wat aRe yUo LoOkIn aT hhHHHuuUUUHHhh??!!


  26. Christine Joy Villarosa

    so cool movie

  27. Arthur&BusterBFFL

    Don't judge this movie (negatively) you guys. You haven't seen the movie yet.

  28. Jason Brandt


  29. H20wizard

    How to dislike dislikes

  30. K Breezie

    I’m excited but a bit skeptical... I’m getting flashbacks of The Frog Princess . First black princess who was a frog most of the movie... I feel like they might be doing the same thing... he’ll be a ghost most of the movie and turn back to himself.... I’m gonna try and be optimistic though.

  31. King Artemis

    I'm so ready to cry when this movie comes out


    Was I’m the only one who thought Onward was from Dreamworks?

  33. ya girl lila

    okay but can we talk about how at the end one of the dudebros had a pink shirt and tie? now that’s character growth

  34. Maddox Atom

    lol definitely not what i expected

  35. Card Quest

    Y’all better have black 3D animators on this film

  36. Card Quest


  37. PinnedTarget

    Lets teach kids on how afterlife works!

  38. zeekslider

    *Waits for the Wall-E and Hank episodes, just to see the rarest animatonics in Disney's inventory*

  39. p u

    Whoever works there, you’re a lucky person.

  40. Jack Barron

    It would be a dream to work for PIXAR studios! :) (currently in university on Television production and technology course (1st year), but it would be so cool to work there, or even just get work experience there. PIXAR was my childhood!) (I also have my own radio show, and base it on films and games, so on the 4th of December i'm doing a PIXAR themed show :) I hope I do it justice, I love PIXAR!

  41. Alistair Taua'aletoa


  42. Jaime Sandoval

    Disney: I'm about to end this Pixar's whole career

  43. ISeeAll

    This will end up being sad like all Pixar films :(

  44. stupid

    This movie gives me hope that there’s an afterlife... but we all know there’s not😔

  45. SoundMaster

    Did he just enter the world between worlds?

  46. awesome_masterprogirl studios

    Poor doggy got scratched:( and getting abused if I see those people I'm hurting them and I'm going to put bandages on that dog and I will take good care of it I'll feed it wash it keep it in my room pet it give it a drink and I will do what I have to do:)

  47. Angie Gómez

    Los humanos somos los malos, no los animalitos. Me parte el corazón ver como ellos que son todo amor sufren y los comvierten en algo que no son :..-(

  48. AndWhatIsThisNow


  49. Ronnell Decoteau

    This looks better than oward but onward might still be a good movie i aint going to doubth pixar

  50. ONION

    Blue blobs aside, has a good message.


    Right after cm punk left wwe

  52. Zoë Denman-Wagner

    "Look I know the tralier came out a week ago, and you can't fully know where a plot is going based on a one minute tralier, but I have opinions that cannot wait darn it!"

  53. Nazikiller 66

    What if you wanted a masterpiece out of this movie... But Pixar said: 1:15

  54. tamago random

    So this is basiclly a diffrent version of cocc??

  55. Fortnite God

    I love this trailer

  56. Big Dood

    AJR, nice

  57. AverageRockPlayer


  58. Mary Hettrick

    I obviously get what this is trying to do, but why not depict the woman as, you know, human?? It unintentionally comes off as saying women are lesser than men. Even if the message is that the men didn't see her as good enough, why not represent her and the rest of the balls of yarn as human women at the end? At least that way it would show that the men now accept the women as being on the same level as them. Instead the men remain human and the women stay bubbly balls of colorful yarn....

  59. lambo

    anyone knows if theres an instrumental of the bg music available somewhere? Sounds soooo good omg

  60. Lawrence Stevens

    I was enjoying it until he turned into a blue thing (so they can sell toys) and that cowboy dance joke. Would have preferred it to be an inspirational story sort of thing about finding your passion and happiness

  61. Clown Fish

    Ajr :) ‘Come hang out’ (the song in the background)

  62. ilpuntodigf

    Ok boomer.

  63. Dylan McComb

    In Theaters March 6, 2020

  64. Parforet

    "Wow this sure looks like it'll be another Pixar masterpiece" *main character goes into some generic purgatory* "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"

  65. DozingDuncan

    To Pixar: As a young kid at the moment I aspire to work as a Pixar animator for movies. Pixar is my favorite for movies never been a big Disney fan) sorry :( but hopefully I have what it takes to work here. -A young kid hoping for the best

  66. CrystalKittenLPS

    Everyone else: disliking the blue blob creature Me: Is there a place I can listen to/buy that music from the beginning of the trailer?

    1. EdgyMcGee

      Omg I thought it was just me

  67. Adrián Andrade

    "I'm gonna meet dad?" Ok, Pixar really loves to make us cry

  68. MissFanGirl

    while watching: wow this looks good *blue thing pops out* uh...yeah I forgot Pixar was a kids movie-

  69. Batman

    Probably... for doing this Oppa Gangnam Style?!

  70. Mega Melan Man

    This is so sad but so cute

  71. Yin Yang

    #Stop dog fights!

  72. Yin Yang

    Oh! It's a big fighting area...😢😭😭😭😢😭😢😭😭

  73. Yin Yang

    I love it!!!!!

  74. Chetan Naik

    Nice storyboards! When does the animated feature film release?

  75. kitobear1

    If I see one more “what if” comment I’m going hurl. It was funny the first 100 times last week. 🙄 Movie looks beautiful though. Everyone is being so harsh and the full trailer isn’t even out.

  76. Mr.slendy

    0:58 bro he be looking like a booger

  77. Alexander

    I don’t even care about the trailer itself, I’m just amazed that they used Come Hang Out by AJR.

  78. Matas Biscuit

    Even if the movie is trash, the soundtrack sounds brilliant

  79. Zach god gamer stottlemyre

    Not only a adult joke BUT THEY SWEAR *FBI OPEN UP*

  80. ranjith jothi

    Woody 😍 Bow

  81. Elif Erkuş

    wow, most of the comments are so harsh but true, too. so just at the time I start to laugh, I get sad for Pixar and stop myself from laughing but the comments are so true that I start to laugh again and then stop myself again. It's like a cycle but quite a sad one :(

  82. Dijon McGhee

    "We want the black guy to stay human."

  83. Dijon McGhee

    They bogus for this. How sad

  84. Andres Villena

    It seemed so good, until those smurfs came in

  85. Nomad Best

    This movie is gonna break the Pixar theory

  86. Myzell Patty


  87. SmearedBlackInk Ⓥ

    Wait, did the motorbike just go over the sewer hole?

  88. Myzell Patty

    Finding Nemo : logan

  89. Myzell Patty

    Finding Nemo : logan

  90. -This Life of Mine-

    I swear black people cant survive cartoon movies either 😭

  91. njdmanok

    You CAN say “Black” you know. There is a difference between black people and African American people. It’s okay. The PC Nazis aren’t here.

  92. markdpane

    I find it funny how Sully keeps missing his cue.

  93. The Princess Gaming

    why are black ppl in animated movies always turning into something

  94. StratosBebop

    Disney 2020:What if Black People had Feelings

  95. Splash

    I- so what's the plot?

  96. 9 Plus Y

    what? Why is everyone so upset??? It seems fine... I'll watch it.

    1. Nena Arindrasari

      Yes, please. Don't mind those negative comments.

  97. Kalpit Veerwal

    Steve Jobs would be proud.

  98. Cole Walker

    How did the moped guy drive over an open manhole

  99. Fortress Master Dissolved guy


  100. MalcRich

    Faux espoirs.