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  1. Devin San Miguel

    Why are there 15k dislikes? What is wrong with people.

  2. ßöttza

    This is the cutest thing I honk I have eve seen Like oh my god that cat is so cute, it reminds me of my cat around me dog. Kudos to the animation team and writers for this

  3. Lyall Williams

    Papa the Legend

  4. Helena M Paixão A

    This is purrrrrfect! ♡

  5. Ailyn Belino

    this story is so sad😭😭 and i want part 2

  6. FairCraft

    Is he electric?

  7. Rorie Rainbow

    I hope they make a live action monsters inc or Boo now.

  8. thereal_catgamer100

    will they be part 2 ??

  9. Rainbow Sprinkle Toys

    Does anyone watch RainbowSprinkleToys?

  10. UnkleJoe

    why are things that aren't made for kids set to made for kids but this doesn't get anything?

  11. The cat snail thing

    I like how literally *every single person* is just the exact same model with just different hair, glasses, and a mustache.

  12. Seini Williams

    This scene , *ALWAYS* gets me . and j watched this 18 times ! Maybe more idk im in love with this movie . really sucked when they took it down from Netflix...

  13. Ben Dover

    Saul goodman is in incredible what!

  14. human Of beach lagsana

    So no one is gonna talk about Mike's mama?

  15. Jose Perez

    Do cars 4 movie

  16. Michael Midax

    I'm so confused

    1. Sandara Domani

      @Marcus Cheng quit the harassment.

  17. PaulaWilliams29

    That's lovely! I want more of Onward! Is a Wonderful movie! I would love a sequence to be made!

  18. AlI Zulqarnain

    Wisdom of coco.... is a spritual awakening of Miguel. ..when he sings to his grandma... it reflects about me and my grandma dadi. ..I never got to meet her in person ...beautiful film ...

  19. Adela Alvarado


  20. Sandara Domani

    Every depressed person: 1:16

    1. Marcus Cheng

      @Sandara Domani Be baptized in the Catholic Church if you want to be free from the lies of this world.

  21. Sandara Domani

    0:48 What is this?

    1. Sandara Domani

      @UCWzQPQ_A7I1JgDik_FiuXrg nobody is stupid enough to think this happens in reality. That's what a movie is about.

  22. RosiePlayz

    2 seconds in and I’m already crying

  23. Andross Hezekiah


  24. 《Oreo the doggo!!》

    Awe this is so sad and cute

  25. love kittyhope

    I love the cat and dog the both get six hearts from me.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  26. Haley Petty

    I started crying because I sneezed with my eyes open ;-;

  27. SevenUpcooler

    Jackson storm has electric engine and its sooo fast now

  28. Sophie Kramer


  29. a Clash main R.I.P Rick may

    Pixar, you're giving me hope of being a Wall-E 2 in production and i like it

  30. Michelle Tarco

    I love Onward

  31. Ottoniel Montiel

    Every Mexican Dad when their son is crying: 0:21

  32. ViaVintage -

    I think it might be at the start because she’s a woman :(

  33. Melia Cookie & Gracie

    Okay that made me cry 😭

  34. Wolf paint Girl65

    I cried omg its so cute. I loved the pure ending!

  35. GR8TCATCH83

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  36. GR8TCATCH83

    Vokoun has the same thing in Carey's last season and 9PM in my vassar college basketball s cassette show and a few of these things are farther out to gnats because klick glyn kongo bork said York was a good idea to get to their house when the world cup

  37. coltonlightningbolt Roblox gamer

    5:08 this is Pixar Pixar does not swear! This is for kids!

  38. Nat

    Oh my...this is so sweet...the unlikely friendship of a pretty nice and friendly pit bull and a tiny black eyes are so ready to shed tears! This is so sweet and heart touching! It’s so cruel what the owner did, and how sad it was when the dog was beaten and how the dog was just ready to quit its life..but the little cat remembered what the dog did for it, so it stayed with the dog. Amazing job guys, this is such a great Animated Short! ❤️

  39. Vanessa Sandoval

    Me.hizo llorar muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  40. TheIntenseGamer get this straight, they made a movie about stopping women stereotypes by showing men stereotypes?

  41. Diego Ventura Rocha

    Great job pixar

  42. Diego Ventura Rocha

    The animation tho its so *Amazing* that when simon cowell saw this he shed 3 tears saying that he loved it

  43. Afrânio Cristóvão

    i cried that person is so bad that if i could call the police i would watch him get stuck myserable

  44. Diego Ventura Rocha


  45. Diego Ventura Rocha

    I love kitbull so much this has got to be one of my top 10 favorite pixar films ever

  46. theatergal 33

    2004: "This is Mr. Incredible. I'm in." 2018: "This is Elastigirl. I'm in."

  47. Paulo Fernando Cavalcanti


  48. Andrea Vallova

    Im start cry and the happy ending is very happy

  49. Lauryn Hoy

    The animation is advanced from The Incredibles since Brad Bird also directed this film.

  50. Lauryn Hoy

    One of my favorite childhood PIXAR films. And also a great film to inspire cooking.

  51. Demon Lullaby

    Mike: she’s out of our hair Me: umm you don’t have any

  52. Layla Sethi

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good i loved this 5 stars

  53. Pius Muchira

    … …😎…✌️…

  54. Канеки Кен


  55. Ana.c Pinho


  56. Henriksen Amplifiers

    It is so sad 😭

  57. Marley Brook

    This makes me cry wen ever I watch it 😭😭😭😭😭

  58. Megan Ingram


  59. Christopher Wu


  60. Динара Мусина


  61. Chance Chopp


  62. Lilbenthefirst 2142

    anyone else not going to talk about the attention to detail of the nyc skyline

  63. Shaylan Prasad

    The music from a sportsbet ad if your in Australia haha

  64. Marek Miszczykowski

    Best scene ever, i stili cry

  65. Kuldude 420

    I’ve got to admit, I would buy this game.

  66. It'sSandiX


  67. ᴍɪᴢᴜᴋᴏ_ʟɪᴍᴇ UwU


  68. Amy Flores

    egoduto tu bineo

  69. LforLight

    What does it say about your character design when the main character's avatar needs to have a virtual hat to be identifiable?

  70. Getrude Onyinye

    This short represents how big co-operations are in real life ,that is full of mostly white men and colored yarn people are a metaphor for women of color and saying that putting more of them into the company can change things up for the better

  71. 크림멍뭉creamy muck

    I cried! I'm so happy to see my new dog! I'm so tearful..

  72. Darren Khosasi 2020

    Beware of Marcus Cheng

    1. Marcus Cheng

      @Notocuber 3D I'm referring to Pete Docter, the traitorous infidel of God's People.

    2. Notocuber 3D

      @Marcus Cheng First of all, who is "he" Second of all, have you read my first point

    3. Marcus Cheng

      @Notocuber 3D Not until he fully pays the price for his severe blasphemy against God.

    4. Marcus Cheng

      @Notocuber 3D Rather, give your money to the poor and the Church.

    5. Notocuber 3D

      If you hate the movie that much, don't waste your money on it.

  73. T A

    6:35 I dread to think what the owner would have done if he caught the dog 😡😡😡😡

  74. Gabriel Waiohu-Peterson

    My anger is Jdynn doing unfair things to me! This is my last chance! LAST, FINAL!

  75. ЧерНильНый ДьЯВол


  76. Ninfa Interrante


  77. walid Albalooshi

    it's a very nice movie

  78. Dray ツ

    Who seen this trailer at the movies?

  79. Birb64

    Ok, at least Pixar was way more truthful about what it looks like. Disney said "wreck it Ralph is astounding 8 bit" even though clearly it was 16 bit. This video is not exactly 16-bit, I say that mostly because I never saw a game this colorful and saturated on the snes or sega genesis. Though I did see it on later consoles like the gba. When all's said and done, this one is 10 if not then 100x better than wreck it Ralph's arcade trailer. Thank you for reading, God bless.

  80. RAG3 Xbox

    I swear Cars 4 better be a comeback story for mcqueen

  81. susan kniss

    when a ball of yarn has more friends than you

  82. Gisselle Rivera

    😭UGH that moment when he picks up his guitar and starts to sing to his abuela breaks me down EVERY TIME😭

  83. Sonic1005 0

    It’s funny cuz they have their own way of escape

  84. julie brown


  85. Rana Sub

    This gets me every time 😭

  86. Nutin 123A

    Funny when the cat got hurt he deserved it he hurt the dog

  87. lorelee colindres

    It's sad

  88. John Williams

    7:44 the yarn behind the slaughter

  89. Jose Bonilla

    0:51 SHAMONU

  90. Dr. Gregory Haus

    What happens for the rest of the movie? I don't know because I was blinded by the blurriness in my eyes after this scene...

  91. Charles Esco

    Wall-e gets crushed breaks my soul everytime

  92. Kayo Kenned Martins Santos

    Ja é a segunda vez que vejo esse video e cai um cisco no meu olho

  93. Bruno Campos

    This cat make i'm remenber Stitch

  94. Bruno Campos

    I love you PIXAR !

  95. garlic chang

    Yes I did issac

  96. Albatross flight

    Storyboard Bailey looks awesome 🤣

  97. bruh

    Why is there no black dudes tho

  98. Shadow X Gaming

    0:36 it’s funny how Elena comes out of no where

  99. Jack Stuhley

    Love how over half of the teaser is clips from better Pixar films.

  100. MinaMinas CTFTLKHTTYDFan99

    0:53 What does Debbie do?