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  1. Fred Turner

    I’m so jealous I have always wanted to be on stranger things but don’t now how to audition

  2. Alex

    Loved it

  3. Qudsia Ali

    I love how she articulated the feeling one portrays with another language even if they are the same sentence in a literal sense. The culture's mannerisms and social construct has such a big influence on the language. People often acquire a whole new personality when they learn a new language. Especially going from a European to an Asian language. I love her even more now. Loved her performance in The Danish Girl.

  4. Claudia Pagliara

    I miss Claire Foy and Matt Smith. Olivia and Tobias are doing a good job... I find Claire and Matt perfect. About Charles: he’s amazing...

  5. Loop Is Dedz

    After weeks, I have finally found this trailer. ;)

  6. Taha Maknoo

    "Cause dude, you're my hero and shit!"

  7. Raine Luna

    looks different from the book but I'm gonna watch tho

  8. José Güemez

    Do anyone know the Song Name?

  9. traveller

    I didn‘t like the movie but her acting is still phenomenal. And i just love her in general :-)

  10. Margie Ortega

    Shed a tear here and there. One of the best movies of 2019

  11. Kushal Rsadg

    Like me computaison please like me .👇👇👉👉👍👍👈👈

  12. Diego Lopez

    Just watched this another 100 x just to see beanz sick when she realized she lost lol

  13. mixed queen

    This looks good but kinda disappointed on who they casted as Yennefer. 😒

  14. Toppo Ohhohae


  15. Mell Bee

    Release the song already!!

  16. MavisRos

    everyone should watch this film it hits u hard

  17. Yelena Latorre

    I just watched it. Really good movie 👍

  18. clark

    Can’t stand this stupid bitch presenter 😴

  19. 3Boosh


  20. SmokeyLees

    Funny How? lol Joe Pesci

  21. Bhavna

    He just glitched so hard at 2:50, got super excited and went back to cooking as if nothing happened. He’s so so so pure 😭💜

  22. John Smith

    2:00 Borat!


    Just finished season 2, now I'll watch season 1 again then season 2 again, hope there will be season 3 after this, Netflix please hear my prayers🙏.

  24. Gab Montoya

    Berlin ☹️☹️

  25. Ambidextrous voter

    show is trash.

  26. Ganta Hit

    Жирнющий дизлайк вам, ребята! Надеюсь, сериал с треском провалится под натиском здравомыслящих людей.

  27. OhGodNo


  28. Jose Garcia

    Muy buena esperando la 3 temporada

  29. Kritika Khushi

    This movie sucks. Don't waste your time watching this shit :/

  30. Opposition L3fty

    Sooo nobody noticed 0:32 🤔

  31. Ирина Лопухина

    lol french in the comments are pressed ahaha

  32. Neringa Valatkeviciute

    It's such a beautiful animation! I think it can become a christmas classic!!!

  33. Raida Zaman roshni roshni

    Please netflix we want season 2 please.....😭😭😭😭

  34. Jesus Lopez

    She's even prettier than Selena

  35. Delphi Michaels

    0:20 Antoni: Does every single Polish family have their own version of this dish? They sure do. Every single Polish person in comments: That’s not like any żurek I ever ate.

  36. Sergio Hernandez Castillo

    This new season did not disappoint in any possible way.

  37. kevin morris

    i will be watching this when it comes out. great cast of awesome old school actors doing roles they do extraordinarily well

  38. Michał Tabor

    How soldiers were recognising themselfs during the such battle? O_o so similar armors, mud, chaos...terrifing.

  39. Samantha Saunders

    I said Terrell would make it big. So mf proud of him

  40. HMFTG

    Netflix may have struck Gold with this movie.

  41. Alex Love

    A guy who cuts his nipples, I wanted him to be gay character in this show lol..(I would have watch it all..but I guess I’m not gonna now).. he is super cute omfg

  42. Kyuubi Chan

    pintu=gate? it similiar with indonesia word. pintu=door

  43. emilyjoy -DIY Maniac-


  44. Comedy Education and Culture

    Where can I watch the full movie

  45. Siobhan H.

    Man he brought the fire and D SMOKE in this performance!!!

  46. Annie Alexander

    She is damn talented

  47. ImACat

    Definitely won't be watching this in the theater as I would have to leave a pile of snot and tears behind for the crew to clean up and that's just not nice.

  48. chris Allen

    I find it fascinating how much more public and vocal the Wachowski sisters are than the Wachowski brothers ever were. It’s such a testament to the power of transitioning and the power of being true to oneself. Lana is a sparkly delight. Laurence was reticent and camera shy. Probably very unhappy, despite his success. They’re so lucky to be able to make this transition so positively and smoothly (or so it seems) and we’re all lucky to live in a time to see this happening for so many people as a triumph instead of a tragedy. We have a ways to go before trans people of all colors and financial means are safe to BE, but I feel inspired and grateful that we’re not where we used to be.

  49. liantsoa Vancan


  50. Cashout 3xtimes

    Facts bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Frezz

    I was rooting for this man the whole season. I feel like I’m witnessing K dots come up all over again

  52. Anurag

    One of the best animated movies!

  53. EazieWeezie

    Good thing he didn't snitch like Jessie did to Walt.

  54. jjj Be

    wasn't worst watching, don't waste your time.

  55. Bartoszeg02

    Geralt doesn't look like a mutant...He is to handsome...

  56. PissJuggernaut

    Best of Todd's Worst Ideas... Better title

  57. sanjana nomula

    Wow ,no comments about prince andrew's interview.

  58. Mystic Love

    "Put me up against a barbie, like they don't know already what I Ken Do!"👀👀👀🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    Seems like there's an agenda here in the comment section to try to downplay the existence of Satan.

  60. Wajahat Shah

    like very much Netflix services , i also upload full HD more then 700 Videos , hope you like and enjoy

  61. ziimoo

    Que bkn que salga una serie de Selena!!! ♥️ Pd: superen a Jlo! XD me gusta esa película pero quizás esta actriz lo hace igual de bn, y el físico filo agradezcamos que saldrá esta serie 👌🏻

  62. Ariana Herrejon


  63. Isabella Dascanio

    This can’t be a “Best of Todd’s Dumb Ideas” list with out Christmas In January. He made the numbers of suicides in January go down with that idea

  64. Olaf Benjamin

    Kelsey Janning's interactions with Todd are basically the audience's. Love this goof

  65. Tala Chiragwandi


  66. Maciek Pawłowski

    To nie jest żurek

  67. fire feild

    Finaly Yesssss

  68. _TR7AL ترحال


  69. Satoshi

    With Japanese being my mother tongue, I thought she is actually fluent in it. I was honestly blown away knowing that she learned it through to film the show... Kudos to her! Absolutely great work done!

  70. dynabomb

    Shouldn't this be called the Italian man?

  71. Ivan Buceta

    Sail - awolnation

  72. Nitai Rajwar

    2019-seen 2020- 2021- 2022-

  73. J.C Fre28

    Yo vine porque vi the society y me dijeron q esta era parecida! Pero veo el trailer y que caxe q no.

  74. Mia Herrod

    He is too fine

  75. Mainstreamer Channel 99

    And that was the last we ever saw of Skinney Pete.

  76. Bisho Khan

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t give the role to someone who spoke Japanese for an actual representation... I don’t know what the movie is about ... but these are my first impressions of this interview

  77. Zen Starwalker

    we need more shit like this netflix!!! hook me up, ill make you some killer shows/movies about music and action/superhero originals. My idea's are limitless

  78. Ashley Owens

    Lmao "I need my shoes."

  79. Frances Elia

    The first transition is legendary. Real artist right there. P

  80. Yeri Chavarria

    Excellent movie

  81. sexobscura

    *wtf is this shit supposed to be* *is it tomlin revelling in her homostuff and spewing it on the world* *the only thing remotely funny about this mess is that it got broadcast* *I have to admit that tomlin's character poking fun at the shirly maclaine lot was pretty spot on*

  82. MeshyTV

    Bonus Round! “Ooooo I love my wife I love my wife Lets go ride a bike oooo with my wife, IGH! my wife is real young my wife is real small lets go to the beach and play with a beach ball praise Jesus, God and my wife, lets go to the beach and ride a bike.”

  83. carlos berry

    She should have been eliminated first, Troy man did way better


    Second season should be the end Season cause can't wait for other seasons taking soo much time to release!!! 😇😉 better show than friends

  85. Quentin Jefferson

    If d smoke would've saved that piano act like the genius he his, this was the best song nd performance!!

  86. Wendy Morgan

    I loved this movie. It was fantastic.

  87. j c

    Made me tear up when the former cult members, and the labels below their name changed to their profession. A new life

  88. Angel Escalante

    hahahahaha stupid people, believe in nothing.

  89. dyadya_panya


  90. iiVortex

    What are umbilicals?

  91. Jeff Couture

    Absolutely brilliant! I almost cried a few times. Very beautiful

  92. kirikakirikakirika

    I'm a harsh critic, especially when it comes to children's movies and even more so when it comes to Christmas films. I don't tend to like them. That said, this was one of the best kid's movies I've seen in a long time, and easily one of the best Christmas movies I've ever seen in my life.

  93. Celeste Maria

    To the folks upset about the maps...the camp remains are located in POLAND today. That’s where they are. Yes, when they were operating it was by the Nazi Germans, on occupied land, but today they are all in Poland. That’s where the memorials are. I think that’s why the Polish map is used. Simply because today they are located there. At time of the case they were located there. No one is trying to demonize Polish folks. Americans know who committed these crimes and operated these camps. So chill.

  94. Edgar Suarez

    Is this show worth watching?

  95. Salty Sag

    Watched the entire season in one day.

  96. Lounick perony

    Non senses ...smh leave it alone

  97. abd movies short

    Amazing... Love you Netflix

  98. Celeste Maria

    I guess I will never understand how a Ukrainian pow working in the camps is equivalent to a German Nazi operating the camps from the very beginning. I don’t see how that’s the same. One of the most powerful things that Demjanjuk said was “I was a victim of the war too, why am I on trial?” Did he participate in the holocaust? Maybe, probably? But even if it were a solid fact that he did all of those things he was accused of, he wouldn’t have if he wasn’t captured and put in that position. I don’t get it.

  99. Jibon motiurrahman

    One of the Best Netflix Movie.... Anyone who Didn't watch this movie Just go and watch it This is the best number one... U will love it