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  1. Dual Shock

    You and your brother are both attention whores. The movie Idiocracy is made because of guys like you two.

  2. Rasmus __

    This actually bangs

  3. rice gamer

    someone in 2020?

  4. Tesco Bleach

    The guy below me is below me

  5. Fuize meatball

    Down like that is my favourite song

  6. NY retro

    Legends has it he never recreated the scene

  7. Merit Tompkins

    Nice job on kicking logon Paul's ass

  8. Jay C

    Congrats I thought you were the underdog going into the fight.

  9. Fernando Chavez

    Ive tried listening to it in dejis vid but he Pause is it ever 10 seconds 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Ahnaf Ali

    the guy under the guy under the guy under is completely right

  11. Brendan Arbuckle


  12. Bill Gates


  13. Supremeboijin

    lmfao no we DONT TAKE NO LS OMFG

  14. STuFF Nation!

    1:44 is funny

  15. Luna95

    Wow never would have guessed.

  16. ARAFAT PlayZ

    ksi's victory speech !!

  17. Razooq

    Just 🔥 NO 🧢

  18. Thomas

    logan is a pig but jake is gay pig

  19. I can't use Rasengan

    I wanna go washroom

  20. HiP3R SniP3R

    Hilarious vid 😂

  21. crapmypantz tR nick

    But you didn't win by ko

  22. Arnold Jenkins

    Thats how you get on the waiting list for a Daytona!

  23. Chauncey Albertus

    Her insta?

  24. Devlin Walker


  25. Shruable

    im last.

  26. Dr0xy

    Nik mok

  27. jack Mash

    How do they do this

  28. MoeysTv

    Make one with blue face and 69

  29. Matt Sawkins


  30. MoeysTv

    Make more cool songs like that bro

  31. Angus Brett

    Sx is fucken sick

  32. Ok

    Who's here after KSI won the fight?

  33. Ensar X

    Nobody: This comment section:Last

    1. yeetyy


  34. Ahnaf Ali

    people say youtubers shouldn't make music. i say ksi you a musician boss🔥🔥

  35. Luca Mayer

    me here thinkin about that all day in school XD

  36. Awua

    It's not too late to upload fifa bro lmao

  37. Legend of Nibbaheem


  38. Krishay Lal

    KSI started off with little to none boxing training, man couldn't even skip, to then go on to beat Logan Paul in a pro fight with no head gear! This man is straight fire

  39. unknown man

    Am I the only one that thinks this song is recorded out a Iphone.

  40. Keep Up

    what happend to his clothing

  41. Bro Joegan

    Bro, you won a split decision chill.

  42. Bensubscribedtojoelmcmanus Magic

    React to your walkout to the ring compared to Logan’s

  43. Dylan Skates


  44. kuk ballehår

    fak u nigga

  45. Joey Dunn

    00:38 that shit had me in tears

  46. maneEKSDE

    GG BGsel Recommended

  47. Shane Huver

    Im just glad ksi isn't who I thought it was


    Dude I'm glad you won but I would have fought way better than what you did you seriously need to stop over swinging with your right(by throwing that hook) gotta switch it up man. You have other power punches you can throw a jab than into a left hook then a cross then left upper then slip or roll or throw another cross

  49. Swift Ritzy

    I find it really offensive that logan calls ksi dumb for him not doing the maths because i cant do maths that quick so basically logans calling everyone who cant do math quick dumb 😕

  50. last word

    Not a ksi song without a Dragon ball refrence frieza

  51. Viraj_Chavda Gaming

    Who's here after babatunde knocked Logan out

  52. BadAss Dan

    Love how JJ doesnt like being called a nightmare but his boxing nickname is "The Nightmare" 😂😂😂

  53. GabeDoesAnimations

    *Logan Paul left the chat*

  54. Vortux King

    All that happened was he came back with a head band and I'm guessing a gym membership

  55. bonnie the bonnie

    Whats 10 + 10? Dumbass! You was lucky for that point reduction..

  56. Luca Mayer

    I love U Lagoooooon Poul!

  57. Jazz Cat

    Gave me jojo part 4 vibes

  58. Mousey Wowsey

    What the a actual fuck? This isn't Greta the turtle saving swede.

  59. Kezzer Gaming


  60. Dylan Skates

    Last whoever comments after will get kissed by Greg paul

  61. magn032a

    Big boy

  62. XakXakGaming

    wheres the mv

  63. Сталин

    Ksi’s main channel:😎😎😎🤩 Ksi’s second channel:😍😬🤤🤪🖤😏😕🤢😂🙂😆🤯😢😡🤫🤗🤡

  64. Edwin Joseph


  65. Adam

    My birthday is on august 25th


    Shanon briggs to Logan rn 😆

  67. Lester crest

    the guy below me is a virgin 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  68. birry hadenham

    the tatos are good

  69. Ethan Singh

    Jj won he’s legend

  70. Zach Boughey

    Dislike this comment pls 👇🏿

  71. Taferzz

    I really hope this fight happens

  72. Amusin

    9 more days

  73. cuddly bear

    My favourite part is s-x's

  74. Thomas_ dagod

    This video 2 years old and all the comments are still saying last 😭

  75. Legend of Nibbaheem

    React to old ksi again

  76. Twitch Reticle

    Why is everyone begging for likes

  77. chekk onetwo


  78. Chromo

    Dude next we're gonna see Justin Bieber make a music video dissing KSI and black people all together

  79. Colin L.

    Jesus why is this blowing up

  80. dudes vlogs

    1:24 what did he say

  81. dumbass


  82. Jose Torres Productions

    Last person to to last is gae

    1. LukeTRF

      Jose Torres Productions no they aren’t

  83. LukeTRF


  84. LukeTRF


  85. Mohamed Azwan

    Ksi: spents over 200,000 on a watch Babatunde: i cannot afford shoes

  86. UnseenMontage


  87. Jack Whalley


  88. Legend of Nibbaheem

    0:26 simon

  89. AHC

    Just pause at 1:15

  90. Gael Castro


  91. LukeTRF


  92. Sarish K


  93. Buttstank McGoo

    Logan’s used to getting BGsel crossed with the mainstream media

  94. V zero

    Why this song ain't there on Spotify

  95. Colby Scott

    Holy shit look at Harry lol is that w2s? If so he looks so different 😂

  96. Konstantlylost


  97. Manveer Singh

    Hey jj please react to lifeples Logan paul memes i swear on my life you will laugh you ass of please i begg u

  98. Amjad Amsyar Vlog


  99. Tamás Bittmann

    Lastest lmao

  100. Joe Erringswan

    In todays episode of why is this in my recommended after 6 years: