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  1. Its_ruben_suiker R

    My hart is died

  2. Inggo Martin

    It's not dog is human I think

  3. Leinara Isaia

    Why does it look like you have never slept in your life.

  4. Omar eissa

    7:29 i do not think is normal

  5. Cheryl Ong

    This a scp!

  6. Shraddha satish

    She don't know I guess how does her dog look

  7. Mark Valdez


  8. Kareem Eltaher

    Why do u keep putting that creepy noise it’s sooo scary please stop putting the creepy noise 😞😐😢

  9. Adonis Alferez

    OMG THIS WAS SO creepy

  10. Z6KSK

    Emma:I TOLD YOU GUYS !!!! :( the Guys: we dont ask!!!

  11. Matthew Tran

    nobody:... Chester: 😎🎥📷

  12. jane aвaιgar

    it looks like SCP 106 breached

  13. moonlight slays

    probably dolphin man....


    Anablle if she is already a ghost why to fear

  15. Steven Lenz

    12:18-12:41 why did I find the creature’s tantrum so funny?

  16. Fr Furensic

    Next up:we found a stalker in her violen.next up:we found a stranger in her recliner

  17. Gacha LeO

    Chester:i cant afford turkey so im eating ice sandwhich Parker:d7de just download swagbucks Chester:swagbuck whats that????

  18. Rhea Thomas

    1: There's a man in her house... and she's smirking all the time.... like... how tf can she be so calm??! 2: Plus look at her at 04:35 to 04:55 ...girl stop trying to show off ur body at this moment 😂 3: The common empty bedrooms with just a bed in every episode seems so off 4: Why is parker sleeping with his goggles? 😂omg 5: Meagen first saying she check her room well and then saying that she never ever saw the hole is so suspicious

  19. Skelly Playz

    Chester Was Right IT was just a waste of time

  20. James micheal Grant

    What happened to the girl

  21. Fr Furensic

    Jazz fingers

  22. gabs & niya 4l

    ohhh god🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  23. Skylar Pelkey

    I wish u were not late to save her😭😢😰😨

  24. Fr Furensic

    Her:so this is my dog and idnk this is a human

  25. jionariza cabangal

    What happened to the girl that need help

  26. Taetae Biased

    0:59 i fell off my darn chair when that happened

  27. Somia Ahmadi

    Park “I am getting involved the police in this!!!” The father “grr” park “ahhhhh!!!”

  28. Zaveek Stha

    If that guy came to my house I would get my dads shotgun and blow his frikin head off and run the hell out of my house😤

  29. Potato Sisters

    Here is another poem. Roses are red, Demons are to, I hope the scary things in these videos, “GO AWAY SHOO!!” I’m super paranoid

  30. Psycho peeps WITH Steroids


  31. Psycho peeps WITH Steroids


  32. jack atlas

    To stop him tap the like Button √

  33. Psycho peeps WITH Steroids


  34. Psycho peeps WITH Steroids


  35. Johny Silvestre

    Every time the other guy with shades said "what's that" every videos when they have sponsors I'm planing to make it a meme🤣

  36. guimar corales


  37. ShadArt🍵

    I saw that video alright a month ago, not on ur channel, it is sooo creepy.

  38. Julia Jasinska

    That looked like the monster that was in the basement and you saw a small

  39. jack atlas

    Shot the freaking dog oh not dog a mad that disguise as a dog

  40. Johny Silvestre

    This is how many time they left the house with out taking their cameras with them ⬇️Ohhhh some one liked it...oh it's me

  41. mao james

    Help let me go...

  42. Muzamil Habib

    Kayla means bana in urdu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😯😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Muzamil Habib

    #darknet jk lol

  44. RoMeGo

    Why always male

  45. XxxGdxxXDashXxx GdChannel


  46. Dianne Chato

    Are this legit?

  47. Gabriele

    That was scary but i was alone i saw tall guy... and covered blood on it i dont know who it is i called the cops and they believed me

  48. Muzamil Habib

    Hi my name is nyla

  49. Muzamil Habib


  50. Muzamil Habib

    Life of egg 🐓⚪🐣🐥🐓⚪🐣🐥🐓⚪🐣🐥

  51. cool roblox

    You look like poke

  52. Jayden luis Lastrollo

    The dog is a person it stand and its just a costume

  53. Alli Son

    I looks like cartoon hahaha

  54. Deep Gurung


  55. Ava Shaban

    L.O.L army!

  56. Psycho star and Sans UwU

    I think it would be scary but I don't know how this happens ⬇️

  57. xia Lin

    Why is Chester always wearing sunglasses???

  58. Aiden.Schenk

    Nobody: Me at 3AM when the beans are not there: 12:19 - 12:36

  59. The squad of 3 B

    How and the hell did he brake through the floor that fast that’s wood

  60. ToastySqhinx 912

    That creature was his uncle and that girl was a target or someone kidnapped

  61. Kaz PHG

    Um you save many people aren't you

  62. Johny Silvestre

    That Guy(Derek) needs some knuckle Sandwich 👊👊

  63. dandion reyes

    Don t help her Ok pis Ok

  64. Limon Rahman

    বালের ভিডিও।।। বানোয়াট ভিডিও.....

  65. 林国锭channel

    tik tok all so have

  66. Michael Ho

    Next time if you saw something like this remember to bring Big life Pistols Ak47 Mini gun C4 Grenadines Bow and arrow And bring some FBI friends with guns (This is how it’s works)

  67. Holden Demuth

    I woke up to the sound of a siren. I did not imagine the sound or anything, and the sound made me feel unnerved.

  68. Purobi Hazarika

    Hey what ever the other girl asking for help

  69. Zalos Rider

    What happened to the girl ☹️

  70. Sashi Playz


  71. Jones Brothers

    That is no dog I would kill that thing god

  72. Gael Jimenez

    Never mind

  73. Sashi Playz

    Don't worry God always watching at us.

  74. Gael Jimenez

    Honestly u guys are the best but how does the dog open the door

  75. Jayden luis Lastrollo

    Oh my gosh that big monster grab the girl it was scary and monster is so big god damn the girl maybe is living there because he dont have a home or she is poor maybe she is trying to get your attention because she write something that said help but me if she said help oh i will said no i will run forever

  76. Buggs Justice

    What I wanna know is how the fuck he broke through the boards of her floor

  77. LoveBatrisya

    I was so scared i left my tablet on the couch and it was still paused fir an hour eventually i took it again and watched it

  78. D҈E҉M҈O҈ N

    This is Take and i lo e it

  79. Lela Playz

    if i ever get a dog and he does something like this i,m going stright for my gun

  80. Canyon Arizona

    Stop sleeping on the job!

  81. Logan Tinney

    This is so cool how they make the monsters some time this are creepy

  82. Redenta Lazala

    how tall is it 7 feet tall

  83. Jasmine Faulkner

    I think Mariah was ate by her roommate

  84. Kashyah Doerkson

    I think it was a hacker

  85. Kashyah Doerkson

    BGsel should be for everyone

  86. Zalos Rider

    Basement man was like who blocked by door

  87. Sashi Playz

    Luxury: what is that even mean? ???: she smelled so sweet!

  88. Lela Playz

    okay in my mind if i proses it that thing may be the mother of the child and she doesn,t treat her well so she asked for help but till than the thing locked poor amber up so when it comes up behind the girl it get furious

  89. It’s me your boi Jamar

    Wait she is staying home for school but the coronuvirus

  90. emrah Ozyagcilar

    Im about to go full screen till the end Wish me luck

  91. Mami Tbc

    I want to see Chester without his sunglasses do you guy's think that

  92. Amber Chua Jing Feng

    My name is Amber

  93. Mark Valdez


  94. Sashi Playz

    That's weird ( = _ = )

  95. Keeley Gray


  96. Kai Eliser 2007

    I will tell u something is under my bed I heard something like wolf and I was alone in my house the door was like broken my kitchen door

  97. Terrence Terrence Extreme

    In this comment we have: Food drinks blankets holy water holy cross teddy bear bed pillows neck pillows to keep you cozy and make you feel safe and a nerf gun or something else to make you feel more safe because you have a weapon and it costs 1 like and yeah

  98. rualee brown

    It scared the living life out of me 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  99. Phakavadee Lorvik

    I Know It was a human

  100. Pugs Dogs

    ⁱ ʲᵘˢᵗ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵗⁱᵏᵗᵒᵏˢ Duet her lmao