My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 23 year old Economics student who's life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏
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  1. Sarvesh Raut

    Imagine this phone in selfie stick ..🥴🤣

  2. YaBoiJay Gg

    Hold the phone what kind of charging blocks are these am i the only one with a square brick?😭

  3. Fitness Junkie

    Mi Note 10 VS Realme X2 Pro VS Oppo Reno Ace ??? .... For the best telephoto lens & quality ???

  4. Tijo Thomas

    You showed them who s the boss

  5. gen0xod

    Who still remembers swipe to unlock

  6. Flyingtoday

    From the words of JerryRigEverything: "The glass...scratches at Level 6, and deeper grooves at a Level 7."

  7. The Fishies

    Nice video man! Enjoyed it

  8. Molin Wang

    Just saying, but the iphone x didnt introduce face ID

  9. Little Zamboi

    Make a video about moto g7 plus vs xiaomi redmi note 8

  10. YOU 2


  11. Joel Jacob

    imagine having an alarm clock with a special place to put your phone on it. why get the alarm clock?

  12. Tereso Flores

    I wish the blackshark worked here 😭

  13. Eric Tao

    “iPhone 11 pro max is very gimick free” Wtf is the purpose of slofies then?

  14. ᜁᜐ᜔ᜃᜓᜇ᜔ᜉ᜔ᜌᜓ

    Redmi Go as dummy 😁😁😁😁😁 xiaomi warriors wants to know your location

  15. Vinay Baise

    Once again you changed your outro(Exit motion graphics)

  16. KafkaNL

    Subscribe on me!! I do it backk! 💥 Lets support each other! ❤️;.-

  17. Andrew Peterson

    Needs to be bigger. Literal brick dimensions...

  18. Sarang !


  19. Bhargav Deka

    1:30 Lucky that the phone is not made by XAOMI indians will understand it😂

  20. raid area 51

    I agree but the s9 can support 5g speed and it is way faster than 4g

  21. Brazen_Pig0322

    No shit it’s a whole ass battery

  22. syrici II

    6:32 OK boomer

  23. Navin Badal

    The only two reviewers I check before buying any phones

  24. Tony Tyler


  25. Drezperado

    3 rotating CEO's on a 6month stint each. 666!

  26. Death Kid

    I think I'll stick with the s9 😂😂

  27. Van Hohenheim

    Didn't you voice a top ten channel or something??

  28. wormdragonfury

    Can anyone buy that or is it something special?

  29. jaden clothier

    What about the iPhone xr

  30. Lawrence Hare

    AI is truly terrifying

  31. PaulusSANtosoCI Widjaja

    Superb, Arun. Thank you for learning from your "cakes and pots" of your biography. May this video make me become another BGselr? Hahahaha, maybe then. Cheers!

  32. Nina Wood

    Me: *looks at title* Me .00008924661 seconds later: “So can I have it?”

  33. Maiken Benjamins

    This is like a phone rewind

  34. sᎪsuᏦᎬ ,

    Unbox therapy would.Make 20 videos of the gadgets you just showed.

  35. Fry Szopen

    Dude, this list is wack

  36. bonnie kariuki

    Did you ever get the phone?

  37. W S

    Excellent video. You do now know you are going to have to review a robot hamster of some type.

  38. Dillon Chan

    Dam, every phones he’s unboxed, I’m like - had that, that, that, that.........and so on.

  39. Lee Christoff Legaspi

    Eh gusto mo yan eh . Lahat mag babago every year may new device .cge

  40. Ricky Florida Keys

    great job on the video !

  41. Youssif Al-Abiad

    Who knows no. 15 @ 8:05 from dope or nope (formerly Matthias channel)

  42. Jump Ship?

    Wow, congrats man. You deserve it!!!

  43. Griftercash

    Hey! Can you review this one?

  44. silvrliit

    Forgot the SE:/

  45. Jam Slam

    None of these phones meet my #1 criteria: Under $200.

  46. JustPlaysX

    12) Touch-U is fucking shit. I had one and bought it for £1. It lost its stickiness after a week and became useless.

  47. CountryfiedLinux

    I don't care if it becomes #1 in the market. I just want it to do what I want it to.

  48. Fred Existential


  49. Frezzy

    Kai OS is going to be ahead of the other os. It is on more nokia phones and other phones.

  50. MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall

    an app for boomers

  51. Gonçalo Garcia

    Falta colocar uma câmera profissional do lado. Pra gente poder saber qual smartphone chega mais próximo da realidade.

  52. Ljubica Pavlović

    Your gesticulation reminds little bit of MKBHD's

  53. Praveen Patidar

    What means forgotten?

  54. Stoney_Eagle

    Congrats! Been here with the last 3m 😉

  55. DeeJay 3000

    You have to download the ultimate rotating camera

  56. FLUFFS

    To everyone who wants to buy a Samsung... Don't do that! The OneUi destroyed everything! I had every flagship phone from Samsung since the S1. -No third party apps -No enhanced video settings -No working copy paste feature And a lot other stuff. You would regret it!

  57. Jack McClendon

    Why is nobody talking about how the game pad is a joy con that clips onto your phone

  58. Linda Smile

    Note huawei is not a phone company , until recently ...

  59. Ken Rodriguez

    i need that bag haha

  60. PortaRock1985

    These phones can revolutionize some places around the world. Many places don't have cell phone access and this could change that.

  61. Traci Leah

    I'm gonna have an anxiety attack watching you scratch all those Samsung phones lol lol ! jk

  62. SheTookTheKids

    0:48 imagine just walking through the park and seeing this

  63. Riktam Sarkar

    My picks: Huwaei Mate 30 Pro (Cons: No Google support) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Don't buy the Exynos model, it will lag trust me I am a fanboy of Samsung) iPhone 11 Pro (Not a huge difference from the iPhone 11 according to its price that you pay for the Pro) One Plus 7T or 7T Pro ( Cons: No water resistance although they could have easily made the One Plus 7T water resistance and the camera isn't as good as the other three smartphone that I mentioned) Google was disappointing, I was thinking about purchasing the new Pixel. Every manufacturer should listen to their customers and consumer needs. This year was disappointing.

  64. Red Hood

    Can’t stand those chinese apps 🤮🤮🤮

  65. يوسف اليوسف

    Is OnePlus alone raised the price? All companies have raised the price .. Are the specifications as before.

  66. Evan Mott

    I'm part of the .03 after 3mil

  67. Francis Egan

    bro I have an iPhone 7

  68. 1000 subscribers with no videos

    This guy does actually useful gadget showcases unlike therapy unboxing who just shitposts on his channel whenever he wants

  69. themicromage

    Gratz on the 3mil Bro.

  70. Witold B

    iPhone 11 last place really? Not a first time when it is difficult to treat your job trustworthy. I am sorry to write this. Best!

  71. Billy Crutchfield

    Thank you for being here :-)

  72. A T

    Your accent is insufferable

  73. Bhaskar Das

    Not we are all expectations

  74. Bhaskar Das

    Who the fuck r u this gyaaannnn

  75. Paul What

    So much flirting, it made me uncomfortable

  76. The Specialist

    Congrats👍 You started from scratch and low budget to where you are now, nice job😎 Give yourself a pat at the back, you deserved it☺️ One thing that make me interested in your videos is the way you talk is comforting and all the info passed is in detail plus that nice accent😎👍 Keep it up! I have been your subscriber maybe 9 months back, i think😅 Will keep updated especially on mobile contents😎

  77. Wambui Wambui

    Lol I'm doing economics

  78. Dry Saliva

    And will I get cancer from this new radioactive waves? And how high my electricity bill is going to be especially because most of it is wasted in the air.

  79. AsteroidBurger8

    TBH I always use eye comfort

  80. Natan Facchin

    Your cat is so cute <3

  81. Maegan Abbey

    i have the p10 lite lol

  82. KingDucky9

    *laughs in IPhone*

  83. Bananana The Banana

    “There’s a phone in the camera” -Apple 2050

  84. Water Sheep

    suomi perkele

  85. _ Finus

    *everyone*: omg, k ring costs 6 dollars *again everyone*: opens description to get the link *k ring*: costs 100 $ *again again everyone*: damn imma think bout it

  86. creativeboy1

    A serious question: What is the phone to choose today if you want 3.5m port and SD card slot? Ofc good camera and big battery is welcome.

  87. JailbreakHub

    I love the way Arun always puts in so much effort, even down to syncing the outro boxes in the endcards with the beat of the track used. He's so underrated and puts more effort in than most others.

  88. David Wu

    3:52 why are times different

  89. Mr. Secret

    Phone give away pls pick me

  90. Oskars Gredzens

    Please link to wallpaper:

  91. Arek R.

    Why 12GB RAM is such a big deal? Pretty sure 8GB is TWICE more than you will ever need...

  92. Ronnie Mitchell

    Keep it up and never give up. Very entertaining

  93. Tamar Ziri


  94. Mr. Secret

    Phone give away pls me

  95. RedPlaystationGamer1


  96. Tomy T

    These hackers are genius ... man the slide pro iphone also nice... also would be nice with the a80 cam too and a smaller cersion from itt amazing 😎😎

  97. Tony Wu

    Love ur Nutella hoodie

  98. king

    No intro.... a savior you are.

  99. ASH Motion Pictures

    Loved it. Thanks for focusing on presenting so much informative, enlightening and interesting tech content all these years. Keep on doing what you're doing. I'm a big fan :)

  100. Nick Westedt

    Happy subscriber!