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  1. Grandpa Doggo

    Why does it look like some kind of plan of skynet

  2. Edison Yee

    And now they are being boycotted around the globe... 😊🇵🇭🍺🍸🍷🍻

  3. Charles Bryan

    I think there will be an option on that phone to buy some drugs It would be brilliant

  4. Yeung Wing Hong

    I think Escobar iPhone is quite cool. If they release that legitimately I will buy one.

  5. Tilen Jeraj

    So bad for all other phone manufacturers then HUAWEI. Next Amazon in a making...

  6. Vishnu Sudarshan

    Pro strats right there from Escobar

  7. Thomas Marshall

    Flawless transitions

  8. Dylan Mochi

    Creepy shit

  9. Bagel

    lets hope he doesn't get assassinated the first week it gets uploaded

  10. DinoDudeRocket

    Hahahah love the skit Arun! More like that please!

  11. THE_KrazyCouch2 '

    What about my 19 digit numerical passcode that doesn't say how many digits it uses?

  12. Crispy C.

    They left the wireless charging pad inside but it won’t work cos it doesn’t transfer through metal, only glass and plastic

  13. Underneath The Sky


  14. Mecha-Art

    I wonder if any of those phones came with a paper that has a word from Apple and the company "Dear idiot"

  15. JohnSmith

    Where can i buy snapdragon ultra in uk?

  16. Haris Zafar

    In my opinion it's a business strategy "all publicity is good publicity". The popularity of the brand would significantly increase as they did something never done before or it wasn't expected. In a nutshell oneplus pulled a kim Kardashian and we all know who she is and what she is today.

  17. LDubzz86

    People keep saying that the s20 ultra is a bad phone i don't see nothing wrong

  18. ninvmous

    Google assistant can even open third party apps. (Opens BGsel)

  19. Kareem Norton

    If Don Pablo were alive i would have loved to meet him. He showed how dirty the government actual is and everything they do is a money move.

  20. André Oliveira

    You forgot LG phones 😂😂

  21. Non_Existent__

    When Samsung sends a folding phone that can bend or fold all ways and sends it to JerryRigEverything to do a bend test. JerryRigEverything: wait a minute

  22. Eduardo Timm Buonacura

    Z Flip

  23. Mark Dillon

    Does that mean that the airport security see through clothing all the time, is that not a privacy breach too? This is can't "see" anything really



  25. Edison Yee

    That smart jacket is a death trap... batteries are intended to explode at some point, and you dont want it strap to you when it does.... Can you send Free phone to the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭 I would love to have one from you.. any unit will do... 💜💛💚❤💙

  26. Hesham Elshenawy

    thanks for the awesome review. Between Sony 1 mark 2 and S20 ultra which one would you pick? Are the camera issues in the S 20 ulta fixed after their software update.

  27. Matilda Stockdale

    Sounds kinda weird but how can people dislike videos like this he is talking about phones how could there be anything wrong with that

  28. Neil Livingstone

    We need a tour of your house. It looks amazing

  29. Jigme Dorjee

    You missed iPhone SE

    1. ЛØŤ ÐƐΛÐ

      This was made 7 months ago dummy.

  30. Brian Retus

    Haha this is ridiculous, had no idea shit like this would fly nowadays...shouldn't be surprised

  31. Paul Ferzoco

    I hope people don't think it will take HQ infrared shots: theres a lot more to it. It's a gimmick in the hands of a non-professional.

  32. Ge Lo francisco

    Mr whose hope yoy notice me and to all of you guys because i have a question on my phone because it connects on my phone and it is on goof shape but my phone said to the charger is "high voltage" hmmm?

  33. Chupa chups

    how about samsung galaxy a quantum can u recommend it.???? thanks im a big fan..

  34. ABC ONE

    Why don't you submit a legal case against them ????

  35. John Chen

    Honestly your voice is best for everything.

  36. Sjmaliz M

    Sick painting

  37. Deezer Doom

    ????????????????????????? brother

  38. Shayna Lynn

    This is troll advertising if I ever saw it.

  39. Marlow Wilson

    hi there i bought the phone after your review, why didnt you say it was a scam!!? i am so frustrated :(

  40. Zack Zhang

    Caviar is what Escobar Inc wishes it could be

  41. adir mugrabi

    windows did not fail due to lack of apps. the OS was shit from the start. the only reason people liked it, was because it was "different". but they forgot that Android can be deferenter! (it's a word now) Android is the difrentest! just look at the website MyColorScreen..... oh, it's dead now. it was a website that showed tons of very versatile, extremely different styles, looks and behaviours for you Android phone. which allowed anyone to quickly set their phone to any of these looks. you can still do it without the site, but you now have to get each app separately, and set everything up manually, which is a lot of work. anyway, it was active when WP was alive. windows phone failed because it was a very closed OS. even tighter than iOs! p.s why the fuck do people still use iPhones?

  42. Master Chief

    Now play call of duty and see how long it would go😂😂😂

  43. umametsi moyo

    May we have links to get phones that use Kai OS especially in SA... I feel like it's an unventured niche market this side...

  44. Jack

    Wait I got Huawei and I got Google app store Ect

  45. Salvador Vieyra

    False, Banks sold them GE's E, they're Samesung now

  46. Yahya Khan

    *Arun exposes chief of assassinations* 2020: Mr. Whosetheboss 2025: Mr. Who?

  47. Tutle

    How many phones do you own

  48. Motorcraft

    So, nobody is going to adress that doggo popup when he mentioned "sub-woof-ers"?

  49. Mustafa Khan

    Escobar wants to know your location

  50. Thibaut Weekx

    I admit that the Sony phones are a bit confusing but they're also bought more by people who are a little bit more technical. I'm not trying to say that less educated people can't handle Sony phones with their amazing features but they do require some knowledge...

  51. The Plague

    This robot ass is kinda T H I C C

  52. Edison Yee

    Very entertaining channel... fascinating

  53. xo

    This is just my future destiny, just begging for subscribers.


    Yep Apple leads the market. What a joke. They sell crap items with high prices and when u need a replace/service they charge u way more or in worst case they don't help u at all. This company is high for 1 reason only. There are out tyre stupid ppl that think that the appl products are the best. Sry idiots, they aren't. Many other have produced better products with much lower prices. And the removal of jack portal was the worst move. A simple earphone costs around 3 euros. The most expensive around 15-20. The Bluetooth ones they start from 25-30 (cheapest) and the most expensive around 200 euros. Who idiot will give 200 when he would have the same experience with 25. To be revolutionary a product must have better tech and price same or lower from the existing one. If I could buy those expensive bluetooth earphones at the price of 15 yea that would be smt revoluanary. I have new tech with low price.

  55. Shaun Of The Dead

    Not sure what clowns downvote your videos 😂😂 Just need to say.. you are well spoken, very clear and concise and present this knowledge in an easy to understand way.. Keep up the great work m8 👊

  56. Niranjan Kanna

    so tell me mr.telsa what do you do if you run out of power in your car in the mid of your tour? mr.telsa: well... we have 40,000,00mAh power bank right below your seat.Jump 3 times. it will get activated.

  57. Carlos Flores

    Noone will see this comment😂😂

  58. Justo Alvarez

    I'd buy one of those iin January till it breaks in August and then buy another one... Who cares... phones xD

  59. Alamin Dhali

    Sony Just Gives me the Creeps. And Feeling sorry for HTC, one of few innovative companies which just disappeared. 😞😞😞

  60. Goktug Ozgil

    Ahahaha 10 times optical zoom and people think it will be a joke. Bro japanese brands made that optical zooms like 15 years ago. Goodmorning. You are not old enough to remember i guess.

  61. shkodran shehu

    Hi Arun, hope u r doing well. l agree with some of what you said about Sony Smartphones especially about the cameras. But Experia 1 Marked ll seems to be smth different that`s why i wish that you will have the opportunity to have it and do a detailed review. P.S You do a great job and l`m huge fan of your videos.

  62. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

    I remember when a 8mp camera was amazing to have oh how technology has changed 😆😆😆😆

  63. Safwan Mahmud

    i remember watching this video back in January of 2017. kinda nostalgic haha. ❤️

  64. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

    I’ve still got this galaxy s phone The battery has almost gone but I can’t part with it it lives in my draw 😊😊😊😊😊

  65. Gunnar Olsen

    Yeah, it's a scam. I know it, you know it and everyone else knows. But the business model is based upon hype alone, it doesn't require an acutal product or an actual service. They're selling an idea, and it works. Facts and reality are totally irrelevant. Want to make money? Sell tickets to Fyre Festival 2.

  66. Sedevituo Keyho

    Xaiomi - Alpha ME _ Scroll down to the comments section 🤷‍♂️😁

  67. irixsyncd

    Samsung is indeed screwing up BIG time with this processor differentiation in the different (US/non-US) markets. That's a mean game and the only reason I haven't yet purchased S20* f*** u SAMSUNG.

  68. Conscious Minded

    Super happy for you, you are good and I truly think you deserve all the success you gain.

  69. TheShineboxer

    fake acccent

  70. thezanninogang

    Did anyone pay attention that it was literally dark before 5pm I think Arun lives in Alaska.. 🤣

  71. richdriver 1

    What a waste of a good phone boii next time give it away to someone

  72. Conscious Minded

    Hates a strong word so im jelly lol, jelly of channels as I was unfairly targeted but hey that's life.

  73. ImBloodEither

    The most important thing in a smartphone for me is Battery Life. So if phones were 20% thicker, IDC. As long as the space is used for battery, i dont care how thick it is. Even if it has to be as thick as a Nokia 3310.

  74. Dorian T

    2020 SQUAD

  75. Conscious Minded

    Hi, can I please have that gold iPhone? I must own it hahaha great video as per, I really like how you have more of your personality in videos now, youtube killed my channel so I hate most channels now but I like you, I think its how beautifully you annunciate your words.

  76. Cheap life

    Of course its a scam its named after the Drug Cartel Pablo Escobar what to expect

  77. Alaan Nassori

    Subbing to anyone who subs to me

  78. Alaan Nassori

    Subbing to anyone who subs to me

  79. Elias8477

    I'm a Samsung user from Europe. I'm happy that I bought the S10 but I'm sad it doesn't rock the SD855.

  80. Doubling ft

    Pfff the smartphone I'm using now cost $15

  81. Matt


  82. Joseph Pascual

    I almost buy a samsung s20 today, but seing this video I cancel my order because the one I will buy in lazada is exynos version! fuck exynos! give us snapdragon stop scamming us!

  83. simosmaximos

    7:46 nah flagshipps are all the same

  84. AlexandreG

    A guy that now dresses classy, 2 years ago used to dress like an edgy teenager, use that as a motivation

  85. jayden robertson

    The elite design of the camera attachment is amazing

  86. bociog Susppect

    I bought it and received it ??? What is the deal

  87. zestysausauge

    Call quality isn’t really the phone’s problem

  88. Nazmul Haque

    Wanna get a review of Xperia 1||

  89. Timothy

    i actually liked windows phones idea

  90. Mark Webber

    What an expensive camera! As nothing else works.... not even my AA breakdown app ffs! Such a disappointment as I was looking forward to being free of google. But nothing works ! It's just a beautiful shiny camera..... Let me know if you'd like to buy a 1 week old P40 pro that's never left the house .......

  91. Malik Ahsan

    Iphone destroy many people future now there is future is under risk

  92. paul vigliarolo

    And the next review after your is Sony 1 2 and lg 60 Ha do I watch? Hmmm

  93. la vida shadow

    Lol the dancing guys intro

  94. Sin Slayer

    Escobar is like wish, speaking from experience I see.

  95. KafkaNL

    Subscribe on me, I do it backk with 4! ❤️


    A phone with piece of the moon and gold on it.. wow.. its worth it... imagining going broke and that phone is all u got left.. u not broke anymore 🤣💯

  97. eyewan

    Like when you are watching this on a huawei

  98. Sawyer

    when he showed google assistant and it wasn't saying what he was saying I started to panic

  99. Cameron G

    Looool literally takes you to Escobar website.

  100. Dudebro #

    What if you aplied liquid protector then applied a screen protector and then added another layer of the liquid protector