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  1. Almighty

    Definitely his best song.

  2. Danny Wink

    Thry been sleep on my boy

  3. Soulta381ker911 _

    It’s been 2 years already🥺

  4. Thatboyjjfish

    CEO of grabbing a girls wrist

  5. 22ndbaby

    I gotta escape forget all the hate dont forget to get riley to 50k

  6. Dayon The Dog

    2 years ago today 🔥😢🥺

  7. Giovanni Mazzoni

    DDG is a copycat lame

    1. Ruffy Mt

      You a hater ? Huh

  8. Josiah Jones

    this song is fire

  9. Bhre Flores

    THE GOAT, no arguments!

  10. XRAIDED 717

    This is your best track ever

  11. Naskingg Toney04


  12. Robert Krushall

    ddg do be sounding like drake no cap

  13. lvfx

    this guy makes me motivated! keep up the heat my g

  14. Kashlake

    nice track

  15. Dripz

    This nigga goes hard

  16. NBA 23


  17. TaeSoCool

    Just in case y’all didn’t know arguments in gold -DDG

  18. Prod. DJ R1 Official

    Still listening to this heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. TaeSoCool

    Tell him to sign me to Zooted please he should start a zooted boot camp and make it a series y’all know that would be hard

  20. Poem 1k

    DDg problably will never see this but want u to know u really inspire me to keep doing this BGsel stuff been here since I don’t even know when bro I think the field trip vlog I remember all that the hoverboard u buried all that just keep ur head up brother inspiration shit

  21. Gamerade

    DDG signed the most untalented, monotoned, oh chopstick looking rapper to his small label.....

  22. Vanessa Aguguesi

  23. Marie Ahnoux

    This song will never get old🔁💯

  24. Robert Cole

    Who was the person that ran her over

  25. Rk Wilson

    T.o second verse went dumbe

  26. Jedaiah Batson

    All ddg songs are hard tho🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Jedaiah Batson

    Damnn I rate this song🔥🔥

  28. 500 Bandz

    Only Good/Decent Song 🥱

  29. Isiah Young

    You went in on that one

  30. Ty Roberts

    Best song made by ddg so far No cap

  31. Ty Roberts

    Every single song ddg makes there's a little kid in the comments sayin, WhOEvEr liKeS MY ComMEnT wILL BE MIlLiOnARe! Smh

  32. Jamie Kyezu

    I don’t see one black girl in this video I just see white girls only but they still sexy no cap🚫🧢😍😍😁😗😉🙌🏾🙌🏾

  33. komani 187

    Nigga still ain't dropped it

  34. Erica B.

    I can’t help but wish they were still together after watching part 1 & 2 🥺 lmao it just puts you in that mindset

  35. Erica B.


  36. Ezequiel Aguilar

    1:48 TO part is HARD

  37. Angel Tapia

    DDG my role model man , legit the definition of “if u put your mind to it, you can do anything”

  38. Blaise Reed-Jenkins

    Dry ass twerking from these girls where the black girls at 🤦🏽‍♂️

  39. Micronesian Pothead691

    Let’s get this to golddddddd✌🏾

  40. kilo banks

    Remember when this nigga was in his moms basement doing videos no cap

  41. UK Live vid

    Escape hardest out of all

  42. Larry The Bro

    Normal people problems :my Ubers coming late and I'm late in rent DDG problems:the yacht got canceled and ion got furniture in my new mansion...

  43. 2reck Lessrod

    If young boy n DDG make a song is goin to be #1 on da billboard

  44. Dangerous Habits

    Miss y’all tg🥺

  45. Dangerous Habits


  46. David Forest

    2020 and arguments still hit different 🔥, DDG music hard and I can really relate to this😭........ I listen to this song like everyday even my kid bro addicted to the song now😂

  47. mxrvenss

    T.O went hard nigga jus needa put sum energy into it

  48. Dae dae pranks

    Subscribe to my BGsel channel if DDG and Kennedy should be back together and have a baby and my BGsel channel is dae dae pranks

  49. jet-

    Who here from Twitter 🤣

  50. Mr . Tqaxc

    Best song in 2020

  51. Jeremy Haring

    Remember his beef with diss god

  52. Erratic Nonos

    Bro what if ddg got his fans have a week or 2 to make this go trend again for a prize or sum shit. Like if we trend this again than he has to do what we say or sum shit in a live, that be crazy.😂


    This song go hard!!!

  54. Jaquan Taylor

    I bought the richer the Rollie the Patek the ap I’m rocking em foour different days

  55. Jay Cinco

    Follow me on IG @Jaycincoo Tell me if I’m the hottest artist in Compton Just Hit 10K

  56. Jay Cinco

    Follow me on IG @Jaycincoo Tell me if I’m the hottest artist in Compton Just Hit 10K

  57. Jay Cinco

    Follow me on IG @Jaycincoo Tell me if I’m the hottest artist in Compton Just Hit 10K

  58. Vega

    This nigga trash

  59. Ant SoSavage

    This STILL needs more publicity, DDG deserves to be noticed on a bigger stage 🙏🏾🛸

  60. Britial Hodge

    Hoolleee this go crazy

  61. Britial Hodge

    Lowkey this one of the hottest shits you dropped, poppin that shit!

  62. Geronimo Zamudio

    I don’t care what y’all say !!!!! Ddg is the best rapper/BGselr no mf cap 🚫🧢 like cmon name another BGselr that lit as him. He always on beat always spitting bars always spitting facts like cmon bro this guy a fucking legend and a goat at the same damm time

  63. Tylan Smith

    I gotta ESCAPE from the CORONAVIRUS 😂😷🤮🤮

  64. foe_ ej

    T.o snapped,he just sound like he popped a perc,drunk lean and smoke before recording 🤷🏽‍♂️

  65. sa_toxicated Toxicated

    This hard I'm talking bout that shit that can't be fixed up with a bandage 😏😈👺👹

  66. Robbie Griffin


  67. Jassy


  68. Jassy


  69. 1400 MUSIC

    This still hard in 2020

  70. LA uzi vert 21

    He kinda sounds like lil baby

  71. 2wavybyron

    Who here in 2020 👀🔥

  72. GamingWith Trego

    This ain’t music...It’s a storyline...

  73. Acedrillz onYT


  74. Lele abel

    My forever fav song❤️

  75. Eric Victor

    on my life this the hardest shit out fpr 2020 this nigga going up yall better get ready its gunna be viral !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  77. Layla Ramnarine

    He said nigga you get it, that's the 8th month. 😂 lmao

  78. YBI EZZY

    who replay more than twice ✊🏿✴

  79. Isabella m.

    Wait so when kenndy got hit by a car was that rlly real n true is that how she lost her baby ???

  80. Matt McDevitt

    This man more than a BGselr he a rapper rapper frfr

  81. O.M.G it’s Aubrey! !

    this is his best songggggggg nocap

  82. Rosalie


  83. Sam Lam

    They should be an alternative version with just ddg

  84. YouTube baldy -_-


  85. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    #DDG he fire asf to me he the best rapper his song slaps

  86. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    Tell to to stop rapping he ass and he trying to copy nle his voice is as it does not match the beat

  87. Elias Sancho

    This is not just a Banger but this an Anthem 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. Hugo dG


  89. OG Xlee

    This song is 🔥 🔥

  90. ogkwame

    Who was here before this hit 20M?

  91. Zeus 47

    Those shoes are fire

  92. Elizabeth Hayes

    So far hold up, arguments and this is your best song

  93. Ebro Oldfeet

    TO need to work on that craft👀 this hard tho

  94. Tarek Boulous

    This dude is a you tube why is he rapping

  95. Yvonne Turner

    DDG this song is fire u better then deshae frost 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. Call It Mexico


  97. Dasboy

    this is really one of his best songs


    Females look busted😖

    1. MARISSA

      RPE Ravens I’m not tho u don’t even know me so u shouldn’t be talkin 😭

    2. RPE Ravens

      U a whole 6 u shouldn’t be talkin 😂

  99. saliylholloman

    The song fire but the only thing is that it's too short I wouldn't pay for it!!

  100. Adam Abrahams

    Stick to BGsel no offense mahn😅

    1. Dayon The Dog

      You know this shit was hard Adam 😂😭🔥