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  1. Diacsec!

    when you say hola to the japanese waiter:


    Every new season is just another +1 for thatcher

  3. RubberDuckyOne

    im okay with more might and magic diving into different genres. still want a new Heroes of Might and Magic for late 2020 or 2021

  4. Maestro Jeff

    He’s such a duche , but I love it

  5. ZuuTieZ-SD

    Still broken, thanks for watching the video.

  6. Thomas E

    Spare yourself the trouble if you are considering starting this game now - you will never catch up with anyone without paying thousands of $ - Ubisoft changed the game to full pay2win. Imagine that Counter Strike was changed to allow you to spend 2000$ to get a weapon that did 10 times more damage and an armor that absorbed 10 times more damage than the cheap noobs who aren't whilling to pay the same... well, that is EXACTLY what just happened to this game. The game is dead - the devs are cashing in and sacrificing the games future in the process.

  7. MCZking

    Ace is just hibana

  8. Hurb


  9. Jason the Power Ranger

    You guys are stupid. They obviously showed gameplay for like 3 seconds out of a 1:31 long video lol. Still technically counts 😂 especially for them

  10. FBI community

    Bro I'm playing this now

  11. DecXian


  12. nicos lepoulaitoss

    I miss this event... and i played prince of persia in ps2... im sad

  13. C38 X

    Spicy! Excited to be able to play on pc finally

  14. Javyroo

    Anyone know what time the new operators are dropping GMT

  15. Jack Pinksen

    How do you get it

  16. John M

    I am going to make The Official Trailer for Paranoia’s Home-Made Wheel of Fortune!!

  17. DTLamia

    Yeah.. we definitely were able to pick up some quarantine in 2020

  18. Rvg Atlantik

    Teacher: We make a travel to Florence Girls: Yaaay girls did you hear it we can go Shopping Boys: Home Sweet Home

  19. Cute Doggo

    Best season so far

  20. Masari93

    Eivor is Otso Berg's ancestor i think !!! it's mentioned in AC Rogue in a message between him and his teammate Violet that he relieved the memory of one of his ancestors and it was a viking in England set in 793. you guys can check this out, the file's name is Lindsifarne and can be accessed after you restored the first server when you finish the introduction quest then by repairing the computers around the office.

  21. Siddharth Shanbhag

    In reality doc would’ve spawn peeked

  22. Chip Chipperson

    Need one about Clutch Nixon

  23. Fatil Frost

    Holy I gotta buy this

  24. Мак Болан

    Who`s Yo Boy Roy?

  25. BND566

    The most badass priest ever.

  26. Dillon Hodge

    The last kingdom

  27. mateo TV valdebenito

    13:23 POR FIN ALGO EN ESPAÑOL (^o^)

  28. InfinitySpartex

    R6 it’s good and bad

  29. Armin1004

    Trailer has some major Birds of Prey vibes

  30. the last can of who hash

    Still waiting...

  31. Stiaga Crevty

    Ok guys i just wanna thank you for putting Crew 2 gold on sale making me able to enjoy it..which i am ❤👍 Ubisoft Rules..looking forward to you on Next Gen

  32. Lucky Sev7inz

    How many times do I have to tell you that I am not a god? But Ikaros!!!

  33. Hamza Khaliq

    The franchise died with this game.

  34. Nick Tarbox

    I would love to see a Assassin’s creed in our present time. The guns, ways of transportation like planes cool cars traveling the world to assassinate. The modern enemies you’d have to face.

  35. the Oubouchou's

    I play. This game. And. I. Love. It

  36. wassim hajji

    we don't need game like that we need tactical game like RAINBOW SIX SIEGE on mobile.

  37. The DOOMED

    I dont know why but i feel like the infected operator is thermite

  38. P. Mae

    MeriKA!! 🇺🇸

  39. Mikhail S

    Everytime I watch this it reminds me of the riots rn

  40. Senoirburrito

    Does anyone know the music that is being played? Cause I love the beat to it.

  41. Sebastian Selzler

    I have the year 5 pass and it's description says you get 7 day early access to the ops and as such how would I access them

    1. AndrezPT


  42. Icyfied

    So ace is bassicaly a nerf hibana?

  43. G 3

    We want a new splinter cell. Can we trust ubisoft to make it a single player only game and not make it a multiplayer game with microtransactions. Can we trust ubisoft to make us the single player only splinter cell game we want without selling out like they did with the rainbow six series?

  44. fiel81

    Give us assasination contracts

  45. Phil MC

    When is this game gonna come out? Is it even still being worked on?

  46. Adam

    Its cool to have elite skin but when you eat an headshot while the enemy shot the foot

  47. AzNightmare

    *Looks like a great game... but my Uplay can't connect and I'm so frustrated to the point I may just never buy another Ubisoft game again.*

  48. Zumi 890

    Awsome video man ! Btw guys I just made and uploaded my first ever rainbow montage you guys may like it 🥰

  49. A GoodName

    i need this

  50. Ricardo Yzaguirre

    When will there be Rabbids and Rainbow Six Siege

  51. Josiah Ricafrente

    Nice touch having that Spit in the background.

  52. Runley .-

    Minneapolis rn

  53. Fellow Templar

    “We introduce you Ace, who can make small, medium and large holes in reinforced walls” Hibana & Thermite: *Are we a joke to you?* -_-

  54. Cupz-LEU


  55. Mr. Superb

    Why do I feel like I could beat him pretty easily

  56. Blue


  57. Ahmad Najib Almubarok

    wht the hidden blade not hidden agaiin fffff

  58. Omar Fragozo

    When is it gonna come out on ps4?

  59. Zumi 890

    Great man ! Btw guys I just made and uploaded my first ever rainbow montage you guys may like it 🥰

  60. Patrick’s Video Productions

    “Welcome to strafe city” “population BRAT-AT-AT-TAT”


    Assassins Creed franchise = History Channel on Steroids

  62. Jonathan David

    This game will be a cult classic and have a cult following. This guy just oozes charisma, He should start a cult


    Assassins Creed franchise = History Channel on Steroids

  64. pradhap

    This holiday world shouldn't forgot wait

  65. Erjon Berisha

    Boi oh Boi 2 new heroes..Everyone is exited about armors but it seems im more exited for the heroes. (1 event prediction:Cross-thing with Assassins Creed:Valhalla")

  66. Mary Ann Rabo

    Still much better than Odyssey and Valhalla

  67. Το πρόσωπο του μωρού

    I hope they added a thing where you can loot there armor

  68. Mockingjaayyy

    why not just buff the c75?

  69. Finn Levens-Holohan

    Why does Kali have two smgs please keep the p22k I use that pistol on her and it honesty better the the smg.

  70. WildStriker

    Do they realize that defender sided maps.....are now completely defender sided maps

  71. John Nghipandulwa

    Damn...that moment he said Odin is with us

  72. Tuna Tuna

    Ready for a witcher game in the viking era?

  73. Pstone

    I guess cinematic do count as gameplay

  74. Naresh Dyal

    What about the black ice’s for shields?

  75. Jenna Kern