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  1. Latasha Brown

    Beautiful work

  2. Lexi J. Bee

    Hey I emailed you for the price book, waiting on your response

  3. Kay Hill

    This rose quartz is so delicate and beautiful! I wish more techs were as caring and talented.Lovely☺

  4. Christi Camba

    Just found your channel and I absolutely love your videos! What builder gel brand(s) could you recommend for someone who doesn't have a license and just does her nails at home?

  5. shondrasingbrt

    Such an artist. Such excellent work. The look is so elegant!

  6. Polishbyjess s

    God bless this idea 😍

  7. Cher-Cher Natural

    I love the nails but all the technical terms made me turn off the volume!!! Too much and too often. Your work is amazing tho🤷🏾‍♀️🥰🥰🥰

  8. Missfoxxiiivine

    Beautiful 😍 where r u located?! Plz say NY lol

  9. TheLastFlame 162

    If I could sit this long, I'd get this. But I'll do a much less extra version. ❤


    Damn! 😱 just found this channel last night and I’ve been binge watching ever since....OMFG you are Amazing!!! I’m trying to learn to do my own nails at home, never had nail extensions, Ever! But I needed a new hobby/passion i can do sitting down since my spine surgery a few months ago and I’ve gotten addicted to nails tutorials and bought myself some basics off Amazon, terrible allergies but I’m learning, love Naio Nails, Suzie and cameraman, Nailed by Nikkie etc. You’re my new teacher now! 💪😍💖💅🏻🥂🇮🇪

  11. Where's Lavese

    I’m gonna try this and add gems to my nails on my next layover ✈️ new subbie❤️

  12. Kiki Kelly

    The freakin 💣!

  13. Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

    I won't allow any of you to do anything like this toward me or to be like this toward me ever again. XO, TYLER KURETICH

  14. Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

    I won't allow any of you to do anything like this toward me or to be like this toward me ever again. XO, TYLER KURETICH

  15. N H

    83 is a steal! Perfectly structured nail, ombre and sawovskis framed perfectly? Heck, should be 160!

  16. Melissa Anderson

    I love your videos. Always very informative. Also THANK YOU for pausing a lil second when your showing products!

  17. Esmeralda Luna

    Did you start off using tips with this nail set ? I’m wanting to learn how to use builder gel and hybrid gel (poly gel) since it seems a lot easier than acrylics but don’t know if I should use tips or forms

  18. Caitlyn Dunphy

    What brand and # brush is that u are using??

  19. slomojoe77

    Those nails look like donkey hooves. I love donkeys, but I'm glad my fingernails don't look like their hooves.

  20. Urshala Mcconaughey

    Absolutely lovely. Your work is awesome.

  21. jenny pinkies

    Very beautiful and fab...💞💕😘

  22. Kristina Hamner

    5 hours!? Damn

  23. Common_Sense DoYouUseIt?

    Perfection. You’re truly an artist

  24. Chantal Gertse

    Beautiful 😍😍😍

  25. Naja Malone

    Where did you get those stickers? There’re so pretty! Great job as well.

  26. Sugarhill 06

    One day, I'll be as good as you! I LOVE YOUR WORK

  27. Cheryl Stevens

    These nails are awesome. I watched the whole video, loved every minute of it. You always do such sets. Love the color as well.

  28. Madeline

    Why is her nails SOO curved downwards like a parrots beak. GOTTAM.

  29. Петя Ангелова

    If you're so excited, who do you sound... OMG

  30. pirate420ful

    your nail skills are incredible!!!

  31. Mz Diedra B

    First off I love ALL your work , my one question is how do you lay the acrylic near the cuticle so neat as if it’s the natural nail? When I lay acrylic it’s either connects to the skin or it’s like a lump

  32. Mishelle Mish

    Oh my gosh these are stunning.

  33. Aj Collins

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL

  34. Ashley Amber

    You should definitely do a version of this with acrylic❤️

  35. Valerie H.


  36. Shay Journey

    I'm so happy with my self for clicking on this video. Thank u

  37. Garett Devison

    I love the techniques you use in your videos. Do you have a business email? I'd love to get in touch to chat about opportunities!

  38. Flawless Felecia

    Can we get a fresh set/or a soak and brand new set video? I love your videos sooo much!

  39. Shavonne Starks

    Did u do classes,I been doing nails for a minute but had hand surgeries so kept having to stop

  40. sareena brown

    where do u get those crystals?

  41. Dark Angel

    At first I didn’t think they was gonna look the way they turned out. These r freakin beautiful!! I’m nervous to try and do it my self lol.

  42. Gail Gulliver

    So pretty thank you for your share..x

  43. lionz

    I loveeee your workkkk xoxo

  44. Tron Frazier

    Gorgeous 😍!!

  45. Tron Frazier

    Yessss....too cute! Mickey is my all-time favorite 💕👌🏽

  46. Janika Rose

    Can u leave a link for the leaves?

  47. Junemoon *

    You are my number one nail goddess of BGsel 🙌🏻✨💕

  48. Junemoon *

    Boop boop ✨😂 still the best rose quartz tutorial ever 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  49. Rebecca Hughes


  50. Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

    what makes you think these are "Victorian?"

  51. Ann Lapadula

    Wow these now are stunning . Great work with product not too thick . Which I like. And the detail work I can see why the price is high because of length and designs. Where are you located? I live in New Jersey and need a new nail tech .

  52. Miya Querida


  53. Yania Martin

    So neat a clean design!!!100+

  54. life of noami

    This is the first time im watching your ved and i so fell in love with it i watched you whole day

  55. Savana Crown

    First time seeing your videos and I’m very impressed how you used the drill ... love it !

  56. Ameilia Gill

    I really want my nails done by you but I live all the way in the Caribbean

  57. Baaby Tran

    Gorgeous 😍 can i ask the brush at 11:09 you are using to press the white lines out , what number is this brush ? 🥰

  58. Samantha Sunshine

    GORGEOUS set of nails!!!!! I'm not even into long nails, but these left me stunned. Beautiful job!! You have a new subscriber!!❤❤❤

  59. TerryKae'

    New subbie here!! Where did you get your cuticle pusher from? I noticed it’s curved.

  60. Kendra Harer

    You are in Dallas now??? Yesssss!!!! 😱🤪😍

  61. phantisee aqua

    These are amazing! They look just like rose quartz 😍 I would love to see you do a lapis lazuli set.

  62. chinx minx

    Your acrylic brush?

  63. Thunder Rolls Media

    #IBD is still badass!! I will always use it for my builder gel. I love light elegance glitter gels.

  64. Andrea Whisenant


  65. chinx minx

    Hey Tabytha! What acrylic brush do you use?

  66. Jaz Florida

    Crooked hook nails are so witchy ugly to me.....yuck....I know it’s what the client likes. It’s just ugly in my opinion

  67. Collene Gracia

    Maybe you should have used a smaller brush than a size 16. Getting monomer on your skin, making your hands look like your 50. There's no point in having gloves on if your just dipping your fingers in mono.

  68. Mo Ann

    This is Gorgeous Did you cut your own mylar flakes? or where did you purchase them?

  69. SSC


  70. A.K U.K

    What's this tacky layer you're talking about?? I don't understand

  71. TheTaxburden

    Love how thorough you are in explaining. Thank you. Subbed!!

  72. Joey

    Love your videos!! What gel brush is that???

  73. Cieara Wiggins

    These are gorgeous😍. What nail shape are the nails?

  74. Lyrah

    brb moving to texas.

  75. Skyyy Babyyy

    Does she request the nails to be curved? Or is it your preference?

    1. robin ortiz

      Did you watch the whole video? She talks about it.

  76. Jillian Lewis

    Where did you get that foil glue from? It works amazing!! I love this set! You did such a great job!

  77. penyou

    So I thought I was just born with short fat nails because there was literally very little room. I started properly removing my cuticle and uncovered more nail 😂 now my nails look slender and longer 😏 thanks

    1. Tamara Rex Herman


  78. Mena Murray

    Beautiful 🖤

  79. Nelliel Amimaru

    Can you please do a video on making your acrylic for the nail bed?

  80. Staypolished91

    Lovely set 💜 they look so realistic! 🤩

  81. Tanya Garner

    Geez I wish you were closer to me

  82. Tanya Garner

    I absolutely love the 🍒 set do you have a video making it

  83. lovex888

    how long does this whole process take you usually

  84. Tia Bryce

    You need an award for these.

  85. Voguish _


  86. IRMA❤️🤞🏼❤️

    I love watching your work. You inspire me ! ❤️💙😝

  87. Styl Propr!

    Ugh.... Wish you where here or me there.... Purple my Spirit color and I need this for my birthday March 30!

  88. nothingtoseehere

    They are GORGEOUS!


    Dammmmm gurl

  90. Royce Martin

    Wow beautiful work. So amazing.

  91. Chicken or The egg

    For the nail where u put the different acrylic how did u cure it and what is the brand?

  92. AJ

    Your multi-dimensional nails are the BEST. I have watched this video several times over the past few days, this set is sooo DETAILED you have to view it more than once to truly appreciate the work that went into this. I mean even the way you placed the crystals & gems, MAGNIFICENT they almost look like two toned lil skulls 💀. You truly have an eye for detail 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😍

  93. Tatooed Mama

    Your work is amazing !! Can you give me some tips on cuticle blending ? I’m using LE as well and I can’t get the gel to blend smoothly from the cuticle down. for that perfect rounded nail. I can’t for the life of me figure out why haha

  94. Brytanika Gonzalez

    Beautiful!! Very detailed. A little thick for my taste but very stunning.

  95. Alejandra Alvarado

    Asides from the awesome work you do, I love that song you play!

  96. ReflectNails

    Hi Tabytha, can you use the cross cut bit to take down length on the natural nail? Lovely Spring look, beautiful shape nails too. This gives me ideas what to do with some full nail foils I have! ✨


    These nails are sooooo wow 🤩

  98. Traci Childers

    OMG still a nail artist