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  1. DiZZY

    Thank you to one of shampoo commercial in malaysia. I did find you 3 years ago. Love ya ❤️

  2. Lejla Đulović

    Text: U have it in the description box ‼️☺️🙄

  3. K_ Vialva

    We need this song for the protest . RIP Floyd .

  4. It's Kax

    Bishop Briggs or Billie Eilish?

  5. 최지혜


  6. Cedric Sugay

    Who's here because of rejoice commercial?

  7. Saithan Moonlajak


  8. Jaivon Stewart

    This should be the 2020 Black Lives Matter protest(riots) theme song✊🏾

  9. Chazroony88

    I came here after watching Meteor Garden on Netflix, always loved when this song started playing.. you know shit’s about to go down! 🤣

  10. paola mendoza

    Claro y por supuesto que vengo por Meteor Garden 💕

  11. Arlette Silverio

    Te amo mucho 🖤

  12. 賴羿諠

    創造2020來的😊😊 這首本來就超棒的 徐藝洋大發💗💗 舞蹈vocal絕了!

  13. Kiara Bolados

    Like si esta canción te hace acordar a "meteor garden 2018" :'3

  14. Lislen silva

    Essa música:a Eu:JARDIM DE METEOROS ❤❤❤

  15. Lexhi Valdovinos

    Yo vine por jardín de meteoros es la mejor serie que eh visto en todo mi vida, bueno la 3er mejor serie porque la de "love alarm", "a little thing called first love" y "meteoro garden" SON UNA EXPLOSIÓN, y la coreografía de esta canción está buenísima <3 I came by meteor garden, it is the best series that I have ever seen in my life, well the 3rd best series because the "love alarm", "a little thing called first love" and "meteor garden" ARE AN EXPLOSION, and the choreography of this song is great <3

  16. Linh Syaoran


  17. Saisun Linh

    From Vietnam with love ❤️

  18. Hayley Kitty


  19. Mohammed H. Bashir

    When I first heard this, I thought she was saying "Jack the ripper"!!!

  20. Delle Song's

    love like river


    Can you support me by watching my videos? thank you

  22. Hans-Jürgen Weise

    Si gut

  23. Rishik Reddy

    Hi. I'm Zhau 🤞😌

  24. Karun Kumar

    Me to

  25. Keus

    Anybody here in 2020?

  26. Merry

    I love this song , but can't get over her name 😂 theres a town near me called Bishopbriggs

  27. Duratul Nur

    I come by for this one just only to hear the whole song from Rejoice skksskskks

  28. QuỳnhAnh Ngô

    can sb recommend me some songs which have same style or same vibe with this song. I'm really addict it! Sorry for my English.

  29. Slayer TR

    meteor gardennnn <3

  30. Tony odongo

    Who’s here after doctor lane hunter was arrested by FBI in the resident

  31. Kayo Edmilson


  32. Kayo Edmilson


  33. Kayo Edmilson


  34. Kayo Edmilson


  35. Kayo Edmilson


  36. Kayo Edmilson



    can sb recommend me some songs which have same style or same vibe with this song. I'm really addict it! Sorry for my English.

  38. Reezu Karmacharya

    1 million brought me here!

  39. Draken Kartikay Kaul

    Wraith singing in Mirage's bar.

  40. Marcus Gomes

    2020? #FIFA17

  41. Han naH


  42. Andy Dju

    6 underground Me: Thank's number 4 No 1: Fuck! 😂

  43. Elbin vw Jose

    How many of u r here after 6 underground

  44. Mariela Francioni

    esta canción está en tik tok

  45. Ajhayjhayjhay II

    Who tf is Daoming Si?

  46. N I X X B A N G T A N

    This song is what we need right now with all of the police brutality going on

  47. Heather Burgess

    I like this song I listin to it every night to sleep

  48. la monita

    Es una adicción esta canción dios todo por Jardin de meteoros amo🙄😭❤❤❤❤😍

  49. Micaela Ortiz

    Solo vine por la serie JAJA soy de argen6

  50. SCØRPIØN 7831

    R.I.P 6 in the movie 6 Underground

  51. Mikhail Jenkins

    4 likes and I’ll do a cover 🎁🎁

    1. Mikhail Jenkins

      HERES a link to the video bgsel.info/video/video/qMqozod8yInHpLw.html

  52. ray penber

    2 0 2 0 Anyone?

  53. pay pay jay


  54. lina montemayor

    Who's you name

  55. Mostafa El-Shamy

    who came here after (The Letter for the King) 😁

  56. SRSpoony



    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Una

    Dakota Johnson in Dior ads rrrrrr

  59. Im Half Asian

    Everybody is here because of the good doctor😄

  60. nikkostone

    Right now, I want to kill the person who created this f**king coronavirus.

  61. Maeex Music

    I love songs that just stick to your mind. Check out my cover of this one maybebaby? 🤓

  62. MerryBicycle924 :o

    Thank you billy for your excellent choice

  63. Kimi Axel

    Wo ai Daoming Si 👽❤

  64. laura maria

    Oi gostei da mu

  65. Eirian Art

    Still listening to it. The video never gets old, the song is still legendary.

  66. cecilia a louca por avakin samara

    2 0 2 0 ? ?

  67. Cleide Felicíssimo Borges tiago

    Se tiver alguém que e brasileiro curte meu meu comentário

  68. Maissy Jalandoni

    narinig ko lang to sa rejoice na ad eh HAHAHAHHAAH

  69. DragonSoulGirl

    This is amazing <3


    Dis used as shampoo ad if i not mistake

  71. Maitê :3

    alguém veio pelo jardim de meteoros?????

  72. Luiz Fernando

    Thank u TIK TOK ❤️

  73. Эрен ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

    Imagine a farmer witnesses this

  74. Rosilene Lima Franco

    Amo essa música ✌😘

  75. Kpt.Knocker

    Joining the army of 6 underground

  76. Joseph Navarro

    I love you bishop briggs

  77. WondrousTap

    Ur name reminds me of Jacqui Briggs

  78. DADA YT Dada

    Edit nice

  79. heavyn gabrielle


  80. It'sMeHim SOA

    How come she isnt as succesful as most of the artists now days, her music its out of this got damn world😭😭😭😭 her songs are SO IMPACTFUL bro and her voice so unique and gorgeous.🥰

  81. Universal Adventure

    I'm only here becoz 4(four) chose this as a Subjectively Perfect song for the Revolution in 6 Underground.

  82. vijay kumar

    That is Addicting !!!

  83. Pablito Pablon

    I love u so much :3 amorcitu U know who I talking :'3 CHUuuuuuUUUUUUu

    1. Zukarritah Kukencia

      Baeeeee, I love you too, from here to twenty parsec <3

  84. Lana Cutkosky Eubanks

    *Daoming Si has entered the chat*

  85. Big Rohee

    Literally no 'Chel players, wow.

  86. Hashim A345


    1. SeltrixBL


  87. Josmaira Lozada Lopez

    The good doctor!!!! Hahah

  88. Nuriye Arlı

    Who watched the cartoon after listening this song?

  89. Arena Ary

    Hey guys , whos not here because of Netflix ? Please don`t tell me I`m the only one ._.

  90. gabriel castro

    🤪está bien cool

  91. Tram Ngoc


  92. Justin Van Loggerenberg

    Wickedly good!!!

  93. RuséRenard

    For me is "the resident " Sorry i'm french

  94. Ana Mene

    Essa música me faz lembrar do Doming Si

  95. Blog da Juliana

    Sempre estara no topo da minha playlist essa música

  96. Alexandrite s

    This song makes me feel so powerful

  97. i believe i can fly

    Nostalgia ( ;

  98. i believe i can fly

    Love everything about this ( ;

  99. KAKI 『ÐẔTM』

    I love theis music from #ALGERIA

  100. •Kimxy kawaii•

    a like your music