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  1. Andy Lam

    Didn't the Nazi party also separate Jewish families in camps? also, don't reply, I wouldn't even bother to look back at this knowing how controversial this message is

  2. Vanessa Bedoy

    Today is Sunday night 8:15

  3. Vanessa Bedoy

    Is anyone else watching this show tonight at night for the weekend

  4. TheCritic

    "it felt 19" sounds like one of the worlds worst defenses given in cord

  5. Rotarrin

    That was glorious.

  6. Creepypasta & Squirrels

    2:50 Under 30 = $2,000 and 60 and over = $4,000. Am I missing something? What about those in their 40s and 50s? "Sorry, you're too old AND too young for coverage right now."

  7. TheMardBard

    Not even John's jokes could keep me from crying at this one. I'm in tears, y'all. This is villainous.

  8. Sean C

    LOL at the flour tossing. I'm watching this after finding out that a lady threw a milkshake at supreme douchebag Matt Gaetz, for which she was charged with assault, and that he actually wrote to the judge for the case demanding that she be sent to prison.

  9. nap6193

    Half returning makes sense to me now after seeing this, and that’s only the half that had the CHANCE to turn their life around, imagine what the numbers would be if we treated prison as a rehabilitation center.

  10. RWS12234

    No one better to condemn our American gluttony than a European.....yeah, we get it. We suck.

  11. Creepypasta & Squirrels

    Love the slight hesitation on "fuck" like John was thinking "I've come this far no turning back now!" Then he stuck the landing perfectly. 0:11

  12. Ginger Villagebike

  13. Ginger Villagebike

    Corrupt Prosecutors are adept gaslighters.

  14. TheOrangeBush

    we could make a religion out of this

  15. TheMardBard

    As a US citizen, this video absolutely breaks my heart. I want you here. I want you to be able to live here. No matter the reason you want to come, you should be allowed entry and citizenship. This is a human rights' catastrophe. I'm so sorry.

  16. Adam W

    Wow! This episode was VERY impressive! I hope guys like Bob Murray think twice before messing with Oliver.

  17. MyAidan

    This is normal for corrupt america, meanwhile people are clapping and condemning china while simultaneously funding the hk terrorists who are literally burning Chinese citizens alive and murdering elderly people publically in the street. America is vile filth and the enemy of the world.

  18. 1911GreaterThanALL

    DBA = Douche Bag Annually

  19. Anti Woke

    Well at least there the zoo seems to be more interactive you get to kill the animals to eat its a beautiful thing but I guess Oliver boy and the rest of the bunch are smarter than all the others and are gonna make thats socialism thing work in it mate. Heres the magnificent comunist zoo

  20. Josua D

    also, sue him again, and this guy will probably make a 10 minute drama out of bob murray fucking a squirrel.

  21. Robert Howell

    Get paid more though to work in a warehouse...

  22. April Gabriella

    That's actually an excellent sex ed video.

  23. Jason Jacquet

    I had cancer, stage IV and I felt better after my first day of chemo. Yes I had nausea and weakness but pain wise I felt much better. Never listen to anyone who hasn't gone through it or who hasn't had some experience. NEVER listen to people who don't know what they hell they're talking about.

  24. Lucas Paliouras-Loureiro

    Fun fact Russia’s favourite drink is Pepsi

  25. chad schulze

    yur a badger mixed with an elf...ughh broadway.

  26. Josua D

    a moment of appreciation for the truly amazing dancers that easily missed if you just watched it once.

  27. This Is Life Channel


  28. Juanjo Cabrera

    14:14 Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil... I'm probably missing some.

  29. C Tee

    I wish I could like this video more than once 😭

  30. songwrecrd

    This is the most paramount obstruction to our voting rights in this country .. what are we to do? ... I am so overwhelming concerned about the overtaking of our government to the billionaire elites and their access to this obvious vulurability in our voting system. We are totally fucked by them unless we have a contingency plan for intervenining their plans to overtake our freedoms and needs completely .... what to do?? :/ HELP US, BERNIE ! <3

  31. Totally Nameless

    STOP SHOWING THE THONG DAD'S ASS! Goddamnit, please, John; I ask so little of you.

  32. Wangnan Zhong

    High budget diss track

  33. Frank Saney

    I've agreed with most of these stories that John Oliver has done. But this one, I don't totally agree with. Seems like a socialist touch in it. That lady who got a 41$ ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. I'm not mocking you, coz that can happen to anyone. But seriously, you don't have 41$ to pay a fine? A fine which was legitimate. You know what you shouldn't be doing if you can't afford to pay fines? You shouldn't be driving without a fucking seatbelt. It's not like she accidentally went over the speed limit by 5km. She didn't wear a fucking seatbelt. Stop rooting for people like these. I'm not supporting those high taxes and penalties, but seriously, the original fines aren't unreasonable, plus you get a court date to dispute them if you think you're innocent

  34. Andrew Jones

    Take out “shit” and you’re getting somewhere.

  35. Braulio R.

    @9:05 If it brightens your day, Gary Elkins' seat was flipped by a Democrat in 2018's elections :).

  36. gr8 b8 m8

    how can we forget that time Bob Murray murdered Archduke Ferdinand and started WW1

  37. abcde 12345

    You made me think about putins' genitals. I think that is a win for putin


    Fuck off Jon. Prawn cocktail crisps are lovely.

  39. NaTeesha85

    Brian D'Arcy James FTW

  40. SithCats

    Regardless of what his credentials may be, it's been clear to me for decades that Dr. Phil is a quack. Like Dr. Oz and pretty much ever other TV doctor, he clearly knows his audience and says whatever they want to hear, regardless of whether it's true.

  41. songwrecrd

    I'm worried ... you should be too ....

  42. HokiePitcher22 that how British people say Nissan????

  43. Peege Clarke

    He fuck ' s sheep.

  44. Aidan Camacho

    Not surprised to see many people from Florida on the chicken fucker list...

  45. Robin Estuardo

    You can just feel him enjoying the moment with the squirrel.

  46. Pepins Spot

    GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best ending ever!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jesse J

    “Eat Shit Bob” - John Oliver 2019 Greatest Hits

  48. Harsh Raythattha

    The only thing this is missing to be the perfect fuck you message as an "okay boomer" joke. Nonetheless, this is fucking art

  49. Xiao

    This is horrifying news. This man is a hero and it's such a shame that he had to sacrifice his way of life to give his people a choice and they didn't even care. I understand that the interview was dumbed down for comidic purposes, but I would have loved to hear a serious debate with this man, so insightful

  50. HokiePitcher22

    Good to know that Orrin Hatch has been a complete shithead for over 25 years now...thanks Utah.

  51. livelypeopledrinkcoffee

    Basically the Catholic Church

  52. Robert Smith-Williams

    Episode made before John Oliver had a kid. Kid's get up at 4am before DLST kicks in. Shifting that to 5am is a fucking god's send.

  53. MoreDetonation

    For a second I thought that background music in the dugout was A Cruel Angels Thesis

  54. Luna Lovegood

    This is the mother of all Fuck You’s

  55. HokiePitcher22

    Goddamnit, i went back to 2015 to find an episode without Trumps stupid face....and there he is.

  56. frenstcht

    At 17:59 -- Trump already gave the right response: "Second Amendment people."

  57. Jojoforpres

    I saw Bob Murray eat an aborted fetus while he stole guns from a christian church and he was wearing a burning American flag. Who else saw that happen?

    1. Murad Diab

      I remember that! I believe he was also wearing shoes made out of hollowed out bibles!

  58. Neil Gupta

    Uh... looking at the two versions side-by-side, this one is... a different color? Maybe white balance or something, or color correction, idk. Just very weird.

  59. Rafael Vazquez

    It’s like a family guy sequence in real life

    1. dueeh nyyu

      I didn't know John was actually a hero. Mogiwara no Rufy bows to you.

  60. Johnny Flynn

    I see people are still entertained by jokes on Trump. so easy to entertain you sheep.


    They need to put "Eat Shit, Bob" on broadway.

  62. Colleen Olson

    mckesson is number 7 on the fourtune 500 this year

  63. Everettel

    Very entertaining and informative, its called free speech Bob get over it, this is America.

    1. dueeh nyyu

      of Broadway's best. Also I nearly spat all over my laptop at "Jeffrey Epstein's prison guard."

  64. HokiePitcher22

    "Every year you should be able to slap on parent" should be a real fucking law.

  65. Camie Reed

    if I need to be an absolute shame that people like this key me to pay $200,000 against a frivolous lawsuit from a billionaire. And yet our courts still tolerate it.

  66. ssi1991

    If prison labour is so important in the US then prisoners should ideally unionise...or are they completely disenfranchised? After the utterly disgusting revelations of this video I have come to expect this utter inhuman bullshit behaviour from the US... There was a time when I was enamoured with the US. But I grew up, common sense kicked in and now I am truly grateful to be living in Europe.

  67. Sakura Chiba

    I heard Bob Murray licks the toes of homeless people while getting golden showers #eatshitbob

  68. Zelda The Pirate Sim


  69. Gabe Segun

    I thought government should not give handouts. Only when the benefits are for blacks

  70. Joe Buddha

    Here is the deal. In the battle between you and disease, do you want a trained response, or razzle fucking dazzle? Vaccines are like basic training. Here's your enemy. Recognize them and take them out. Without vaccines? It's like Viking swimming lessons. Throw 'em in the water and tell them to swim. I know which approach I would take.

  71. j t

    Has this idiot paid President Trump the $1000.00 he said he would if Trump ran for President? LOL!! I hope he places bets on President Trumps re-election.

  72. Matthew  Masters

    I feel like John has slowly become less British

  73. Rick Lawrence

    First minute: WTF? i don't remember this from school. What the hell did i put in this drink

  74. Adeel Azmat

    omg this was the best of them all!

  75. Janae Mancheski

    There's so much salt in here I lost my health insurance lmaoooooo

  76. matthew benard

    I dont think alot of women in the military is ok, cause too many are aflicted with women dieses (hystaria) and you dont need that in a combat zone. and Women also happen to think with their heart and feelings not their brain. again cant have that in a military engagment.

  77. that brown person

    i love this show

  78. SKinSKorea

    Jon is enjoying that HBO budget!!

  79. Anna Barnes

    I laughed so hard. Pure genius

  80. Hanley Charity Benefit Auctioneers

    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 11. (b) "Representations to the Court. By presenting to the court a pleading, written motion or other attorney or unrepresented party certifies that to the best of a persons knowledge, the information, and belief, formed after an inquiry reasonable under the circumstances: 1. It is not being presented for any improper purpose, such as to harass, cause unecessary delay, or needlessly increase the cost of litigation." Is this not a Federal Anti SLAPP Rule? Read the entire rule at

  81. Nutty McSquirrel

    This video is just not facts. Look at the studies 4head, the pay gap is fake news

  82. Felix Ray

    When John Oliver called him "a geriatric Dr. Evil", Bob Murray sued Oliver for... (Zoom in for extreme close-up) ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

  83. Rocky Finkhouse

    *EAT SHIT BOB! I hope that guy gets assassinated!*

  84. Lou Fresco

    17:42 "embodiment of everything that some people can’t stand about politics"...... the word you were looking for was CORRUPTION, John.....

  85. Norman Scott

    I now know what an ammosexual is.

  86. L33TTechReviewer

    Why is this video not available in Canada?

  87. Drew

    I really truly hope that guy actually works in HBO's legal department. See you in court F$%& [email protected]$= 😂😂😂

  88. Mathew Richardson

    In hindsight and as an American onlooker, Boris is way worse.

  89. Legal Fiction Natural Fact

    Still not buying sandy hoax, motherfucker. Sloppy ass operation. :)

  90. M J

    One of the biggest drivers in the opioid epidemic, in my opinion, is how little education medical professionals-including the docs writing the Rx-have about addiction. Most docs get very little education on addiction and the impact these drugs have on the brain in medical school, in part bc we haven’t had the studies. Like other drugs our society is quickly becoming reliant on, we prescribe first and ask questions later.

  91. Phirey Phoenix

    We should keep the statues because it is apart of our history rather we like it or not. Yes, the confederate were obviously horrible people. Many times, families were split because of this. It is important we remember this. You wanna know why? SO WE DON’T FRIGGEN DO IT AGAIN!

  92. Brue Hoyt

    unattended voting machines can be found at my rec center. You would need to cut the locks (under security cameras), plug in, turn on machines (under security cameras), know how to hack the individual machine while not disabling the machine, and hope no one at the center asks what you are doing. And do this with the knowledge that it is illegal even though the number of votes on one machine would be highly unlikely to change the result of an election. Election fraud is done by preventing people from voting -not tampering with machines.

    1. Brue Hoyt

      Machines that are malfunctioning is more worrisome. And Republicans.

  93. brucefre

    Eat shit bob

  94. antisnotabug

    Please tell me I wasn't the only one who lost my shit when Brian D'Arcy James came in as "HBO's Lawyer." You know your musical number is going to be gold when you get one of Broadway's best. Also I nearly spat all over my laptop at "Jeffrey Epstein's prison guard."

  95. Sara Montoya


  96. Fadamor

    I was in the U.S. Navy from 1978 to 1984. During that time the primer paint used for steel portions of the ship (from the main deck on down) was Lead Oxide (Pb3O4) a.k.a. "red lead". Prior to re-painting, the existing primer was either chipped away via deck grinders/chipping hammers, or ground into a fine dust via wire wheel. No one explained that we probably wanted to be wearing filter masks while doing this. For portions above the main deck, the superstructure was aluminum. Zinc Chromate (ZnCrO4) was the primer used. Recent studies have shown zinc chromate primers to be highly toxic, with a direct correlation between regularly working with zinc chromate and increased occurrence of lung cancer. Again, we weren't told we probably wanted to be wearing filter masks while grinding away existing zinc chromate primer.

  97. Mr. Crocket

    infowipes are "403 error page" xD

  98. Giacomo Stefanelli

    I didn't know John was actually a hero. Mogiwara no Rufy bows to you.

  99. Sarah V

    There is an anti-SLAPP bill that was proposed just a few weeks ago in Ohio by State Senator Matt Huffman. It's called the Ohio Citizens Participation Act. If you live in Ohio, go to this site: , find your state senator and email them asking that they voice their support for the bill.

  100. Creepypasta & Squirrels

    Watching this right next to a shelf full of old porcelain dolls and lifesize fixed up mannequin that's basically a big doll. Lol.