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  1. revdoc ken

    You’re an idiot tucker, I’ve voted by mail the last 3 elections. No problem

  2. Bixten33

    I don't like the riots taking place, but maybe they are necessary - both the peaceful protests and the 'fuck all, let's smash some windows'. People are fed up with racism and with always being left behind in the class struggle.

  3. islandfred

    Yeah, a victory for the world....right. So arrogant and ignorant. Other countries already have legal weed. Go back to school. Get educated. america isn’t the world.

  4. Don Karnage

    Why are we still assuming the health guidelines over Coronavirus will still be in place after the CDC/WHO have walked back pretty much all their predictions and recommendations? Oh yeah. The election. Why do we need to change the way we vote after the CDC/WHO now say CV doesn't easily spread on open surfaces and now say you should only be wearing a mask if you're sick or going around sick people? The only thing they haven't pulled back on is social distancing and that can be managed at a polling places. Same as it gets managed at other places. Its simple. Missing ballots+outdated voter rolls=chances for fraud. I don't see why looking into potential voter fraud situations is such a big deal. Both sides cheat.

  5. lauren raine

    I seem to remember all the issues in 2016 with voting machines being messed with. I've been voting by mail for 10 years, and many have advised that it's the safest way to be sure your vote is received - in AZ you can check on line to find out if it has been counted. This is completely crazy for our "leader" to say. Maybe he's afraid that the Russians can't help him out with the electronic polls if people vote by mail.

  6. S J

    Evidence surfaces that every LWT episode is from the future.

  7. Krystal Hooper

    Only in this election does mail-in voting help republicans, and that's because of the doubt and misinformation that the Trump administration has spread to their constituents about the pandemic. People who listen to them won't be concerned to vote in person, whereas people who listen to scientists will, and if Trump wasn't such a complete idiot, I'd have to believe it was intentional.

  8. Mathias Sorin

    2020 Yeaaaaah !!!

  9. zazucat

    He said my name!!!

  10. kuntamdc

    Dammit Jhon... why you make me cry 😢

  11. Nwaiwu Enyinnaya Richard

    Does HBO just throw money at him so they don't have to deal with him? Either way I love it

  12. Big Mean Squeeze

    i love professional slapping

  13. seevernet1

    Nothing pisses off Tucker Carson like mail in voting, except for the Romani:

  14. Amanda Bell

    Human boat shoe! HA HA HA. I call him a Nazi fop. Pretty sure the phrases are synonyms of each other.

  15. Bonnie Urso

    Yeah right here it is 4years later and nothing has changed it only has gotten worse under the no laws for my friends president the republicans have been protecting ! The republicans have committed crime after crime after crime and allowed their God trump to order the American military to shoot American citizens in front of the White House over protest of 4 cops murdering George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for 9minutes on Tv Camera's !!!!!!!!!!! So personal cameras didn't do a fucking thing to save black men from being murdered by the police!

  16. badtemper88

    Holy shit

  17. Alex Cio

    i think we should all try to live for one week inside a prison, we would change our system within months!

  18. Mac

    This just got recommended to me, and I’m watching it again because we’re still talking about the same shit. This has got to stop. #BLM

  19. Dawson Turner

    As a white dude I feel I need too shut up. Listen. Remember. And march peacefully unlike every other white person protesting and spray painting black lives matter on an store they just looted

  20. Carol Norton

    This is only June 2 and he has done much worse things already.

  21. Bonnie Urso

    They should have a separate legal office that has anonymous prosecutors that don't work with police so that they can prosecute these fucking murdering cops to the fullest extent of the law ! Maybe it should be set up so the grand jury doesn't k ow the defendant is a police officer until after they draw their decision to procedure ?!

  22. XLPCX

    Here’s an idea, DO IT ONLINE! It’s freaking 2020. Get a verification system and options for folks that can’t.

  23. Jesse Long

    Okay, so what's next. Everyone is talking about tomorrow. Think years. Do we all need to get it? Is that the plan? Cause, I don't hear a plan.

  24. Mark Benoit

    This show is not unbiased. Far left agenda.

  25. Big Mean Squeeze

    where’s the laughtrack? oh wait

  26. Shomilin

    John please JUST laugh for once! Stop holding your laugh back! I'm constantly waiting for you to start laughing.

  27. Evan E

    That "clearly not all cops are bad" line made this entire video suck

  28. stella :}

    3 years later and lives are still being lost and the police are still getting away with murder. Fucking sad #blacklivesmatter #justiceforfloyd #nojusticenopeace


    To anyone in Virginia, it takes 5 minutes to request a ballot by mail due to covid 19.

  30. Jason Baldwin


  31. Bonnie Urso

    When are we going to force the police to live by our rules !!!!!!!!???????? The way they fucking got hired in the first place ????

  32. ErHaN

    Government should give everyone a free voter ID card. Simple. Racisim is a non excuse. Make it a digital ID via phone. Even the homeless has a cell phone.

  33. Hey Sam Graham Cartoons

    "Get the facts about Hemsworths"

  34. J.S Bach

    As an international student from Asia, I would say the testing in American is pretty easy, and the burden is much lighter...

  35. Bonnie Urso

    And agin with George Floyd in 2020 !!!! If we would of stood up and forced the police to do right or lose their life GOERGE would be alive and we would not be ripping our communities apart now!

  36. Danny Voight

    Where's the proof that America isn't a plutocracy?

  37. islandfred

    Stay in america. It’s cold up here, we only have 6 channels on TV and the TV’s are all black and white. We’re glad you don’t know anything about us.

  38. Alex Cio

    good show john!

  39. ut mtn

    When they removed electro college, I'll think about voting 💭

    1. XpertGam0r

      @silfumus To be fair our vote already doesn't matter, because we're literally voting for someone else to vote for us!! xD How is that fair??

    2. silfumus

      Haha what... Voting is your civic duty. By the time they removed electoral college, your vote isn't really needed anymore.

  40. Trey

    Why aren’t we working on getting that law removed?

  41. ErHaN

    Patterson NJ. Johnny boy, you forgot to do research.

  42. Torben john

    If Mike Parson tells people not to vote, how can he be called an politician who supports a domocratic constitution? These autocratic tendencies are a threat to democracy and have the potential to ruin all of our lifes.

  43. Idalia May

    I have a pencil. I have like 20 pencils. I have a pencil sharpener right next to me. It's always next to me. I have two others in my cabinet...... Uuuuhhhhhh.... But I'm an artist. So it's kind of required. I could at least hand out pencils. But I need them back, So..... please wipe them down first. Lol Mail in voting should never be a problem, especially now. Don't rely on me handing out pencils.

  44. Peter Bathum

    3 years later still TOTALLY true. Seems like the Justice Dept would compile police shooting data... oh yeah. Barr is too busy converting the Justice Dept in his own image, into a criminal enterprise to support the giant orange nazi in the racist white house ... they aint doin shit till the republicans are gone. VOTE BLUE 2020

  45. Lord Keltain

    2020 here It got worse

  46. Rin Rin

    Its even sadder to watch this again after George Floyd's demise.

  47. Ewart Smith

    Well, not that Zoom anyways

  48. Adrien Fraser

    I am pretty sure they got the roman numeral wrong.

  49. Ken

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver The show that makes you say, "That NEEDS to be changed now!!" And then you click onto another youtube clip because, let's face don't really give a fuck. Just own it. It makes you feel better to pretend to care about people you walk over each day on your way to your coffee shop as you blame someone else for why they were in your way in the first place.

  50. Dave

    BGsel recommending this now. Wonder why.

  51. Tom McMahon

    My beef... is Shreddddded

  52. JoAnn Jacques

    JO - you are a raging hunk of manhood. Keep it up!

  53. Marie Erikson

    Whoever wrote the joke about pencils forgot that students with no time or patience for bad pencils exist

  54. mrpopo

    the reverse scapegoat ​@UCTjiMgzpXp840dysJH47cwA​@UCTjiMgzpXp840dysJH47cwA​ Yehoshua Smith I saw a vulpix plushie and though, oh no not again..." - I know that was a serious comment, but a vulpix plushie being the calling card of a rapist is just hilarious to me... is this what the ma-trix rabbit looks like?

  55. Miranda

    Excuse me I have a halloween novelty pencil, an eyeliner sharpener, and the will the fucking vote 😂

    1. Miranda

      Except I voted by mail in ballot bc privilege

  56. Ray Vandenberg

    Voting is a *RIGHT* !! You cannot *FORCE* people!! It is *ILLEGAL* !!!! If someone tried to force me to vote, I would tell them to suck my #&@ and go piss up a F%cking rope!!!

  57. Calvin Nguyen

    "At a certain point, hunger outweighs fear- which is also the official slogan of Taco Bell." LMAO That joke did not get the pause for laughter that it deserved

  58. Alex Cio

    we're all immigrants! :)

  59. Msaprilconquest

    I have pencils AND an electric sharpener! So there!

  60. Ace Everwoode

    "Human Boatshoe." I LOVE John Oliver's insults.

  61. 0Clewi0

    John: ...Our actual main story tonight is about lethal injection. Narrator: Ferocious.

  62. Thandrick

    What he said there was not BS. What about the guy in West Virginia that was just caught creating fraudulent voter ballots. So how is it bullshit. Your shit is sadly biased which is disappointing some of your stuff isn't bad.

  63. najla aisy

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  64. Stephen Hamilton

    Wow, still relevant during these troubling times. Keep up the great work!

  65. Adam Mackey Smith

    If Trump came out in support of mail-in ballots this show as well as many others would have hour long specials about why mail-in ballots are evil and racist. Completely ignoring this story:

    1. silfumus

      Nope, it's not going to change. Mail-in ballots are common in the rest of the world and many countries are thinking of all mail-in ballots due to COVID-19. Trump is just repeating the usual Republican idiosyncrasies.

  66. Phillip Givens

    Governor Newsom made California an all-mail ballot.

  67. Naomi and Corvin

    Listen, we all know why Trump and the Republicans hate mail-in voting: because when the voter turnout is higher in ANY form, democrats win. That's why Republicans have become such big fans of "voter id laws" that mostly target the young, disabled, poor, black/brown, and disabled elders.

  68. Jacob Diller

    @5:11 this is the 'study' referenced - kinda flimsy -

  69. John Salvi

    The problem with the postal service is email driving less customers but also the postal rates getting out of hand.

  70. Geoff Rogers

    Human boat shoe got me

  71. Roland Woltman

    Ballot harvesting has long been a tool of certain corporations and even certain parties in different ares of the country. <b> <i>Acting like ballot harvesting doesn't exist is a lie. </b> </i> Corporations actively seek out voters in areas where they have referendums on the ballot. They target neighborhoods where they feel they are most likely to gain votes and they collect ballots to deliver. I shouldn't bring up 84 mail in ballots going to one home in California (reported by a neighbor, all with the same delivery address). I'm not going to say one of the last candidates for Governor in Florida having his brother from Chicago and sister from NY vote for him by mail was in any way fraudulent... I'm going to go on and on about districts with mail in ballots who have more then 100% reporting... But you can look it up. Just don't use GOOGLE. They (tech billionaires) scrub free speech and dictate their algorithms to hide articles that don't fit their narrative. At least Duckduckgo (using just google's strait old algorithm) will give you some real search results the billionaires controlling speech in America don't want you to see. <i>Mail in ballots allow the super-rich even more control of the US.</i> <b>Period. </b> It is a shame Mr Oliver and his staff are either blind to this or afraid to point it out as their boss wouldn't appreciate his excessive influence in DC being spotlighted.

  72. Dave Dee

    Alpacas, pan flutes, and lake Titicaca. Peru has it all.

  73. Elizabeth Rose Morriss

    This marble racing looks AMAZING. And I feel so much validation for having been the weird kid who anthropomorphized her marbles and played with them as if they were dolls, giving them names and backstories and adventures.... I'm not the only one! lol ;)

  74. User name

    Fuck Joe Exotic

  75. Dyspo Smith

    wait... is that guy duncan from community or do just all british people look that damn similar?

  76. Bethany McMullen

    I had to start cheering on the limers when the oceanics did so badly last year :/

  77. Jazzy B

    Trump really is racist.

  78. Rambling Hyena

    0:48 how you eat the pussy?


    Dear John Oliver, Please do a video on the blood-shortage created by Covid-19. Lots of blood drives got canceled, but people can still donate blood through organizations like the red cross or just google "blood donation near me." 4.5 million Americans rely on blood transfusions annually and there is no artificial way to get blood so the only way to get it is if people donate it. We're talking about people with things like sickle cell anemia and cancer. I love your videos and I know they reach a huge audience, one that could be motivated to donate blood if only they knew it was so pressing right now.

  80. erickofspirit

    The irony is that there’s no proof that voting by mail benefits one party over the other. I live on the west coast, and the majority of voters in western states vote by mail. Election results will differ depending on what area you’re in.

  81. bronzjag

    John, you forgot to mention Adam Driver. Did you two break up?

  82. Angel Lopez

    Nothing has changed in 2020

  83. Jesus Gilchrist

    That pelican looks hydrated

  84. Bridget Gapa

    who TF 'thumbs down' something they subscribe to...asking for a sane person...

  85. Joel Stolarski

    Demented Joe is still trying to figure out unemployment numbers and Coronis deaths. Hilarious to see that dingleberry try to read a teleprompter. Dems figured out that their great white hope has to go back and repeat third grade.

  86. RDF1nner

    3 years ago and still nothing changed.

  87. Jessica Summers

    They do have “I Voted” stickers for mail-in ballots.

  88. Ras_KrysTafari

    That is a fine at Pelican, John pronounced Re Anna's name wrong. He is pretty much never wrong 😂😏😁😉😊

    1. Ras_KrysTafari


  89. Seth Van Rook

    hey algorithm, you're doing the lord's work here. keep it up

  90. Lsd Reptiles

    man, mail in ballots...nope, i dont trust either side with my vote. fear mongering? this isnt a party thing, this is a "there are people with agendas between you and that box" thing

  91. themetal

    "Flush the Turds November 3rd"

  92. M T

    In OREGON we vote exclusively by mail. We get our ballot with at least a week to spend researching candidates and measures. We can then walk down to the nearest library and drop our ballots in the ballot box. NO LINES. NO MUSS. NO FUSS. It is only on the RAREST occasion that I will break into all my neighbor's houses, steal their ballots and write my own name in for president.

  93. Ken

    9:50 I'm sorry, but am I the only one that see 1% on at least one of those all 2% cartons?

  94. The Tennessee

    Watching that ending monologue now in 2020, all I can say is, "Ssssshhh! You're jynxing it!"

  95. barfnarfny

    I'm going to vote as many times as I possibly can for Biden. Mail in ballots are a godsend to our party. Now we have better than half a chance of beating the orange man. I know a lot of older and dead folks I can "help" with their decision. I am shooting for at least a hundred votes I can mail in for president. Me and my friends will "harvest" thousands of votes. Just us alone. Biden wins in a HUGE landslide.

    1. silfumus

      Before false flagging, at least try to understand how electoral college works.

  96. Ken

    Doesn't food naturally fall to the ground to "rot"? I mean, it's not like humans are the only living things that can eat it.

  97. charlie putzel

    10:39 as someone who's visited troy universty campus, I can tell you: It is not.

  98. NursingAround

    Not surprised in the slightest that John Oliver has already covered this issue.

  99. Roland Woltman

    "Voting is a right." LOL. So is going to church... until last week when Justice Roberts said that because elected officials said freedom of religion isn't as important as going to a liquor store... so, now in the US, it isn't. Roberts said in all essence, the First Amendment matters until an elected official feels it makes you unsafe... Think about THAT. No data needed. Just because they feel that way. Not even a legislature making a law... just a Governor making up a rule he/she feels will make you safer. The Supreme Court is the saddest laughing stock of their convoluted view on the Bill of Rights in our history... or some of our Supreme Court Justices have been compromised... And after seeing the thousands (4 digit number, redacted) of illegal searches done in just a search of 6 months of FBI approved contractors with access to NSA (illegal) database, I'm inclined to think the Justices aren't idiots (well most of them). ;-) The Bill of Rights has been under attack for about 2 decades. And term limits on Supreme Court Justices are long past due. 18 years or so would be plenty.

  100. Kasey

    Okay, John. Everyone who plays tabletop RPGs owns a pencil. In fact, we own several. I'm sure I'm not the only tabletop gamer who would willingly donate pencils to the nobel cause of making it possible for people to vote.