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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. Reiss

    All I'm concerned about is Lux' forehead.

  2. MaKiMak 。

    I’m honestly terrified.

  3. DrShroud1G

    Who is Joe? Kappa

  4. Kaneki Ken

    Well you already released the TFT Mobile, but I can't download it in SEA... Can you please release it in SEA? Because I can't play anything in my phone.

  5. Huy Vũ

    Yes, i'm here

  6. Umut Deniz Tilki

    can you not talk?

  7. Doffy507


  8. mmh

    Yasuo have afro xd

  9. Gavin Dispennette

    I like the song

  10. Crazy Chocolate Monkey

    I love RIOT Games.

  11. HK 47

    WOW, that is huge. Thanks for your great work and the game with the most interesting mech. !



  13. Kimo Hallal

    When is it coming out? And is it going to be on Netflix?

  14. Fufjr Rhrj

    Mình đến từ Việt Nam và mình không hiểu gì cả!

  15. SuperMarioChris

    Pls just stop.

  16. YurMan

    еще одну)

  17. Kai i s Real

    Me trying Aldous in rank *Hear this song* Aldous reacts 1000 stacks.

  18. 帥哥星人

    0:25 and 0:34 What did she say

  19. Hannah Kimball


  20. Theo

    Pls solve the ping

  21. gueruno vt

    Can you fix the game ? I’ve been having to reinstall the game everyday or else it doesn’t work I get into champion select and when the game is supposed to load and start it doesn’t the screen just stays black and I have to close the game in task manager. That didn’t use to happen Can anyone help me ?

  22. Raymond Chua

    Hi from 2020 March 🤣

  23. Rasenpapi On ig

    I love how riot just casually dropped 3.5 mill to help efforts

  24. Sum Ting Wong

    1:49 happy sylas is best sylas

  25. Awi Sintaro

    ML players be like Oh its just Tigreal , Chou and Miya

  26. Destroyer Killer


  27. Elek Eithan Falcon Janampa


  28. James Ugorji

    I always love LOL ads

  29. Rasenpapi On ig

    The camera quality of this vid was nothing like the audio quality I was not expecting the audio to be this good

  30. د إسماعيل ابن محمد Dr Ismail ibn mohamed

    Nerf all champs pls

  31. Shravan Madhamshetty

    Please get back URF. It helps even more to fight this quarantine days.

  32. WNC Yuba2

    0:37 « can play a small role » Me as an intellectual : Haha *IRONIC*

  33. Mike Chareanpanomwatt

    I amumu and I have hope

  34. ファビオ

    i love is music

  35. Ontologist

    is that GOD at the end ?

  36. Lets hit 20 subscribers in 10 years

    4 years ago

  37. Kelly CHENG

    She's just another Harley Quinn

  38. Golden Jon

    I cant download

  39. Rb Chavez

    I. Like. The. Song. So. Much. I. Sing. It. All. Day

  40. Poya

    Hey riot pls give me S 31 1 4 but I am A

  41. 맘마

    2:06 푱푱 주고받는거 대박이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 충격적이야 어떻게 만든거지 진심 이런거 첨봄.....

  42. mWito_

    that mordecaiser recal xd

  43. 성준호

    일해라 라이엇! . . 물론 집에서.. 안전하게 다들 몸조심해

  44. XladeRG

    When are you gonna finally balance the game? Where champs that build full tank are also somehow assassins? 😂 Adc champs with full items get melted by any tank with 1 defensive items, riot loves tanks and mages and you've killed the game. Gj

  45. RamzinGO

    for every frontline hero thank you for your services !

  46. TGX2XZ

    new thanos?!?!?

  47. Two Peace


  48. MC Fahro

    Qiyana thicc af wtf

  49. ISVC

    Fiddle support will be perfect

  50. H 17

    So what happened to tedrick? 🤔

  51. Night bot

    머머리 대기업도 못고친다는 탈모

  52. mike ever

    The only agony i feel is the high ping and those choke loss in-game.

  53. xXCoolBoysOp


  54. The Worst Pro

    Support EUW comunity with better servers. Rent something, idk. the game is borderline unplayable after 18:00...

  55. A A

    오우 트루다마게

  56. spidy shrutik

    Daniah zehen

  57. 천성웅

    요즘 랭겜 아군이 닷지해도 내가 5분35초 기다료야 하는 버그 생긴거 아는분? 문의 넣어도 담날보면 문의 안들간걸로 떠서 참 문의 시스템 뢋 같아졌다 라는게 체감이되네

  58. Kevin Delegencia

    Why does demacia hated mages but they also have mages like lux?

  59. Bruno Der

    Lee Sin is aging.

  60. Potoroto

    15th time seeing this video

  61. polydipsiac

    As a customer who frequently engages in event passes I feel cheated by the token reductions in the current ongoing event.

  62. Simoun Quisisem

    where is the lol wildrift

  63. itsgracei

    Soo based off the comments NA is superior xD

  64. Warren Mark Lee

    Philippine League Mobile release?

  65. bbbengan

    i'm down loding the game now becous of this video

  66. K PoP Besteee

    Clash = Trash

  67. Electro

    Ok frl why dosent league make a movie


    Who´s joe?

  69. Von Sakamoto

    When you only play at an internet cafe cause you dont have a Wi-Fi connection So you just stared at the wall

  70. Charles Inverse

    any news regarding the wild rift?

  71. HoldTheReggae

    the amount of likes this video has shows how stupid a player base can be

  72. - Star Form -

    tbh my favorite song and animation ever but also you can't get KDA out of my head until you teach me the lyrics until I get all of them right

  73. Not Te Moai XdXd

    So who we getting for 2021? Maybe senna and lucian fighting s spirit, maybe the ruined king or thresh or even mordekaiser Maybe leona doing whatever Maybe a rematch between ornn and voli or that fight between udyr and voli

  74. ts25679

    Normal Ahri is bae but blonde pop star Ahri is transcendent xo

  75. ÉLIte2000 So2


  76. abdallah ramadan

    Every frame of this video can be set as a background picture

  77. Umbra Malefica


  78. werts18

    Who else only knows this from Beat Saber?

  79. Nani gamer


  80. Damian Ram

    Wild rift?

  81. Chris Walters

    You guys have cell phones right?

  82. ray

    aka satan

  83. sabqe r


  84. Ellyson Daniel Romero

    Please allow the PH server to download TFT mobile. We can't go outside due to Ncov-19

  85. Mark Rave

    EUW here would rather focusing on actual server stability and buff fixing maybe a new client than more crash

  86. Joe Yang

    Urf please? 🥺

  87. razvan sapcaliu

    Can u guys please buy me dark coamic jhin?

  88. Pathfinder23 Naviamos

    Out of the topic but, do you guys think about how u can upgrade the graphics of lol? Just wondering since Ps5 will be released soon

  89. Johann Fowl

    If John Cena were a furry:

  90. seventh master

    rlly u recoomend it now

  91. DragonLord 9101

    Is this animated by Gingerpale?

  92. LoNE WoLvES

    Are those holograms? or those added after the record? you need smoke or glass to create hologram but there is nothing......................

  93. BTC Marceltoff

    Who is Joe?

  94. Knight ¿

    "Welcome to Summoner's Rift" "Current Objective: *Survive* "

  95. Daniel PJ

    'We hope you're all staying safe during this difficult time' Thank you for making a game so addictive to take away several years of my life ')

  96. PT3R0

    Joe Mama

  97. Aaren Mitts

    The advertisement gap is massive between Korea and the west

  98. Depalodor

    Joe who?

  99. Xly

    Buff the event pass