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  1. sradha and shreya's channel sradha


  2. Maria Valdivia

    Hi pelp do you like art😍😍😍😀😍😍😍😀😀😂😂😂

  3. Jessi ness

    but i love suicide joker he gets me moist

  4. Creepy Toxic


  5. Creepy Toxic

    Um real olive oil doesn't freeze like that

  6. Wilkins Wilkins

    I'm the one who don't like side bff and meeting their boyfriend

  7. Donald Tobar

    She is such a good and funny actor I've seen this video like 10 times already.

  8. Troy Fantom

    Ok boomer

  9. Chispy Reyes

    Im the nosy creep

  10. Afrika Rio villegas

    Siempre río kakaj

  11. Ava A.

    At 8:31 people looked at her like she was crazy

  12. jülïåńä ’

    thanks for burning my house down.

  13. حبوش احمد

    Wooooooow 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩لا إله إلا الله

  14. Elmer Corredor

    Estos trucos son Prácticos 😎😎😎😎😎😎😇😇

  15. Natalia Garduno LOVES STRANGER THINGS

    To be honest why make food soap if it's just gonna be used and then like people ask where you got it from and then u say u made it yourself and they like u lie or they try and eat it but it's soap and then they like why u make this if it's gonna be used to wash your hands!?!?

  16. First Love Jesus Ministries

    i watch ot becase its relate❤👌

  17. Sabrina gacha

    I hate lying videos

  18. Kasey Mellon


  19. Mayitaa Bp

    Yes, the food never tell

  20. SDR3088

    Hey i do that all the time but i leave a lil bit of the meat on the bone so i can suck it off ☺

    1. SDR3088

      Ooo just realized how pervited that sound 😒

  21. cool guy


  22. The stories of Savarin

    Also a tip with brown sugar! If you stick bread in the bin you put the sugar in it will stay soft and won’t get hard and dry!

  23. Gacha Stories By Lola

    3:48 is a lie. Ann reardon proves this. Look atbthe bottom of the carton before and after. It was cut, this was a set up. Now go watch some quality content, and find out some REAL cooking hacks by Ann reardon.

  24. vision de loin tv


  25. Rufy

    I love this girl

  26. Evie

    When you finally get to hear her voice

  27. Aaliyah Ferreira

    You a grown man and pee in the bed .........bruh........get it the hell together!!!!!

  28. Tiffany Jones

    they did way to much detail with the christmas reef that was little

  29. Joker inside Me

    Your Ice cream melted from leaving it outside of the freezer for to long. well then make a cake out of it you can’t freeze it it’s dead it’s now dead. Are you tired of having to throw away guacamole after you make it. Now you can make guacamole with lemons and put it in a bag. now it will taste like lemons and won’t have any flavor because you didn’t put in anything else.

  30. Random Redheads

    0:28 *pops*

  31. Tara Neko

    Don't bake your seasonings?! It ruins the flavor..! Instead. Leave them on a tray somewhere warm and let them sundry. Wait untill they get crispy and THEN use them

  32. Margarita Vázquez

    No me gustó porque el video era de Navidad y tú me lo mezclaste con otras cosas y aburrido mucho yo me la creí que era de Navidad y no le laves la música está muy fea

  33. dulguun batbold batbold

    Please don't touch dislike 🙎🙎❤❤

  34. Kiara Smith-Beckford


  35. Finnabair

    Boo... same lame "hacks" in your other videos, unfortunately redundant.

  36. steamed.harvey

    blossom said bi rights too, damn

  37. Doanldo Castillo

    5:53 I can't stop laughing!!!

  38. Amanda souza mira Leão


  39. Tea Vasic

    I have a pop socket on my phone and i love youu

  40. lauren

    can you do a behind the scenes video? it looks fun at that office!

  41. Ricardo Nieves

    4:18 Sheldon was cluelessly here

  42. Mariella G.P

    Can someone please tells me what’s the 8:29


    شو بتنضفوا الزجاج باخبز في ناس بتشتاق بس لامة خبز وانتوا بتنضفوا الزجاج فيو😖😖😖

  44. April Cetintas

    Oh my

  45. Grainne B

    blossom just exposed themselves lmao


    I just love her voice❤️

  47. Ihas Cupquake

    I’m only happy ‘cause they did the rainbow right

  48. Ihas Cupquake

    4:36 I don’t think anything other than real honey exists. P.S stop trying to explain science when you don’t know it.

  49. Amelia Esko

    Why is pennywises face white but not his heands

  50. dr N

    Literally when I posted my comment everyone is telling me that it is a different mango and I’m sitting here confused so pls tell me what type of mango that is so I can tell my mom to buy cuz she loves mangoes but she always complains about how she loses half of the mango due to the seed🤝agreement done with a person in the comments me 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😻😻😽😽 thank you spared me from a failing test today 😹😹😷

  51. dr N

    So ummm

  52. Lashawn Thomas

    When 10 amazing hacks turn into 30 mediocre hacks

  53. bizimekip 001

    Yazım hatası yapmayınn

  54. Jennifer Wenger


  55. Do It

    6:30 8:49 her face i love this woman's videos

  56. Isa Allahverdiyev

    Iam love jokerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  57. Umeha Ammu

    She is super

  58. Iman Kandrouch


  59. Prox123 Cy111


  60. Stipe šola

    Wow youre voice is so prity

  61. bruce_kettah 17

    These are the WORST hacks ever

  62. GhostKing8U

    The only thing I enjoyed about this video is the choice of beat they put in

  63. jadeje da crazy gurll

    8:33 whahahah thats me later.....

  64. Karen Bonilla

    Lo queami megusto Theron Los labiales de Los 90 y tambien Los de now

  65. Karima92800 Karim


  66. Věra Fedorová


  67. Gemle77 Gemle77

    Pomegranate tip doesn't work, thé paper bah to Cook in thé microwave, not an hygienic Idea and the milk bottle in the microwave, while or contains aluminium inside ?) no way

  68. Beyza BULUT


  69. Rania Severi

    1:11 Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds) is that you?!

  70. Shiahian

    Wig hacks please!?😁

  71. Myname Khan

    Sorry but it also be a hummer . They haven't even seen thing . HOW

  72. Shiahian

    Too funny!

  73. Ninisse Beugre

    J'adore 💋

  74. Shiahian

    Any dog would hate baths if your trying to waterboard em!😕

  75. world peace

    @2:45 how come a 1 and another 1 become 13 ?!!!

  76. William Temple

    I think I went back in time... Scrunchies are back.

  77. Shish & Chips

    Plz not the pizza with pinapple(gli italiani capiranno) 😂😂🍕

  78. Smoiki 12

    1:06 the dog:help please

  79. Shiahian

    The flirt character had me cracking up laughing! This was good!👏👍

  80. Harish Shetty

    Our Indian methods are the best ☺😉

  81. Sushi Gurl

    0:33 weLp, ImmA dO cPr NoW (•>•)

  82. сахарная ветаминка

    Honey false

  83. K. Finch

    Where’s the recipe?

  84. Bridget B

    The mushy rice is so fake 😂😂😂

  85. ❨ Moon ❩

    I like it when they searched things on -froogle-

  86. Aliyah Khodabux

    I love it very much

  87. حسين العاتي

    *وش اللي حطتها معى الخبز!*

  88. Gaby Mora

    Is this real

  89. Arpita Zihan


  90. Eğlence Dünyası

    Nimeti yerde surukleyemezsiniz

  91. Julie Petiaud

    who do not know the trick of peanuts?❤

  92. Elisabetta Caddeo

    Hahaha you it,s funny

  93. one direction and david's vlog

    Well guess what I don'y have friends And don't care about it

  94. Ha Yumi

    You know what... i tried the potato rose .. after weeks... the rose is dead but the potato grew

  95. mathimurugan mathimurugan

    I love her

  96. Kimkimi Tochhawng

    I want to be Everyone Crush

  97. Bhavana Bhavana

    U r putting the same video again and again . its irritating 😠😠

  98. Keerthi Medicharla

    1000th comment

  99. mlgkayd3n ツ

    When Sprite doesn’t sponsor you “sParKliNg wAtEr”

  100. Amena Akter

    Nice idea