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Susan Yara founded Mixed Makeup after countless positions in the media industry. She began her career as an on-camera news reporter in NYC, then found herself in the digital world as a reporter and host at Forbes.com where she helped create the Forbes Video Network. Her media career continued at PEOPLE Magazine,TotalBeauty.com, and PopSugar where she was an on-camera beauty reporter and producer. Her passion for beauty and wellness continued when she launched NewBeauty Magazine's editorial video department and relaunched NewBeauty.com. Susan has produced and hosted videos featuring top beauty industry experts and products, while overseeing editorial content, social media and website strategy.

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  1. rmm19991

    Hi Susan, I have the Nuface and love it, but my skin hates the gel primer. Any alternatives to it that could still be a good conductor?

  2. Rachel Bega

    We Stan a skincare queen who’s willing to admit her skincare mistakes.

  3. RW RW

    Wow Susan, you must really know your shit if youre criticizing a board cirfited derm!!! Ever think of going to get some fucking education to back up your running mouth? How about a disclaimer to say " hey yall, im a fucking journalist i am in no way a esthetician, skincare specailist, or derm; Im just someone who loves skincare"

  4. Ana

    She has bad skin, lot of deep lines and wrinkles. Also retinol ruins skin, i will never use it again

  5. Natasha cb-p

    This is awesome!!! I was waiting for it!!

  6. alelovestea

    We want the hour long original version!!!

  7. Aarushi Bisht

    Susan on Susan : Collab of the century

  8. y bm

    About the being patient thing, for me I went to using nothing to using a gentle cleanser when I dont wear makeup and both a makeup cleanser and the gentle cleanser when I wear, and then I use a good thick moisturizer. I don't know if that is too little but my skin is taking it well (I am 23) and I am scared that if I have too many steps I will get tired of doing it every night :/

  9. Jojie Omana

    When you are Asian and VICKS is the remedy for all.

  10. iSam


  11. Joseph Logan

    James said he likes the balm dot com now? I’m confused.

  12. justlikekris

    Can you please tell me where you got your cartilage earings?

  13. Emily DeCesare

    learning that my sunscreen might not be working after my full skincare routine...... 😟😟😟😟😟😟

  14. Jennifer Herasme

    Does anyone use sunscreen all over the body? Should I wear sunscreen all over?

  15. Heather sargent

    So I took Renee quiz and she says I am skin type 4 like camila and Idk I think my skin is dry not oily/combo.

  16. run away

    she talking bout how it’s so weird to always have vick’s and use it for everything and every hispanic person probably like sis it’s an essential this for life

  17. Stacey King

    omg, susan was pregnant? noooo way.

  18. Heather sargent

    Wow that make up wipe took forever ...my balm works way faster, I could have done all my skincare in the time she spent with that wipe ..lol

  19. Ashley Marie

    hey Susan! I'm a little late commenting but is there a body Sunscreen you would recommend?

  20. GREEN house

    Can i mix hyaluronic with mandalic acid or any aha serum

  21. stacy wooldridge

    This lip color on you is beautiful.

  22. Sandra

    I lived the way you criticize yourself, much respect to you, we are always learning just imagine yourself in 10 year doing the same video about the things we're doing now.

  23. Manuela Cassuto


  24. blastedbubblegum

    I don’t know what (or if) you did anything different with your makeup, but it looks AMAZING!!!!❤️

  25. Kristin Capone

    I can get a good peel from applying Roc cream too heavy😁

  26. Radha Trey

    Your makeup application is so flawless. I just wish your foundation matches your skin colour.

  27. JBL

    Wow... you made wanna kiss u already🥰😍😘😘😘😘

  28. lailimah shunbuli

    learning so much from your channel. thank you, much love

  29. Seska Lee

    I'm curious, when you say you are trying out a new product, how long do you give a product before making an assessment? You have so many options as part of a job how do you manage?

  30. Christine Culp

    I think what I love most about this video is not the products, because there’s so many different products that work for different peoples skin, but watching the care and expertise with which she applies her products. You can just tell there’s so much thoughtfulness that goes into how she cares for her skin

  31. SuperSpace

    I love your eyeliner and lashes in this video!

  32. Josh & Mac

    Do you recommend murad products?

  33. Elba Rangel

    The vaporub thing is your mexican genes coming out hahaha my mom also uses vaporub for all illnesses in life 😂

    1. Susan Yara

      Elba Rangel Haha!

  34. Aaron San-Reber


  35. Haley Mitchell

    I use clean it zero!! This is the best day of my life!!!!

  36. Tabatha Poelstra

    Does harpers pay the stars for these videos? No shade, just curious

    1. Susan Yara

      Tabatha Poelstra Nope!

  37. fariha zannat

    In our country these skincare are very pricey! 😭😭😭

  38. Ran Rae

    I had to stop using moisturizer cause my doctor told me to stop temporarily, and that i can go back to using moisturizer later

  39. Mo Ved

    Finally the Skin-Queen exposes herself 😂 Don't be offended by people who think you have a lot of botox. Your face really does look really lifted. (Not in a bad way, moreso healthy and plump) maybe because of your asian features. ❣️

  40. Divya Tyagi

    Work so hard that Susan Yara reacts to your skincare! 🤩 Love from India 🇮🇳

  41. Gold Coast Videography

    8:03 Sharzards face. she must like those fun toys aye

  42. Alyssa Lane

    I'm now worried. Harpers should show a diversity of people's routines.....but maybe vet then so that viewers don't replicate. Influencer culture is real and who knows how many girls/guys copied this without knowing how it can be damaging!

  43. Matilda

    Can't get enough of Nécessaire! I never stick to single brands because I love mixing and matching products, but I could safely remove everything else from my body category and they'd have me completely covered. Softest, smoothest skin ever! 🖤 x

    1. Susan Yara

      Matilda I feel the same! Their scrub is seriously one of my favorites.

  44. Kassidy

    You might benefit from using reusable(washable!!) cotton rounds. I got mine from amazon for $10 and they don’t absorb my toners when I use them. The ones I have have a very soft side and a slightly exfoliating side that’s still pretty soft.

  45. Lucila Zwanck

    Hi Susan do you still use the ziip beauty tool? what is the best the Nuface or the ziip?

    1. Lucila Zwanck

      @Susan Yara ah because a have the ziip and I wonder if I bought the Nuface or not, some reviews said that last a year and then broke up. I from Argentina and in 2 month I m going to Miami and I love skincare so I will buy a lot of staff and I don't know if a could spent my money in this device.

    2. Susan Yara

      Lucila Zwanck I have the ZIIP still and think it’s a really sophisticated tool. It even works on acne. I’m just so used to using the NuFace, it’s easier for me to not think about it and just do it.

  46. Jessica WH

    React to May Musk on H Bazzar?

  47. Alyssa Lane

    Hi! Do you have a video on lip balms? I find that the petroleum/wax ones do not moisturizer for obvious reasons. I need help with cracking and ones I've researched disappoint. Thank you!

  48. Megan B

    Does the nuface cause muscles to bulk up in the Face? I’m afraid it will add bulk to the masseters

    1. Susan Yara

      Megan B I have never used it enough for that to happen! I doubt it.

  49. Zakwan Shah

    susan cursing even though its bleeped out is SENDING ME!! XD

  50. Victoria Wejko

    Yes! Susan you did the skin care community proud. Loved hearing the background of making the video.

  51. Alba Jiménez Martí


  52. Brenda Penuliar

    They are using the same stuff as the eyelash lifting thing! I have it so I can do this too!

  53. Mai Le

    Damn, im happy for you! And it s best to hear all bts story and how thoughtful you are during the shooting for video

  54. CeskaJakPoleno

    Please do a video about your thyroid problem, I would love to hear what helps you and so on.

  55. Ally

    I’d love to know your thoughts on that Drunk Elephant retinol!! 🤗😘 Also absolutely SO glad you reacted to this haha. I watched it the minute I saw it on their channel.

  56. Mar Mil

    I didn’t like the “secret step” at all! When I watch those videos I want to know the products etc. this was a total gimmick and be honest, you’d would comment on that with any other person as well

  57. Crystal Robins

    You are helping so many with these videos and your unlimited knowledge of skincare! Thank you for putting in the work and continuing to share. Love you so much!

  58. golden heart

    I wanna ask I'm 20 years old and i wanna use retinol 2.5% ,its' right or no?

  59. Cherry Tangoo

    She is rubbing her saliva all over the face

  60. Kristy Lin

    Why didn't you use balm dot com in the video? You look so cute with the pink headband and pajamas :).

    1. Susan Yara

      Kristy Lin I’m just constantly switching it up. Doesn’t mean I don’t still love a product but I like to try as much as I can.

  61. Michele Ann

    Now I totally get the post that was made in the group 😄

  62. Gustav Lonergan

    Susan, when I though I could not love you more you make a Big fat Greek wedding reference!!! Those are great tips! I'll get some vapor rub today! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Cheers♥

  63. Anisha .K

    Susan HOWWW is your lip shape so perfect?? Would you recommend getting at fillers in early your early 20's? I want my face to look even :(

  64. allaboutdaniel

    this is some Inception sh** and im here for it <3

  65. Khanya Ngabase

    I love how we all thought Susan being in a Harper's Bazaar video was inception-like, and then the good sis comes through with this to blow our minds even further 😂

  66. meeoowss

    i think it's really good think that you talked about post pregnancy skincare, there are a lot of women who need these types of support and knowledge to feel better :)

  67. Gunawan Tanzil

    At first, when it’s written ‘Super Secret Cleansing Water’, I legit thought that was the brand to the point I googled it. 😅😅😅

  68. GH

    I think you’re the only one who notices the difference in your mirrored image.

  69. about singular

    i love her reaction whenever she agrees to herself.

  70. Mariah Martinez

    James’ video is HILARIOUS LOLLL! Turn off the lights, light a candle, grab the makeup wipes and chant Susan Yara Susan Yara Susan Yara etc! I was CRACKING UP LOL!!😂😂😜

  71. Mariah Martinez

    Soooo call me crazy!, but with my ultrasound when I was pregnant I’m remembering it being just like a lube! Like a legit k-y jelly...I’m not sure if I’m buying the “it has to be our Nuface conducting gel”. Susan you’re right, it’s for slip honey! You know your shit and we don’t doubt that!

  72. Anna Petrenko

    Hey Susan! Love the video! I have a question about salicylic acid - I heard that it shouldn't be used on the neck area. I'm using a 2% salicylic acid gel on my face and it helps a lot with facial acne, but I get painful acne on my neck and I'm not sure how to treat that if I can't get the acid on my neck. I do continue the rest of my routine to my neck (cleansing, moisturizer, sunscreen), but it's not really improving the state of my acne. Any advice? Thanks!

  73. Dalton K

    Paulas choice said retinol isn’t an exfoliant even tho it helps the turn over rate for skin cells. Can anyone help mee cause I’m confused now lol

  74. Gordon

    doesnt look that great afterwards TBQH

  75. Marianne

    At this point, make-up wipes and coconut oil are more triggering than funny anyways.

  76. Anna Volpi

    Hiii!! I love you and your content so much!! I’m 19, do you think that it’s too early for me to start using a Nuface? Because I really like the concept, but I trust your opinion so much! Keep smashing it❤️❤️

  77. Angelin

    S K I N C E P T I O N

  78. Tomaž Golub

    If you are interested in a great retinol oil, the ordinary retinol in squalane is really good and quite gentle (even at 1%)

  79. Anandita Dwiki Prasetyo

    Yess queen, but can I ask you for doing skincar reaction on your own? I didnt think you were savages enough when your guess were around

  80. guess what

    If Susan was my wife, our entire life would be a honeymoon.

  81. Kendall Stark

    People, we asked. Susan has delivered 😙

  82. Daniel Anthony

    Susan watching herself is so entertaining it's like watching someone look at a mirror.

  83. k khan

    This is the video we've always wanted but never knew we wanted it

  84. VanCityGal

    Thinnest to thickest except retin-A. That can go on after moisturizer.

  85. sx3todd

    the shade towards jeffree star in this video when they talk about full video using luxury products 💀 but they’re not wrong.

  86. iNTEL Pain

    I’m a male, 21 years old. When should I start to incorporate retinol into my routine?

    1. Monika Tomic

      iNTEL Pain I started when I was 21/22 years old with retinol(I’m now almost 24, and I started last month with tretinoin (vitamin A). I read a few times (in a few researches) that you can start a retinol/retin A in your early twenties. My derm also recommended this to me.

    2. iNTEL Pain

      Monika Tomic I meant at what age? 😁

    3. Monika Tomic

      iNTEL Pain evening! (Depends on the formula), but i usually use retinol in my serum step and moisturize after.

  87. Sruthi vedula

    Could you pleaseeeeee do a video on nuface? Please please pleaseeeeeee I am looking to buy it and now that you have it I HAVE TO KNOW

  88. Rutuja Dicholkar


  89. Eujene Liyu

    Thank you Susan! Because of you my skin became so much better. WE LOVE YOU

  90. Francesca M

    I went hard AF on the retinol recently. I had no idea that there was a need for a gradual build up. I'm so glad my skin didn't freak out.

  91. Thao Nguyen

    What lip color are you wearing?? ♥️

  92. stacy willingham

    Could you do a drugstore or Wal-Mart/target body skin care routine.

  93. Harshad Achrekar

    Beautiful show helpful video

  94. juany ramirez

    It's crazy how girls always put themselves under the pressure to look perfect all the time, I empathize so much to this. She is doing so great!

  95. stacy willingham

    Was it versed retinol you were using. Thats the brand in Target right? Did it work good? What is your favorite retinol product?

  96. Leucci11

    i love how she's looking surprised and nodding enthusiastically to her own words LOL YOU SO ADORABLE SUSAN

  97. Francisco Balcázar


  98. Elmar Kritzinger

    So this was one of the biggest moments in your life. I think for Hyram to get to do videos with you was one of the biggest moments in his life. And *the day you and James get to collab will be one of the biggest moments in my life!*

  99. Julie Beck

    Hi Susan! The skin on my legs is so dry! I moisturize as soon as I get out of the shower, but my legs are always so dry, no matter what. I use body exfoliators/scrubs, body oils, lotions, etc. I can’t find anything that works! I’m going to try the Vick’s Vapor Rub on my feet immediately! Thanks for the tip!

  100. ursulajh

    The great barrier relief did the opposite it said. I double cleansed than put this on by itself. After an hour or so my skin went from stinging to BURNING. I went in to wash it off and my skin was so red and swelling up. After double cleansing again, I put my moisturizer on and my skin calmed down. Am I the only one that this product hates? I don’t have sensitive skin so I don’t know what in this doesn’t like me.