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    R.I.P Teddy Bear 2019-2019

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    4:24 did anyone noticed that her lip gloss is on her teeth

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    why am i even watching this i don't even celebrate christmas

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    Me for 7 minutes: Huh, for once 5 minute crafts actually has decent hacks. *Checks channel* : oh. That makes sense-

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    Are you really too poor to buy this stuff?

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    Súper buenas ideas

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    I like craft panda

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    I don't know if you see that the part of the lips wasn't clan by the lipstick

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    3:15 _pasta_

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    5:20 Does anyone actually have that many pinecones

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    I really like this video and I love u guys

  26. Liliana Elizondo

    I really like this video and I love u guys

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    Great video! Anyone here in November of 2019?

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    People say it is not Christmas time in November, they just don’t have enough spirit

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    There was lipstick on her teeth did yall see that

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    Ummm... Hold up. Don't flowers need water to live? If there is a hole in the boot than a bunch of flowers won't be able to live very long😂

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    They must think we can't sew so we have to hot glue everything.

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    My studies show that most of the commenters are billie eilish fans I gotta admit i like her also bc she is kinda cool

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    Crafty Panda takes ideas and crafts from five minute crafts hit that like button if you agree

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