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  1. Xbox 4Lyfe

    oui très magnifique :D

  2. charlie s

    I don’t think peweds designed that

  3. ratradical 25

    It killed me when I didnt see pewds talk to the guy with the lemur

  4. X4K-SHOW

    When the meatball moves it looks like Pac-Man homeless brother pac-shit

  5. MFF Gamer

    I still prefer another minecraft series, but it already ended.

  6. Legendary Gamer

    mumbo jumbo you r afk, i am gonna take that moustache away, mumbo mumbo mumbo afk, I am gonna take that moustache away ---- Grian

  7. Salar Poushnejad

    You’re the best

  8. Arin E

    Mumbo is quaking

  9. Luis 95

    Visit my chanel

  10. Naveen Jangid

    Invisible *SPECTACLES*

  11. jazzpip1

    Was it duplicating?

  12. Fanta Stick

    PewDiePie made a boomer move

  13. кυяσѕαωα χ


  14. Matt Miller

    Hey im from there! Hope you guys had a good time. :D

  15. TheCamChan


  16. Minecraft Overlord

    Nasa is should be taking notes of th this

  17. Lora Z

    Lol I got a Pewdiepie figurine commercial on this😂

  18. Lime Eliminator

    7:19 full volume

  19. cameron erving


  20. Misty Ran γεια σας

    I just got a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video,,,,, Now that’s an ad it’ll like to watch

  21. criveman

    I think pewds killed Sven with the tnt...

  22. Oblidemon Ouroboros

    I immediately thought about mumbo when seeing this. What a legend.

  23. MemorialPaper

    Felix: this is the last episode goodbye 9 year olds: it’s enough to make a grown man cry

  24. Mya Johnson

    Is anyone gonna mention that Felix literally made a fake Sven just to keep him company 😂😂

  25. Night_Wolf

    Felix: "Imagine being outsmarted by a child" The "9 year olds": Remember when we told you it would be a good idea to take Joergen to the nether? And you did it? And he died? Yeaa...

  26. Noodle Doodle

    Yee Yee, I'm around 1.543 mil.

  27. Kuro Phoenix

    the glitches are amazing 😂

  28. Amirul Hakim

    who's joe

  29. IamHuman

    2:58 its like flying brofist

  30. Kaizie Q

    Who's rewatching in 2025? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Boss Raindrop

    15:05 Logan Paul rebranding after defeat to KSI

  32. Poke Them

    Make a video with Mumbo

  33. Boredom Bot

    Herobrin was there before pewds

  34. JakeAndTheBros YT

    I am just a small growing channel

  35. Dylan Andrew

    When Minecraft dies and amazing human being aka pewdiepie brings it back to life

  36. Abdul Qandeel

    Pls do a hardcore series

  37. Gaming with Reesav

    Me: inhlanes *Creative.....!!!!!!!*

  38. Boss Raindrop

    15:05 is that a fucked up version of logan Paul on the TV.

  39. Anime Games

    felix: this is the last episode everyone: minecraft is like a father to us...

  40. Peppa pig

    Me: litrly making a ocean of water because I read the comments that this is the end of the Minecraft series 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Let's just take a moment to appreciate all the animals that sacrificed there lives for this series : *jeorgen* *virgin toad* *svens boyfriend* *dinnerbone / his gf* *peepee poopoo* my home boy read my name lol

  41. chiefdonnieb


  42. Abdul Qandeel


  43. Xbox 4Lyfe


  44. Thecade27

    Pewdiepie add, I'll watch it.


    You are literally building up a new age in minecraft,age of .......think of something

  46. AnAverageMammal

    Doctors when they do an MRI scan for my brain: 12:40

  47. Nadia Endrinal

    *leaves Sven*

  48. Edgar

    After years of brainstorming how to get rid of Pewdiepie, seems like BGsel found a solution. The coming Kidpocalypse will bring his channel to oblivion. Since most of his videos are "kid-attractive", the new rule will strip 90% of the ad revenue and disable the comment section on his videos, which is the driving force to basically all the search rankings, Trending page included. Whats more, if Pewds does not flag any of his video as kid-friendly himself, he'll face a penalty of 42,000 usd per video. Isn't it a great way to get rid of the inconvenient BGselr? And you can blame COPPA for what is just about to happen.

  49. Blue Dog

    ok boomer

  50. Ali Peg


  51. wolfgamer 10000

    It's snap chat not Instagram

  52. HYPER 77

    When you realise that inspite being a veteran redstone builder, pewds has gone better than you

  53. JakeAndTheBros YT

    Hi can you please shout me out

  54. TucsonianEskimo

    6:55 anyone know the song?

  55. william kinsel

    He should do a video of his messing around with bees

  56. Payton Southard

    8:15 what autism looks like on the inside

  57. Chris Greg


  58. Kaden Duran

    This is my first time seeing piediepie soo long great 👍

  59. Ninja boy Moreno

    I know this channel this is it your regular cringe kids animation videos it’s actually one of those alternate reality game channels just so you know I’m pretty sure it was covered on the inside of Mind

  60. •• Brandii ••

    0:20 "you're fake Sfen whatever" *s v e n w i l l r e m e m b e r t h a t*

  61. TheCamChan

    This is my first time watching YOU!

  62. FJES-Raflekake


  63. Demon

    I was straight up crying at 6:10

  64. Steve Stadler

    high key, this song still slaps

  65. Coal Panda

    1:58 Does pewdiepie haves a pimples

  66. KRO 222

    * clicks nervously *

  67. Raven -memes, gaming and MORE!

    Mumbo: I build a walking house Pewdiepie: *You dare oppose me mortal?*

  68. Ckyla Raki-in

    Pewdiepie: Can this video get 1 million dislike? People: 4 milloin dislike Pewdiepie:...

  69. Nathaniel Star

    Ouija Board

  70. The_Cow Has_Spoken

    5:30 epic comeback: Hmm I didn’t know babies could drive

  71. Jackson Huston

    Say sike right now.

  72. Sam Edge

    Ok boomer

  73. DJ DRMC

    A war with pewdiepie! He does not know whats he going into it!

  74. bones

    Got an amazon ad right at the Amazon part

  75. Mulyadi taurus

    g pewdiepie i want to be a BGselr like brother please help me we poor people with me mulyadi from Indonesian

  76. Tsharp

    Happy birthday a week late

  77. spongeboob

    I feel like this new generation should’ve been called baby boomer...cause they’re the real babies

  78. Jett

    Honestly the glitching made the meatball more ominous, like a flying deity that we cannot fully comprehend

  79. Vicious One

    Mumbo: i am redstone god Pewds: there is another

  80. bldhf

    As a Minecraft dog, you never know when your owner could leave the game for the last time

  81. Cristea Stefan

    A nice day in history sure was today indeed it was



  83. Ztho

    Ahh, no wonder why this got recommended to me. BGsel Premium is now available in my country.

  84. dog with glasses

    Pain is bread in French.. fellow 9 yr olds

  85. Marcos Sepulveda

    And the number one most powerful weapon is the flying meatball

  86. Ernesto Gamez


  87. Kifter

    Pewd is good at red stone??

  88. King Namjoon

    imagine going to war against Sweden and they have a giant moving meatball that drops bombs---

  89. x Rhenum x

    He changed the thumbnail it used to just be a meatball

  90. Elmoe boi

    Please colab with mumbo

  91. Harrison Wheat

    This feels like old school gaming vids

  92. Sebastián Bartlett Valenzuela

    Lest bring PewDiePie's most hated meme as the face of the final phase of the flying meatball