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  1. Sahil Kharat Entertainment

    😍Brand Song of Dua Lipa😍

  2. qai ramlan

    this is my ringtone, now.

  3. 1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge

    Like: Dua Lipa Comment: Cardi BB

  4. piscaries

    not to mention anything but i love the line distribution in this one 🤩

  5. Jonny Rodrigues Amarante


  6. Teawon Sanyon

    She is very beutiful

  7. Blitz Nav

    Who else still comes back at listens to this song

  8. carlos ortegon

    OMG! That bass line is incredible! Thank you for give a reason to believe in the future of music!

  9. Jorge Deathwish

    Uffff rolonon

  10. Leidy Reyes

    Rafatoon es un mounstroo!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  11. Lucas Bayo

    shes so cute <3

  12. Henrique correa fonseca

    Omgggg I loved

  13. onlythaking

    She’s so fucking perfect!!! This song is awesome!!!

  14. Geovana Oliveira Bombardelli


  15. Pearl smoking a cigarette

    *This gave me epilepsy, and i live for it*

  16. liotommy

    Critics: There´s no good music anymore... Dua Lipa: Oh, please don´t start now... Hail to the composer of this song! BRILLIANT!

  17. Frander Andrey Hernández Matarrita

    Dua Lipa is the best 😍

    1. yaliso gioouy

      i have the biggest crush on this woman

  18. Roxana Oyarzo

    Te amo bombona

  19. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

    🎥💭 lo mejor para estos casos es se que se te quite lo locochon para que puedas descargar pedos y soplados

  20. Dona franciska


  21. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

    Parece que me ve ami 🎥ojala no tenga sue! Os infieles y me gusten generarlas, solo por culpa mia por ver de estos videos y yo me tiro pedos💬 🎥💭y yo me tiro soplados o pedos

  22. luciana life

    Busquen en youtube: baile de 5tob fannig.........les va a aparecer un baile , hay 2 niñas al frente una medio gordita y otra flaca , bueno la medio gordita soy io :3 busque !

  23. victoria PS

    Those legs are insane 🤯😻 they are sooo beautiful

  24. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

    Y que tiene yo una vez tambien cai en que la cantante requeria mi baile

  25. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

    Somos los simples del video

  26. Vale 7

    I love you too much 😍😍😍

  27. 50% är the money goes to charity ETM

    Im THE Guy WHO Said goodbye


    Who loves dua Lipa 😍😍😍

  29. Whit 350z

    How the hell Day lips fall off so fast

  30. Iriane Silva

    alguen que entende o portugues curti aih amo black pink

  31. Kyle Poole

    She used to get criticised on her dancing. Not anymore.

  32. G D

    serbia is ALBANIA!!!

  33. emily ann reeve

    ok ngl right so her hair ... lets discuss... if i had that hair I WOULD LOOK SO BAD WTF HOW IS sHE RockING It sOMeHOw?

  34. Irene Paramita

    Woww. Is it the new American Boy type of song? They're both stunningly beautiful!!

  35. DemonWolfGacha Cookie

    If u love this song give a like and if u don’t give a thumbs down but I better not see thumbs down bc it’s like one of my fav song!

  36. Nick

    Real sexy woman.

  37. Frida Hg

    Se ve hinchadita de los párpados o será que ese look de cabello la hace ver así ?


    nose por que los que ponen dis like y no les gusta el vídeo lo ben

  39. brian cortes diaz

    I like

  40. Parimala Babu

    Phone : ringing Justin : pick it up Dua lipa : don't pick up the phone Adele : hello Ariana : thank you next Ed sheeran : I don't care

  41. brian cortes diaz

    I love this song

  42. Mali Jackson

    Dua lipa is a hot music genius

  43. tori

    i have the biggest crush on this woman

  44. Gabriel Bourcier Blake


  45. Fantasy Reader

    Who's here after DDDD reached 1 billion?

  46. Nada Ibrahim

    Hiii I made an acoustic cover to this song so if you're bored and wanna check out a different rendition then maybe check my cover out? It would make my day! 💕

  47. Jazzy Studio :3

    Acá no usan jabón :v alv que acabo de decir ->-

  48. Alex Sanchez Pacheco


  49. Peterson abraham

    this video is crazy danmm

  50. el fan del juego

    1:08 acá no usan jabón jajaj Que gracioso

  51. Lil Fyre

    Everyone that disliked this Let him in

  52. dany venegas

    Esta super buena , pero super buena para llorar jajaja.

  53. Emerson Bueno


  54. Moneeb Khan

    Do u hear that? It’s all the radio stations overplaying the hell out of this 🤦🏻‍♂️

  55. dany venegas

    Si se trata de Dua, todo es perfecto

  56. Elena Emandii

    Can't imagine how much work she put into this performance. Yes, dancing is not a naturally talent for her but with hard work she got a lot better. This speaks a lot about her character. We will see more and more of her, I am sure.

  57. 저스틴잰

    손담비가.원조아니냐 의자ㅎ

  58. dany venegas

    Que prefieren New Love o New Rules, elijan una.

  59. Bobby


  60. Leslie Sepulveda

    Pa cuando el video😘😘


    Hello! ... Ehhh... Pusha siemore me equivoco en inglés

  62. CocoCandii

    Can we be real for a second? Dua Lipa is one of the hottest women on the planet

  63. Silver Stargazer

    Here before 2 billion views...🔥🔥🔥

  64. Jatékember

    You have a beautiful voice but I think I wasn't the only person who said that.

  65. Ariana Lisa

    Waduh..waduh ..waduuhh🤗😍😍

  66. Angel Agustin

    she's improved A LOTTTT

  67. Grisilda Canaj

    She is just so perfect🥳🥳🥳

  68. You Can't Spell AwesoME Without ME!

    *Who's here before 50M?* 👇🏻

  69. Francis Bellati

    Why does 'no one' always: And why does 'literally no one' always: Me: I don't get it

  70. Horror Gaming Fan

    She is honestly stunning

  71. Cursed Akeno

    My neighbours love this song so much that they threw a brick into my window, so they can hear it better.

  72. Nicole A

    I predict this song will be on Dancing With The Stars

  73. Bartolo Vidal

    Me encamta tu cancion

  74. ToMi SK

    Amazing legs 😄😄

  75. Chloe Barnett

    I’ve only just heard this never heard it before

  76. Albert Benjamin

    You already know this is one of 2019’s bangers !

  77. YouTube Account

    “If you don’t wanna see me.... UGH!”

  78. Steffen W.

    Doppelgangers how?

  79. Ingus Elmanis

    Dua Lipa: Don't Start Now. Me: IDGAF

  80. ThaaSpamer

    Like wer es November 2019 noch hört🤨🤪

  81. ThaaSpamer

    Dieses Lied ist echt NICE

  82. ThaaSpamer


  83. ꧁༺ilias༻꧂

    I. Love. This. Song

  84. Hey Arquitetas!💗🏳️‍🌈

    Só eu dei a maioria das views KKKKKKK😂😍

  85. Alaa nofal

    I didn't love her voice

  86. Yasar Lucas

    Yes yes yes 😍

  87. Klára Cz

    @Dua Lipa wow!I was at the cinema at Alita Battle angel. But I never knew you sang it!

  88. Diana Gishel Mena Monrroy

    Dua beautiful and music is the best❤❤👌

  89. stephanie r

    Never actually watched the video.. equal to how she actually performs. Some people aren't performers

  90. Night Meth

    Párese que soy la única hablando español

  91. Anna Paula

    Deixa o like quem gosto aqui e no video por favor 😃😃

  92. מאור משעלי

    Why only when I do "Who's here before .." I get one "like" and he's from my brother

  93. zoe nkpa

    This song is amazing 😍👍

  94. Vipul Petkar

    Intel VS AMD

  95. dany venegas

    Unas de mis favoritas.

  96. Mrs. Chocolate Brown Girl

    One of the most consistent albums I have heard in a longtime! I can't skip one song when listen to it! It's a really well produced and written album!

  97. A pequena misionaria de Deus


  98. Anjolie Clarke

    Am I the only one who noticed that at 1:06 they all had the exact same hair color?

  99. Selena Pap

    Who wants Alita Battle Angel 2?

  100. Nellis

    Ellis remix is better